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[WIP] SteiraShipyards Presents: The Interdictor-Class Cruiser!

So, i am thinking about: Why am i not the first, who builds a correct version of this ship in Space Engineers? Why not? Try and fail it is called in my family, if you try something too hard for you! :D


Development Pictures & Pictures for me to look if it is still Like the ship



The Ship's Hull (Or Exterior , like some people say :D


The Bridge (My Beginning of the work, and the favorite part to work on!)




Useful Informations (From Wookiepedia and some secret sources)





Length: 600 Blocks/Meter
Beam (Is that width, i don't know...): 194 Blocks/Meter
Height: 182 Blocks/Meter





So... my other ship will be laid on ice, because i have to work on this case! I can't work on both, that is just too much for me, and anytime i would collapse then cuz too much work.


Progress is coming soon!
Useful Informations (From Wookiepedia and some secret sources)


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