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#41 Hassat Hunter

Hassat Hunter

    TSLRCM / M4-78EP Developer

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Posted 29 January 2017 - 04:39 PM

Show, don't tell;

#42 Hassat Hunter

Hassat Hunter

    TSLRCM / M4-78EP Developer

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Posted 29 January 2017 - 04:44 PM

Spot anything new?

#43 zbyl2


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Posted 29 January 2017 - 05:12 PM

Didn't we replace that sith soldier vo by now?

#44 Hassat Hunter

Hassat Hunter

    TSLRCM / M4-78EP Developer

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Posted 29 January 2017 - 05:46 PM

I got nothing.

#45 Hassat Hunter

Hassat Hunter

    TSLRCM / M4-78EP Developer

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Posted 29 January 2017 - 06:22 PM

Look, changelogs :D

Important stuff!
! Replaced Voice-Overs (CS-36, Industrial Rogue Droid and more)
! New Voice-Overs
! Gonk droids, courtesy of newbiemodder!!!

General Fixes and changes:
* You will no longer receive a droid army on Telos if M4-78 has been ordered to make Environmental Droids instead.
* Complete pass over journal-text and conversation options to make doubly sure it's impossible to get lost.

Central Zone:
* You will no longer magically know about CS-28 if you recover his lost part before talking to him, journal entry will be vague in that occurrence. Also fixed some issues where you could show CS-28 the part without owning it and talking about finding it before asking him what he's looking for.
* Changed footstep sound of repair droids.

Industrial Zone:
* IS-07 renamed to Loading Droid as he has no role in the mod at all.
* Fixed camera issue using the test console.
* Fixed camera issue when talking to Designer droid for the "Recent History" sidequest.
* Fixed infinite spawn of combat droids in the droid segment if re-entering the Zone.
* Slightly improved framerate (if you still have issues turning off shadows is recommended).
* Fixed repaired cleaner droid cutscene running twice.
* IS-43 now moves back to his position after the cleaner droids gets fixed.
* Added a new journal quest for the mission to get into the cleaning droid trash containers.
* Improved consistency between droid segment and exile segment.

Environmental Zone:
* Boss Droid now drops various random droid items (2-6) as additional reward.
* Added clairvoyance effect to Boss reveal.
* Corrected screen that was clipping through a wall.
* Moved back some turrets so it's unlikely they will target you through the wall.
* Renamed ES-44 to Environmental Droid and gave it an unique line.
* Removed trigger that made it difficult to talk to the escort droid that brings you across the minefields.
* Fixed issue where minefield escort cutscene didn't trigger upon certain dialogue choices.

M4-78 Core:
* You can now target the force field control terminal with a controller.

Rapid Transport System:
* Industrial Escort now shows in-module jump without having used the door yet (of course you can't use it until the door is opened).
* You can now use the escort droid to go to IS-24 after unlocking access.
* Industrial droids can no longer escort you to themselves.
* The escort droids in the Central Zone and Industrial Zone now have a mapnote.

Thanks to suggestions by geordyjones...:
* Made tweaks to the Industrial Zone door cutscenes to make it much clearer why you're looking for cleaner droid access.
* No longer displays party selection at start of the planet (having to convert to droids anyway).
* During T3's sidequest fixed all mentions of "construction droid" to "repair droid" as they're properly called.
* Renamed Fight Witness to "Fight Witness" to make it more apparent it's not a generic central zone droid.
* Modified duration on many lines around the planet.
* Fixed unintentional convo-breaks on IS-58.
* Fixed missing line on IS-63.

#46 Damned


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Posted 29 January 2017 - 11:08 PM

Thanks for the list! Glad to see your team was able to somewhat alleviate the FPS issue. How many more FPS can we expect?

#47 Dylan


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Posted 30 April 2017 - 05:06 PM

Hey guys! It's been awhile. I just played TSL and M4-78EP again after a few years. There were a few things I saw that I feel could be improved on but I'll save it for the other thread. I came here to ask, did you need me to redo any of my VOs? I have a better mic than I did then (Blue Yeti). My I1-02 feels a little lackluster after playing it again but that could also partly be due to the very reverby effect put on it. CS-28 wasn't bad but maybe a little dry.

#48 Sith Holocron

Sith Holocron


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Posted 01 May 2017 - 02:42 AM

Dylan, I've sent you a Private Message.

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