#11: Mod Roundup (December 2020)



Greetings, everyone. It's been a while. I was busier than usual over the summer, and I wanted to wait until I had a more substantial list of updates. This time, there's lots and lots of Jedi robes for KOTOR 1, new saber colors for KOTOR 1, a new modding tool that allowed for some updates, and the usual bug fixes.


  • Darksaber for K1 – Fixed an issue with the Darksaber not spawning. Also changed the installer to patch MOD files for better mod compatibility.
  • Cloaked Jedi Robes – Made some animation improvements and converted textures to TPC format.
  • Slave Bastila – Animation improvements, TPC format, and patching MOD files.
  • Cloaked Jedi Robes & Supermodel Port mod resource – Updated to keep up to date with Cloaked Jedi Robes and also to include content from the new robe mods below.
  • Lightsaber Visual Effects for K2 – I lied last time. I had forgotten to upload the K2 version. So this got the same treatment that the K1 version did, finally: alternate blue and green color options and TPC format.
  • Jedi Tailor – Added a line of dialogue to account for a quest state I had forgotten about regarding the Sandral-Matale feud.
  • VO Fix for K2 – Converted audio files with SithCodec.

New Mods

  • Extra Saber Colors – Adds orange, cyan, silver, viridian, and pink lightsabers to K1. Every color crystal has one drop location in the game, and crystals can be purchased on Yavin Station.
  • Cloaked Party Robes – Gives the Jedi party members unique robes based on their clothing models.
  • Cloaked Hybrid Robes – An alternative to Cloaked Jedi Robes, this mod adds the cloaks of the K2 robes to the K1 body models.

Modding Tools

  • SithCodec – Encodes and decodes audio for Knights of the Old Republic.

Something Completely Different

This month sees a much-anticipated release for KOTOR 2. The KOTOR 1 version was released a while back, and it felt like ages as we waited eagerly for the KOTOR 2 release, questioning whether it would ever see the light of day.

I am of course talking about @Kexikus' High Quality Skyboxes II for KOTOR 2.

Oh, and the Aspyr ports of KOTOR 2 for iOS and Android that have existed for years were finally released today, and there is now a mobile version of TSLRCM that will mostly work, and there was an accompanying update for the non-mobile version as well.

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