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  1. So I'm curious regarding the so-called "restoration" patches for Kotor I. There seems to be a rivalry between the Kotor 1 (K1R) Restoration mod and the so-called "Kotor Community Patch." Which of these is generally preferable to most players and what differences, if any, exist between the two?

    Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on this, as I am seeking to decide which of these patches to make my mods more compatible with.

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    2. djh269


      here's some more information on the placeable limit, something to keep in mind :)


    3. LoneWanderer


      @EAF97 I don't know much about K1CP, but I think Pazaak Tournament on Manaan, additional location in Shadowlands (don't remember whether it was restored in K1R), most of Juhani's cut lines, alternate route on Leviathan, several cut NPCs and any other major cut content pieces weren't touched by K1CP.


      @djh269 That's why I wrote "more or less compatible". I know about placeable number limitation and several graphical glitches because of K1R + BoS:SR, but I also know that the game can be successfully completed with them. Which is more than can be said about K1CP + BoS:SR.

    4. EAF97


      ...aaaand this is why we need a full port of K1 into the K2 engine that could remedy these problems 😅.