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[WIP] Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Malak Was Killed - Not Revan , A Fanon Community Mod

Guys, i was thinking now 20 minutes about this, and i'm sure that i want make with you the mod,
you can submit suggestions, and i may take them, but they have to be realistic, not anything like "Revan Explodes anywhere in a Asteroid System, Because of nothing",


I also need modellers for some new modules, map imager (making a minimap, idk how to call people who make that, sorry! :( ), Some Story Writes (They will work with me in private message) and some people, who can give me some tutorials (also in private message). I need also People who can make me the cutscenes


If anyone is willing work with me on this mod, write it in the comments!


My concept is, to build a mod up, which is quite easy, you start on Revan's Flagship's Bridge, and feel that Malak is trying to kill you by shoot on your bridge, how you felt it, you had a disturbance through the force, so you command your Admiral To Shoot Malak's Bridge. Then The Jedi Strike Team led by Bastila Shan is attacking you, you win, then you travel to Lehon and torture Bastila until she gives up, and being your apprentice and joins your Team. Then you have to conquer worlds, until the Republic attacks the Star Forge, where you get noticed by one of the other Admirals of another Interdictor, and you command your Navigator to Navigate to the Star Forge System, and if you defeated the Republic fleet, you have to travel to Coruscant, to finish the Republic and Jedis once and for all, you can command a Orbital Bombing on it, which would give you dark side points, or you say no, and get light side points. Also, you can Fight on the Star Forge against the Jedis if you desire to.


So this is a long concept i know, it is much, because it was what i was thinking the whole time.
Travelable Planets:
Alzoc III
Czerka 431 (Only on a Station like Yavin, to trade.)
Dantooine (Orbital Bombardement Avaible)
Dxun (You can try to trade and negotiate peace with the Mandalorians) (I don't want to port planet's Modules, we model them into K1 (Not Porting, thats not cool)
Dromund Kaas (Maybe you want to overthrow the Sith Emperor) (Final Planet)
Malachor V (No Porting)
M4-78 (I don't want to port planet's Modules, we model them into K1 (Not Porting, thats not cool)
Onderon (I don't want to port planet's Modules, we model them into K1 (Not Porting, thats not cool)
Sleyheron (Self-Modelling, the mod isn't done yet)
Taris (Quarantine? :D)
Yavin IV


Now you may ask how you come on the planets, cuz landing a Interdictor is hard.
Well this answer is fast Answered: by an Hearld-Class Transport (The Ones from Manaan)


Party Members:
Bastila (After Sucessful Torture)
HK-47 (Never left :P)


Team Membs:
SteiraGaming - Director Leader of KotOR - Malak Was Killed - Not Revan: A Fanon Story Mod.


If you want, you can be part of this, you just have to write what job you want have, and that you join in the comments (I also accept PM).




Recommended Comments

Might I suggest starting with a smaller project first? That way you can develop the requisite skills in order to bring larger projects to life.


Most larger modding projects end up never getting finished (or are finished in a sub optimal state). By taking the time to work on a few smaller projects (adding items, NPCs, ect...) you will have a better understanding of what is needed to successfully pursue your larger scope projects.


Obviously, I do not want to dissuade you from trying, but I have seen a great deal of modding projects remain incomplete due to the lack of cohesive fundamentals.

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I have just one question: can anyone give me a list of animations (for dialogue, aswell for script)


Probably if you cannot find these yourself, you are not prepared to take on a mod of this scale. Why not focus on your Raider's Claw first?

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Well theres one problem, how, if my laptop was getting a bluescreen, and then not worked anymore next day?we had to reboot the whole thing... so i lost everything

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Xuul, I gave him similar advice on 13DEC2016, when he previously stated he was going to be doing a Coruscant mod.

Might I suggest starting with a smaller scale first? It will give you both confidence and experience.

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