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Sith Holocron


All of my blogs now have one of those pictures that (usually) indicates the title of the blog. I’ve numbered all of my blogs since I’ve started creating them and I’ve finally reached 100 of these things.  

Wow.  100 blogs.  Someone, please call a doctor!

Instead of me rambling on yet another niche topic, I’ll now invite you to go through the previous 99 blogs and see if there’s something you may have missed from me.  I’d like you to have opportunity to consider if there’s something you might add to the conversations I’ve previously started.  

Yes, I do realize that many of the blogs are locked.  You’ll be able to tell because it has this picture as the blog’s title picture.  


If you encounter one of these locked blogs and you still want to acknowledge it, I believe you can still drop either a “like”, or “light side” icon, or a “thanks” icon on the blog.

If you’re going to comment on M4-78 stuff, I would recommend you limit the comments on the “like/love” blog on M4-78 EP version 1.5, the “disappointed/hate” blog on M4-78 EP version 1.5, or the “M4-78: Set Decoration” blog covering all of Zbyl2 and Hassat Hunters versions of M4-78 EP.  Having detailed reviews of version 1.5 – split in the pro and con blogs – will help me work on another chapter on the documentary if at some point I decide to resume working on it. 

Note that as of this date: version 1.5 is only available on Deadly Stream.  Version 1.3 is only on the Steam Workshop, and MODDB has version 1.2.

As I’m preparing to move across the country relatively soon, I’ll be holding off making any new blogs until I am settled in a new place.  I haven’t even figured out where on the east coast that my wife and I are moving to so I can’t offer any estimates.  And let’s be honest, time estimates aren’t one of those things that I like doing any way.  (Have you ever seen my signature?  LOL)

If you do decide to comment on my blogs, I want to read your comments and not look at one of these . . .  d95f7jr.png

This . . . 


is less helpful to me than something like this . . . 


or this


With the last two pictures, I know what you're trying to say and have more information to use when replying to the comment and/or making new mods.  (In the above example, I corrected the mod by putting the missing file.) The likes and thanks icons don't give me any hook to work with.

So my faithful reader: Keep safe, keep modding, leave some comments (on my blogs, my mods, and my videos), and I’ll see you at some point on the other side.

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Safe travels, look forward to blog #101 "Another Happy Landing." 

On a side note, funny to see 2 of the three people in the example screenshot commenting.

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I hope the move goes well man! Preferably a place with warm weather and great internet connection :D

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Good luck and safe travels!! I haven't been on the site much recently, so I definitely have a lot of blogs to catch up on while you are away!!

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I've even updated a number of the title pictures.  Some of the blogs that were locked have been unlocked.  

Also, I've updated this non-blog SWTOR character thread here if anyone is interested.  (My post is the first post.)

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