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Security spikes are disposable items that give the player a temporary boost to their Security skill when activated, helping them pick more difficult locks. At least, that's how it's supposed to be. That's how they work on the Xbox version, and in KOTOR 2, but security spikes don't actually do anything at all on the PC version of KOTOR 1.

The cause seems to be some sort of bug in the GUI that prevents security spikes from ever appearing in their intended slot. So when interacting with a door, there isn't an option to scroll from the Security skill to security spikes, as there is in KOTOR 2. The GUI was changed for the port from Xbox to PC, and security spikes probably got left out due to oversight. I couldn't find any way to resolve the issue, though, so I came up with two alternative options.

Option A

Option A replicates the security spikes' intended function as best as I could manage. They’ve been given an activate item property and appear in the non-medical item slot (along with stimulants and shields).

When a character activates a security spike, they receive a temporary boost to their Security skill and proceed to unlock the nearest door or container. Apart from the boost, the skill check for the lock is the same as usual: 1d20 + Security vs. the lock’s DC. Security spikes are single-use and discarded whether the character succeeds in picking the lock or not; however, they are not used up if the attempt was impossible – if there wasn’t anything in range or the lock required a special keycard, for example. Regular security tunnelers grant a +5 bonus and security spike tunnelers grant a +10 bonus.

Option B

Option B removes security spikes from the game, replacing them with credits. The value is equivalent to the most you could get from selling the original security spike items to a merchant. Mission’s ability to create security spikes on the Ebon Hawk is removed.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Adjusted Option A code to prevent it from opening doors that the player isn't meant to be able to open. Thanks to @ebmar for spotting one on Manaan.


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Dang, it should have been the key to open the gate to the Unknown Region - straight from Manaan's Visitor's Hotel, lol!


  • Adjusted Option B code to prevent it from opening doors that the player isn't meant to be able to open.

Is than an Option A or Option B that was affected with the latest update? Because per mod's description the latter should removes security spikes from the game, replacing them with credits. Much thanks for considering this! :cheers:

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