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I feel conflicted about the change from Vrook and Zhar fix, I think the actual oversight was the cutscene using the wrong robe, could be that Bioware decided to swap their robe late in development but the old cutscene remained. After all the KOTOR comic has Vrook wearing red while Zhar wearing blue, and the red robe in SWTOR is also named Vrook's robe. Just my 2 cents.

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It has been a while between drinks, what with the last (full) release of K1CP coming out in 2019. So with the end of 2021 rapidly approaching, it's time for another status update. I'm targeting a release for v1.9 somewhere around Xmas, assuming things go to plan. There are still two full pages of issues on the Github repo, but not all of those are destined to be fixed in time for the next release. And no doubt I'll pick up a few new issues while beta testing, which I'll probably start in mid- to late-November. Here's the current changelog:

New Additions

  • Adjusted some SFX timings in the Taris Upper Sewers cutscene of the Rancor eating a grenade to sync more closely with the VFX
  • Changed an incorrect animation reference in Shaardan's intro cutscene in Korriban Dreshdae
  • Fixed a flag placeable in the Elder's Compound on the Unknown World that was floating above the ground
  • Repositioned the selection icon for the Sith Embassy transport on Manaan
  • Switched the appearance of the Duros prisoner in the Taris Sith Base to match his apartment appearance
  • Added some missing lamp models to the Unknown World temple interior and tweaked the orientation of some pillar placeables
  • Removed an extraneous yell from Calo Nord during his demise cutscene in Davik's hangar on Taris
  • Fixed an incorrect credit deduction bug in the Sarna/Yun conversations in the Taris Upper City Cantina
  • Stopped the party from backtracking through the outer hull walkway on the Leviathan to prevent being stuck in the space suit appearance
  • Swapped the class skills for Consular and Sentinel
  • Removed a repeated VO line from Komad in the Tatooine Eastern Dune Sea and adjusted the cropping on another
  • Herded the party and prevented the speaking party member looking at the ground during the Zaalbar-less scene at the start of the Great Walkway on Kashyyyk
  • Plugged some holes in the ceiling of the training room in the Manaan Sith Base
  • Addressed a number of problems with Eli and Matton in the Kashyyyk Landing Pad, including a potential soft-lock, duplicate outfits, a missing DLG line, and lack of continuance between some scenes
  • Fixed numerous issues with the springing Zaalbar from prison scene in the Taris Lower Sewers, correcting facing, herding the party, changing camera angles, and correcting one of Mission's lines that had contradictory information
  • Tweaked the hood of the cutscene Revan model to prevent certain hair models clipping through
  • Fixed some incorrect skin weights on Admiral Dodonna's body model
  • Revised the scene where Mission opens the forcefield in the Taris Lower Sewers so that she interacts with the terminal
  • Replaced a function in one of the Ebon Hawk's module scripts to store Juhani's state in line with the other party members
  • Trimmed the silences from the beginning of Bastila's post-vision cutscene lines
  • Moved a blaster on the Jedi corpse in the Krayt cave in the Tatooine Eastern Dune Sea to a different nearby corpse
  • Changed the green lightsaber crystal drop on Korriban from the Torturer in the Academy to the Qel-Droma Robes corpse in the Shyrack Caves
  • Tweaked the Calo vs Vulkars cutscene in the Taris Lower City Cantina to add missing SFX, make him dual wield, and fix some clipping issues
  • Forced Ithorak in the Manaan Docking Bay to equip his weapon before initiating combat and corrected his soundset
  • Changed the appearance of one of the thugs accompanying Hulas in the Tatooine Dune Sea to give him a different outfit
  • Switched a number of plot-related doors across Taris to use keys in order to remove the unnecessary security UI
  • Enlarged the trigger outside the Taris Sith Base entrance and altered the scripts to prevent the scene of T3 opening the door failing to fire correctly
  • Addressed a number of facing issues during the finale of the Taris swoop race, made Brejik wait to equip his blaster, and prevented the swoop fans from being removed prematurely
  • Edited player head PFHB03 to fix clipping, UV issues, and odd geometry
  • Changed ambient colour value for referenced lamp model in the Unknown World Temple interior to account for no lightmapping and fixed some sloppy geometry
  • Edited player head PFHB04 to fix sloppy eyeball UVs
  • Added some backfaces to various pipes in the Taris Black Vulkar base to prevent culling issues
  • Added speaker tag to Taris Upper Sewers cutscene so the Rancor's snorting would be properly attributed
  • Changed corpse pile placeable in the Taris Upper Sewers so it is destroyed after the Rancor is dead, and added a filter to the Give Item UI to only show relevant items
  • Temporarily disabled the AI of the droids in the Korriban Tomb of Ajunta Pall to prevent them activating prematurely, and stopped them reorienting on the player if clicked on
  • Removed an unintended exploit in Gonto Yas's dialogue on Manaan that allowed players to bypass his Pazaak match loss limit
  • Corrected one of the endgame Admiral Dodonna cutscenes to use proper speaker labels in the subtitles
  • Prevented the party from staring at the floor during the initial cutscene of the showdown with Saul Karath on the Leviathan Bridge
  • Adjusted the rotation of various placeables in the Korriban Sith Academy that were facing in awkward (or plain wrong) directions
  • Changed the description of the pass card in the Taris Black Vulkar Base (Upper) to more correctly reflect its intended purpose
  • Made the player the listener in the final conversation after defeating Dark Side Bastila on the Star Forge to prevent her talking to herself
  • Trimmed a repetitive phrase from one of lines used by the Twi'lek messenger that appears after winning the swoop race on Taris
  • Prevented one of Bastila's lines during the Leviathan interrogation scene skipping if the player was female
  • Edited Dark Side transition textures for player head PFHB02 to fix incorrect duplicated irises
  • Changed a camera angle during The One's initial conversation on the Unknown World to prevent a line being spoken off-screen
  • Jumped the party when talking to Greeta about Griff in the Tatooine Czerka Office to prevent Mission skating across the floor
  • Adjusted the global party banter trigger script to account for the delay in Carth's "out of the loop" conversation
  • Amended global level scaling buff script to ensure that a creature's current hit point and new max hit points match
  • Reduced the maximum walk speed for player characters to prevent power walking during cutscenes
  • Closed a gap around the doorway in one of the side rooms in Davik's estate on Taris
  • Fixed some gaps around a couple of wall pillars in the Unknown World temple main floor
  • Replaced some of Bastila's duplicate lines that were sped up and/or pitch shifted with the original version
  • Corrected how random loot is spawned in a few corpse placeables in the Kashyyyk Upper Shadowlands
  • Adjusted the position of a tree mesh in the Kashyyyk Great Walkway to eliminate a gap
  • Made changes to Zaalbar's return in the Chieftain's Hall on Kashyyyk to hide the swap between the stunt and party versions
  • Added speaker/listener tags to the Freyyr and Chuundar conversations to resolve various facing issues in the Chieftain's Hall on Kashyyyk
  • Addressed some facing and party wrangling issues in the Yuka Laka and HK-47 conversations in the Tatooine Droid Shop
  • Camouflaged the swap between stunt and party versions of HK-47 when adding him to the party after buying him in the Tatooine Droid Shop
  • Wrangled the party into proper positions based on the entry point, cleaned up some facing, and tweaked some camera angles during the cutscene in the foyer of the Sith Base on Manaan
  • Gave a Sith captain in the Manaan Sith Base the correct soundset for his appearance
  • Swapped the appearance of the training droids in the Manaan Sith Base to match their soundset and template name
  • Cleaned up the party's positioning during the player's arrest outside the Sith base in Manaan Ahto East
  • Changed the variant of the war droids used by Selkath security during the player's arrest outside the Sith base in Manaan Ahto East to differentiate them from the Sith droids
  • Delayed the spawn-in of a replacement Sith war droid outside the Sith base in Manaan Ahto East until after the player's trial
  • Adjusted the walkmesh for the Yavin station to prevent the player escaping the level and the camera clipping through the observation window
  • Tweaked Jolee's global dialogue to prevent him talking about Rakatan influence on the Wookiees before having opened the Kashyyyk Star Map
  • Edited female Republic officer head model to correct offset pivot for left eyelid mesh and remove spurious skin weights
  • Added a check to Ebon Hawk exit script to force the player character as party leader
  • Revised the OnUsed script for the galaxy map in the Ebon Hawk when crashed on the Unknown World to avoid displaying an empty bark bubble
  • Herded the party during the meeting with Mission in the Taris Undercity and cleaned up her integration into the party post-scene
  • Edited one of HK-47's lines in the Tomb of Tulak Hord on Korriban referring to the player as "he", regardless of their gender
  • Moved Lashowe a little closer to her console in the Korriban Sith Academy so she didn't need to rely on the Force to activate the keypad
  • Prevented an infinite XP exploit when repeatedly asking Yuthura about the Sith Code in the Korriban Sith Academy
  • Adjusted the walkmesh for Manaan East Central to properly conform to the arches in the central corridor
  • Reduced left/right brow bone influence on PFHC01 to avoid the eyelids clipping during certain facial animations
  • Revised some minor Mandalorian variant appearance values, such as body bag type and footstep sounds
  • Corrected a starting conditional script that prevented some minor dialogue nodes appearing in the Korriban Sith Academy
  • Wrangled the party during the initial cutscene of the first time meeting The One on the Unknown World to keep the party members under control
  • Some plot-related doors in the temple on the Unknown World were edited to remove the Security UI since they should not be sliceable
  • Prevented an unnecessary duplicate pass card dropping in the upper level of the Taris Black Vulkar Base
  • Added a missing dialogue node when reinitiating conversation with Bastila on the Star Forge
  • Removed extraneous Jolee and Juhani journal entries after siding with Bastila on the Unknown World
  • Prevented Vandar using the flirt animation when asking the player about the Sandrals and Matales being wiped out in the Dantooine Jedi Enclave
  • Added a starting conditional to replies in Vandar's Dantooine Jedi Enclave DLG to prevent the player asking what to do about the Sandral/Matale feud after it was already resolved
  • Resolving the Promised Land quest in the Taris Undercity could leave the Infected Outcasts quest in an orphaned state
  • Adjusted Vandar's body model UVs to fix some inappropriate texture assignments and reduce stretching
  • Corrected the missing teeth texture for Korriban Sith Academy student Mekel's head model
  • Ensured that the line by the crazed merc in Manaan Hrakert Station about returning to the surface fired under the correct circumstances
  • Made sure the player was facing the trooper at the door during the Sith interrogation scene in the Taris Upper City North Apartments
  • Reduced some of the duplication amongst male NPC appearances in the Taris Upper City Cantina
  • Prevented camera clipping and the party running into each other when chasing Vorn Daasraad's droid in the Tatooine Sand People Territory
  • Corrected some facing issues during conversations with Igear in the Taris Undercity

Changes/Revisions from 1.8

  • Revised previously adjusted lightmap UVs for the floor of the training room in the Manaan Sith Base, adding a new, cleaner custom lightmap
  • Revised the wrangling of party Trask's spawn-in on the Endar Spire, forcibly jumping the player to try and finally eliminate Trask randomly teleporting
  • Merged some hijacked module OnEnter/Heartbeat scripts after finding a method to decompile the vanilla scripts
  • Tweaked the exit script for the Dantooine Murder Mystery quest to better hide the NPCs being destroyed under the fade-out
  • Fixed clashing row ID assignment for the Knight and Master speed blur removal configs
  • Removed some in-DLG forced animations for Bastila and Carth when talking to Zelka Forn in the Taris medical clinic that were causing a pause, switched to scripted anims
  • Removed the now deprecated facing script for Carth during the meeting with Mission in the Taris Undercity
  • Revised OnEnter scripts that set up the Xor ambush to prevent an unintentional duplication when fast travelling to the Hawk afterwards
  • Corrected the alternative version of the fight scene with The One on the Unknown World that was partial broken by a missing script
  • Made sure the third trooper in the Sith interrogation team in the Taris Upper City Apartments attacked when ordered

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You've all done excellent work on this mod, can't wait for the new release mate!

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I wonder if the massive amount of improvements might justify a jump in version number to 2.0?

Thanks for your excellent work on this, DP.

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