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  1. Here's an update on the novel, giving a quick synopsis. Sounds like the novel is going to focus on Revan retracing his steps in the Unknown regions and slowly revealing what this greater threat he was trying to save the Republic from is. Sounds good to me, I was sold a long time ago. Also, Im about halfway through Path of Destruction and am really enjoying it, it really fills my need for more Old Republic story after KotoR and KotoR II...
  2. Well it certainly seems you have this mod very planned out, and it is a very ambitious endeavor indeed. I wish you luck with this project, hopefully it will be done by the next time I get around to KotoR II (which maybe a few years, for all I know).
  3. ToXiN


    It's nice to see that there is still a decent sized modding community for the KotoR games so many years after their release, and that new people are joining the modding scene, and great new mods still being made like the RCM still being updated and Revenge of Revan coming up. I doubt I will ever make anything I will release publicly and move beyond minor tweaks for myself. But its great to see the KotoR mod community well alive.
  4. I was thinking you were from Quebec after reading that you have both French and English books. Im surprised I mostly understood that, it's been a few years since my last French class. Anyway, I am going to start reading Path of Destruction soon, it's going to be my first Star Wars novel. Looking forward to the Bane trilogy, it is by the writer of KotoR and ME, two of my favorite games in terms of story, and I have heard many good things about it, not to mention wanting to read a novel focusing on the Sith.
  5. A few days ago, I finally finished playing through KotoR II with the RCM for the first time (finally!) Excellent job on the mod. Now I will move on to other games, but I will definietly come back for another playthrough someday!

  6. So how do I get the ending where Malachor is destroyed? I played RCM the first time without knowing the significance of the HK factory, I think I did not activate the HK-51's and destroyed both terminals, and I got the ending where Malachor was not destroyed (this was with 1.6a though). So for future playthroughs (with 1.7), can someone explain what you have to do in the HK factory to get each ending, especially the one where the mass shadow generator is activated and Malachor destoryed? (I thought it would fit in this thread instead of making a new one)
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    Well, thank you very much! I finally was able to do it myself, with your explanation and some tutorials over at Holowan Labs. I modified Mira's rockets so that they do much more damage but also have a smaller area of effect, it works perfectly just how I want it to now. KotoR Tool was a bit screwy to start with but I kind of got the hang of the very basics of script editing now. It was actually kind of fun, I actually might try some more modding in the future
  8. Tried to make a custom robe item today. First attempt at modding - failed miserably.

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      What's the problem?

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    Well, thanks for the response. I opened up that script in the KotoR Tool and my first reaction was "WHAT????!!?!?!?!" I seriously have no idea what's going on there, what I have to change, or how to actually apply it into my game afterwards. So let's just say I have no idea about scripting. It's no big deal, although the one thing I am curious to know is if you were to do it, what exactly would you do? My best guess at the moment is to extract to .ncs, edit it, and place it in the override folder? On a related note, I tried to make a custom item for the first time today, which was also a grand failure. I tried looking at a few tutorials and played around with the KotoR Tool but didn't really get anything done. I just don't have the time or patience to actually learn how to mod KotoR, as much as I would like to. It's just not worth the effort for me to learn. As a result, I have gained a newfound respect for all you modders out there.
  10. Summary: A novel about Revan written by Drew Karpyshyn, the lead writer for KotoR and author of the Darth Bane trilogy, will be released this fall. I really liked how Revan was ambiguous and a somewhat blank slate character that was ultimately what the player made him out to be. The novel will mean Revan will have a defined character which I have mixed feelings about but since it is the guy who originally wrote KotoR and came up with Revan I'm sure it won't disappoint. And I guess we'll find out what Revan does when he leaves after the end of KotoR, though I also kind of like that being a mystery. I have also heard the Darth Bane novels were fantastic, I actually have the first one but am waiting for exams to be over before starting it. What do you guys think about the idea of a Revan novel? I'm quite excited, which is saying a lot since I have never looked forward to the release of a book before.
  11. Sweet, now we can change the interface in KotoR just like you could in Fallout 3!
  12. ToXiN

    Playable Echani x6

    Nice. The darkside transitions are particularly awesome, the silvery skin look fits perfectly with the Echani.
  13. Whoa, this is great. I had no idea that the first KotoR had so much cut content. The Dantooine sarlacc pit dungeon particularly intrigues me. I haven't used much mods for the original besides items, I had no idea there are so many mods/additions to KotoR! Before, most (actually all) my mod awareness came from filefront and here, I had no idea LucasForums had so much stuff not on filefront!
  14. So I have recently finally gotten past the jedi council on Dantooine, I must say it was an awesome scene, one of the greatest in any game I've played. Anyway, after closing KotoR, I put on some music, and this was the first song that played. It could not have fit more perfectly with the Exile and the scenes I had just witnessed. If you look at the lyrics, I think it fits the Exile so perfectly, it's such an amazing coincidence out of the thousands of songs I have this one played at random after finishing the return to Telos.
  15. ToXiN

    HK-50 locations

    Yep, it worked, finally got to the factory. My playthrough is coming along sooo slow due to school though.