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My First Let's Play Project


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  1. 1. Will you watch it, even if it's German?

    • Yes
    • Not Really , i can't speak German
    • Sure! I'd like to hear some German anyway!
    • Maybe... Maybe not, you never can know dude...


So, it's offical guys! I am gonna start my first Let's Play Projects: Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. On the Channel SteiraGaming, feel free to watch it, the game will be english, but i will be german xD lol sounds like i am a droid xD jk


What will be included in KotOR 1?

-A Female Revan (Non-Cannonical)

-A Darkside Let's Play (Even if i pick sometimes light side up, i will still play Dark Side)

-German Let's Play

-English Game (Can't fix it)

-Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge Playthrough! :D

-Random Talk about some topics (Idk which yet)

What mods will be included in KotOR 1?

-Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge

-HK-47 to HK-51 Reskin Mod

-Bastila Robes Mod for Revan

-Revan Mask Mod (Have to cheat it, and pause the recordings, due KT strikes -_-)

-Revan's Robe Mod (Have to cheat it, and pause the recordings, due KT strikes -_-)

-Jedi From Start Mod

-High Quality Skyboxes

What won't be Activated will be Monitarization, cuz i'm a. not 18 and b. it's not worth to make money with it, when i already have soon a job.


KotOR 2: TSL


Will add this later this category, until then this is [MISSING]

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You can make an new entry for your TSL project when you get started on that one. 


Hopefully, you'll get some input on this LP project in this entry as it goes along.  Best of luck!

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