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  1. Thank you very much for the reply... So this is the reason right?
  2. Combat log for reference Character Stats Level 1 Jedi Guardian equipped with a 1-10 damage vibro cutter and nothing else. Why is my strength mod +3 in the damage breakdown and +2 in the attack breakdown?
  3. Oh sorry. I was adding the respective attacking bonuses instead of the actual levels. Thanks a lot
  4. Strength modifier is +4. Still doesn't add up to 15?
  5. Thanks for replying. I understood the deflection mechanics from the feedback menu. I had a doubt regarding my DC using Improved Critical Strike. It says that the opponent will be stunned unless the roll is more than my character's level + strength modifier.My character is a level 3 jedi sentinel and a level 8 soldier, but my DC is 15 and I don't understand how it's 15?
  6. Can someone please reply?
  7. Just had a couple of basic questions about Kotor's combat system: 1. When a damage breakdown is given in the feedback menu, what accounts for the energy value? For eg. Damage breakdown: 8 = energy 6 + weapon specialization 2 2. How is the attack modifier calculated when using double bladed weapons or dual wielding? An example, perhaps? Thanks EDIT: 3. Is Critical Strike the only attack that can stun opponents (as opposed to Flurry and Power Attack)? 4. Can someone explain the blaster shot deflection/return mechanics please? Hello?
  8. You can see my problem with your method in the following thread:
  9. The method you mention has been tried by me but it didn't work for me. The problem is because of the crack. SecuROM7 detects that the swkotor2.exe file has been compromised and hence crashes the game when I attempt to load it or start a new game (although the main menu displays fine).
  10. Awesome, I'll give this a shot. There aren't any HQ movies for KOTOR 1 right? Wish they'd release an HD version of this game...
  11. Unfortunately, the widescreen patch you have provided works only with Steam versions of the game, and not the retail ones. Anyway, I do not require it since having Windows 8.1 alone is enough to play the game on widescreen. And regarding the HQ movies, do they still play at the 800 x 600 resolution or some other resolution?
  12. Movies can be played only in windowed mode, not in full screen mode. Maybe this can be solved by downloading the HQ movie pack for KOTOR 2. Don't know how to solve movie crashes for KOTOR 1 though. Hopefully Xuul will be able to use this info for his patch and bring this feature for Win 7 & Win 8 users.