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  1. Just make sure the mod makes it possible to attain 50 lvl and it will have permanent place in my override
  2. I have a question regarding the exp points gained from the leveled up NPCs. Since their level is scaled up to the player's does it mean that you would be able to gain lvl 50 by the end of the game ?
  3. If you are into RPGs go for Neverwinter nights 1 and 2, dragon age preferably 1 than 2 or 3, Jade Empire and definitely Mass Effect all the way ...
  4. Kreia loses her hand respectively her lightsaber so you are not supposed to get her lightsaber back however in the future she might just build another one ...
  5. Try playing the dialogue differently. My guess is that at this time of the game after this scene you are supposed to trigger another cutscene inside the ebon hawk however you spawn in different location after the battle with the red eclipse so you should try avoiding gaining the darkside points in this battle and later on nar shaddaa gain others so you have the 75% darkside points and trigger the sith lord and apprentice cutscene after which you are supposed to go to the ebon hawk. I think it isnt a mod conflict or something like that, just bad game developing, as i think such error would trigger in vanilla game as well
  6. See if this one works for you - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/153-cloaked-kotor-tunics-for-tsl/
  7. There is a fix for your resolution problem - instead of 765 try with 785 however you must patch the game with uniws patcher.
  8. You should be considered lucky to have run the game at all All integrated GPUs from intel have hard time running the game. I would suggest upgrading the graphic driver but i am not sure it will help. Anyway good luck.
  9. drunklol

    KSE - Booleans

    My question is about the booleans in the kse - which one regards the cutscene in which hk47 tortures a hk50 to find out the whereabouts of the HK factory ?
  10. The thing about the questis that the bith scientist is researching a sound which only his species can hear. The sound itself is Goto's transmission from Voga's warehouse by which Goto intercepts Voga's freighters. Later in game if you have enough influence with Goto you can hear his side of the story and also addition information of all the operations done by droids on nar shadaa (like the broken pazaak droid, the racing droid, the droids in the warehouse and so on). So basicly Goto finds out about the bith scientist and he takes action so his operations are kept hidden. And so there is nothing to be restored about this quest
  11. It seems that way - I extracted all files from the archive in a separate folder and in my first installation all went fine till i found out a mod incompatibility at which point I deinstalled the problematic mod and after that reinstalled duplisaber with messed inventory so i had to do some manual backuping and reinstalling
  12. I have a similar problem - I talked to HK about the droid factory and sensors and stuff and after i get 3 HK encounters i get journal update however whenever i go back to the Hawk i don't get a cutscene, any idea what might be causing this or how to fix it ?
  13. There is a fix for your problem - instead of 765 try with 785 however you must patch the game with uniws patcher.
  14. I would like to ask would it be possible to upload a RAR or something with screenshots of all the added hilts ? About the missing inventory bug - i was able to fix it with copying the back up files back to override and then reinstalling the mod( it might need to repeat this a few times till it works right - I was having another saber replacement mod and after removing it all worked fine)
  15. I personally choose Nar Shaadaa for my first planet choice because I am able to get almost all party members and train all the possible companions to be jedi