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  1. 14 hours ago, Ebony Moon said:

    Here's a rather scathing review about the retcon which does point out the inconsistencies

    LOL! I got a good laugh out of reading that. Like I didn't even remember Drew said Atris was Bastila's age. Like lol what? And I was also  reminded just how badly Drew screwed up Revan and Bastila reading that. Like did the guy forget he wrote K1?  

    So Bastila was basically just watching TV while the events of K2 went down then? 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Ebony Moon said:

    I think that line referred to Ulic Qel Droma, when he recruited Mandalore. Canderous was old enough to have fought in that war.

    Lol, what? So Revan wandering out there, the entire time he was in jail? Did they put him on trail before the Senate or something like that? I haven't read the book, or played any of swotor, but the more I learn about the retcon, the more I have to laugh.

    Oh yeah! Was that in a comic? I've only read a few of the KOTOR ones.

    Yeah, from what I remember Revan went out to the SWTOR Sith Empire and got knocked out and imprisoned by a Sith Lord there until The Exile and this weird Sith dude bust him out. After that, the Sith dude wants to take the Sheev clone out, but gets cold feet during the battle and stabs The Exile in the back and she dies just like that. Like wow, Drew. But like you said, he also screwed up Revan and Bastila, his own creations!   

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  3. This sounds awesome! Best of luck on this!

    @Ebony Moon 

    Yep, Canderous said the "Sith came to them with an offer" which clearly meant the remains of Naga Sadow/Kun's forces and not the ones Bioware came up with for SWTOR. The loading screens themselves in K1 like you said stated the Sith species died out long ago, so Bioware retconed their own game!  

    Also, remember at the end of K2 where Kreia says Revan will need Jedi and Sith alike? Well, that's another thing Bioware changed since Revan was locked up in jail during the events of K2.

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  4. I agree with you the Jedi like Zez are fine during the game expect for the end game and I'll quote Scorchy on that (with necessary censors, of course 😜 47/

    "Once again, the Jedi Council proves they can’t learn from their past mistakes and start blaming the Exile for everything. What happened to the Master Zez we talked to on Nar Shaddaa, who regretted sending the Exile away? And the amiable Kavar on Onderon, who was starting to admit they f***ed up? They did a complete 180 here." 

    In the droid planet mod at least, Vash gets her cut dialogue which I think implies she was was wiser than what she ended up being in vanilla.   

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  5. I agree with you Korriban feels crammed in. It would have been cool to revisit Dreshdae and explore it. Also, I find it very sad the only decent Jedi master (Vash) that wasn't a sheep like Zez and Kavar is just killed off without getting a conversation on it. I'd rather she had lived (as in not going to Dantooine) and be the first of the old Jedi to realize how flawed and screwed up they were, but alas.

    I also wish you could back and explore Onderon again after the civil war to see it back to normal. Speaking of that, I feel like Canderous was affected by the rush released date. It would have been nice to see him talk about Revan more and explain why he's apparently not on speaking terms with Carth. Like maybe have them all meet up again during or after the Battle of Telos would have been cool imo.


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  6. Woah lots of Nar Shaddaa bashing is making me sad....JK, JK.


    Tatooine-for the fun quests, nostalgia, the loads of interactions, and that battle with Calo Nord at the end (I always go to this planet first).


    Nar Shaddaa (given my name sake :P)-for the mystery, the music,  the Exchange battles, the exploration, getting the majority of your remaining party members , and the Genoharadan fight at the end  (thanks to my good friend @N-DReW25 ).  

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  7. You should finish the game! It's very good! Probably my fav game ever tied with KOTOR 1. Though like @Ebony Moon said the end game is very sad/not a lot of fun since we  never got a proper conclusion (aka KOTOR 3) and instead we got a book that in my opinion ruined the series since several characters like The Exile and T3 are killed off, Revan is captured for like 300 years and other characters like  Bastila grow old and die and never see Revan yeah all that sucks to me.

    But if you're interested in a fan made KOTOR 3 after finishing K2, then I suggest you try this incredible mod: 

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  8. The title says it all.

    Is is possible to say make a Thor costume and head for the games? Or Captain America as well?

    And for females, what about a Captain Marvel costume and head (not the one with the Endgame haircut)? Or a Black Widow one? 

    I'm not all that experienced in modding obviously, but I'm always looking for ways to keep the games interesting and fresh for me, so is it possible to make what I want? 

    Thanks in advance!


  9. 18 hours ago, N-DReW25 said:

    Upon further insight into the mod in order to hear the dialogue about Revan, you must set Revan to Dark Side on Peragus. I could modify this so that no matter what you always hear about Revan.


    Thank you. That sounds good. Though perhaps you could make it optional for people who are strict light side players and don't want Revan to have done anything bad after the mind wipe?


  10. Spoiler

    I've been playing around this and I love it so far, but in the Atton restored dialogue, the part about Revan coming back and changing the GenoHardan is missing. At least on my end. Is it possible this line was never recorded?


  11. Thanks my first question is solved now.

    As for my second question, kind of, but here you can see I've changed some of the Gamoreans to Rodians and Aqualish.


    How would I go about editing to where when I click on the Rodian it sounds like a Rodian and then when I click on the Aqualish it sounds like a Aqualish?

    When I edit the file I need in DLGEditor by changing the AlienRaceNod, to a Rodian for example, then all of the Exchange thugs sound like Rodians even if some are a different species like the Aqualish. Is there a way for me to fix this so each sound matches up to their corresponding alien?