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HK Stats Rework

By default, HK-47 has 16 points in Strength, and only 10 in Constitution.
This strength stat is almost completely useless, since HK is unable to
wield melee weapons. So I have swapped his Constitution and Strength base stats,
which should (hopefully) make him a bit more viable as a companion.

Double-click 'Install [K1] HK Stats Rework' and use the installer as intended.

Remove p_hk47.utc from your Override folder.
If TSLPatcher saved a previous version of this file to the backup folder,
copy the version in the backup folder into your Override folder.


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Guest Qui-Gon Glenn

This annoyed me in my current run, for the Nth time in N runs.

I have always associated DEX with being able to shoot well. HK should be tougher, but it should also have accuracy better than a Stormtrooper.

Suggestion: Split the points into CON and DEX. By the time HK is fully upgraded, it should have very high DEX in my opinion.

It was made by another Darth-person, so I trust your judgment here but 2c

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Locally I changed the attributes of 3 4 party members: Mission (her stats are illegally low, should have 3 more points to distribute), Canderus (missing 3 points as well) , Carth (missing 1 point), and HK-47 (missing 1 point, but in this case I have also lowered STR from 16 to 15, freeing up the legal use of 2 additional point to raise Con from 10 to 14).

Feel free to correct me if I got this wrong, of course.

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a possible suggestion. with Hk-47's hides, modify them to boost Attack, Dexterity, Consutition and Damage Resistance for future updates. He is a dedicated Combat Droid that double as an Assassin Droid. Adding Stealth and Sneak Attack might be interesting.



To Salk, you have a point about Mission and Canderous.  Mission have face several Rakghouls within the Lower City and true she is 14, boost to strength and consutition is a must to surive combat encounters with them without getting  turned into one or eaten.

Canderous is an expereniced Mandalorian Commando with combat leadership experience. So boosting his physical stats due to him being expereniced Mandalorian Commando and boost to charisma for his time as a officer within the Mandalorian military

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I have just made them have the attribute points they should have, considering their level. I have adjusted their stats using the missing point(s) where they seemed most appropriate/useful.

The only real arbitrary change I made is to HK-47, because there I have nerfed a perfectly legit (but useless) attribute (Strength) from 16 to 14. That frees up 4 attribute points to which one more should be added, since HK-47 is level 6 when you meet him. That allowed me to significantly improve the droid's constitution (from 10 to 14) with one more point to spare for wisdom.

Small note about Mission: I didn't improve her Str score at all because I think it's not appropriate to exceed the initial stat of 10 nor did I raise her constitution, which doesn't seem a defining stat either for her. The attribute points have been used to improve 1 point charisma and 1 point of intelligence.

Truth to be told, other NPCs seem to have too high stats (especially Zaalbar, that starts with two scores of 20 in two stats at level 4 when at character creation it is not possible to exceed 18) but I didn't touch them.

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@Salk    I do like your thinking on the characters. Also Wookiees in general are supposed to be insanely strong and tough compared to humans in general.  

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