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  1. 4 hours ago, Obi Wan Pere said:

    If I recall right the console is invisible and one way to know that it's activated is trying to move your character with your usual keys

    The cheat console is only invisible in KotOR2.  It should be visible in KotOR1. 

    @Masirimso24, I hope this helpful.



    How to activate the cheat console Find the file called "swkotor.ini" in your Knights of the Old Republic game folder. The default location is:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic\swkotor.ini."

    Open the file with Notepad and under the line called [Game Options], add the following lines:



    Opening the Cheat Console: While playing, press [~] or [`] to bring down the console if the language setting of your keyboard is English (United States). The key combination to open the console varies according to the language setting of your keyboard. Per example, for French (France) language settings, you have to press Alt Gr + 7. Normally it corresponds to the keys you need to press to type a tilde The console shows up with a tiny [>] in the upper left corner of the screen. (The cheat console in KOTOR II-TSL is invisible.)


    What key is directly above your TAB key?  Mind posting a picture of it, @Masirimso24?

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  2. On 2/25/2019 at 8:03 PM, HarIII said:

    Hey guys. I've been playing around in the modding community for years now and seen a lot come a long way. For a while now, I've been modeling out my own Coruscant expansion. It's not near completion but I have done a significant amount of work. Out of 33 planned modules, I have 27 that are considered completed (not taking ambient models into consideration). Textures aren't acquired yet nor lightmaps applied but just thought I would go ahead and show off what I have done far.

    Galactic City.jpg

    Bounty Office.jpg


    Senate Building.jpg

    Senate Rotunda.jpg

    Jedi Temple Great Hall.jpg

    Jedi Temple Crystal Spire.jpg

    Pssst...  @90SK released @HarIII's stuff for him.  It's right here.  Don't tell anyone.  ;)

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  3. So just to give you all an update on the documentary . . .

    @DarthVarkor has been making very nice videos for use in the documentary. Those videos will both be released separately complete (with one minor exception by request of the contributor) and excerpts of the videos will be in the documentary itself.  DV has made a few of these videos so far.  (I've shared DV's videos using each contributor's audio back to the each contributor.  For the time being though, DV is going to be busy until his own project premieres on YouTube.


    This shouldn't be a cause for alarm but rather a sigh of relief for those that haven't had the chance to get their audio (and transcripts) handed in to me.  You've received a reprieve!  (Even though I've never asked for a deadline because all know how deadlines worked out for Obsidian, you may might feel less stress.)

    So contributors: Hand in your stuff when you're ready - you know who you are - and everyone check out DV's premiere on the 20th of June!  And if you'd like to give me an update in lieu of the materials, I'll take that too in a PM.

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  4. When the maker of the mod uploads the aforementioned mod here AND that maker personally requests the port, then the port request could be considered.  However, since that hasn't happened, if anyone wants to undertake this, don't post links to any attempts on this site. I don't want to start a conflict with the modder or that hosting site.

  5. On 5/7/2020 at 4:21 PM, Kexikus said:

    I think I might still have it somewhere. I'll have a look on the weekend.

    If you don't have it, I've asked a guy that did over on Reddit if he still he has it.  If he does, I'll share a link here.

    I did try to work on this last night as I had a few hours to kill but unfortunately, I was missing a few of the icons, most of the borders, and all of the green text.  But if Kexikus and I both strike out on getting the original version of this, you can always try to continue what I started.  The attachment has the file where I've stopped work.

    To quote @LoneWanderer...

    9 hours ago, LoneWanderer said:

    I tested it on Peragus. It recolors some parts of GUI. As you can see on screenshots, icons in the upper right corner and the border in the lower left corner of the screen are still green. The icons of skills and powers on level-up screen are blue, but again with green borders. Also, some parts of the interface are now bright blue (Sound Options). Is this intentional?K2_00.jpg.fa1c7b8a3fe8099e1c41e31ade34523f.jpg


    (Edit from Sith Holocron: I found the missing armor and belt icons in the belt picture and the recolored versions are in the attachment.)





    gui green to blue.7z

  6. @Zhaboka, @Drazgar, @MMMUTU: You reported back that your test of my files were successful for which I am grateful.  Just curious to know if you were or weren't using the Aspyr version of KotOR2 for your testing.  I hope I'll hear from you all soon.

    As requests on the header issue for MP3 (namely how to add them) has gone unanswered in this thread, I've decided to inquire elsewhere about how to accomplish this task.  Hopefully, I'll hear something to report soon. If someone else wants to add the headers to the MP3 files, have at it.  (In either case, I'll still hope for a tutorial on adding WAV headers to MP3s that even I could follow.)

    10 hours ago, Thor110 said:

    I also tried the files posted by Sith Holocron either on this or another topic and they didn't work for me either ( didnt crash but no sound )

    @Thor110: Were you also using the Aspyr updated version of M4-78 on Steam?

  7. 13 minutes ago, Drazgar said:

    You may have noticed that TSLRCM is updated. Ask Zbyl ( :

    I'm more interested when M4-78 EP will be updated which is why I'm especially pleased to see feedback from you and @Zhaboka on the fixes.  I'll rejoice when fixes for that known problem are included in the EP going forward.  ;)

    By the way: If @Hassat Hunter wants to include those fixes for the Steam 1.3 version of the EP, he's more than welcome to use them and he doesn't even need to credit me.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Drazgar said:

    While working on the recent Russian translation for both TSLRCM and M4-78EP my guys tested all four droids with fixed voiceovers, no crashes so far, so it works fine.

    Best of luck with your translation, my friend.

  9. So I got my next contribution and this one's a reveal of sorts.  After the poll is done, I'll merge this thread with the main documentary thread.

    So Stoney reviews M4-78 EP.  However, he doesn't have capability to record dialogue so he sent me a Text to Speech WAV file and a transcript.  I was wondering, would you folks rather have that or someone else recording the dialogue for him?

    Or in the tradition of LF, do you prefer the noncommittal answer of Yoda?

  10. Why would you want to upload your mods to the Steam Workshop though?  Might I suggest a read through this thread?

    Before I get any comments, yes . . . @Hassat Hunter has uploaded a few of my mods to the Steam Workshop in the past for me.  However, I don't think that Steam Workshop has a stable way of using multiple mods.  For more on that, read the linked thread.  It's also why I've never asked HH to update any of my old mods when I've done so on this site.

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  11. Haven't made an request for an overly ambitious request mod but here we go...

    I'd love to see landing and take off videos be created for deathdisco's Coruscant Jedi Temple while using 90sk's and my Realistic Skybox for deathdisco's Coruscant mod.

    Since it is unlikely that I'll see a response for this in the near future, I'm leaving this request thread as open - meaning if you post responses to this requests 3 years from now with results, I won't consider it necro-posting.