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  1. Unless you deleted most of it, I feel confident you can recover. That said, it isn't always obvious how you screwed up. Hopefully it wasn't something where you saved over a file accidentally, or messed up a cut & paste/find & replace and saved it before realizing. I have definitely hosed myself scripting with messed up cut/paste and not saving enough revisions of code. As DP asked, please explain how you screwed up and maybe (shot in the dark maybe is better than nothing) we can help.
  2. I think, from a cinematic perspective, the hallway camera works and does the job adequately. Not perfectly, because the on-rails aspect of the camera is too herky-jerky. However, that dev note seems to imply exactly this sort of scene. Animation.... isn't directly stated, but how are you going to capture the corridors without animation? They are plural afterall. My 2c idea - animation vs a series of stills, with fade-in and fade-out. Would eliminate the janky camera movement, would still show creepy, and keep to the original intent. I would prefer the scene stay as is, or modded into what I propose above. Maybe leave some animation in the camera, but break it up and eliminate the janky bits by truncating them and adding the fade-in/out. This could all be accomplished with a shorter scene as well, it goes on a little too long which I also attribute to the "one-shot" aspect of it combined with the linear motion of the camera.
  3. Why? The override system works fine. Has for many years. Module injection isn't necessarily better for mod compatibility, it can be worse. This is the simple implementation, and for smaller mods makes the most sense. This mod alters dialog files, which have no benefit for compatibility being injected vs overridden. Scripts in this mod, and most others by seasoned modders, have unique script names and therefore can be put wherever, because they are unique and fired by that unique name. WAVs to streamfiles and Lips to Lips (lol) sounds like you just want a clean and organized override folder. This is something my OCD can appreciate, but it is also something I got over a long long time ago. In this galaxy though.
  4. Initially I think a .2da issue, and a damned funny one at that. The issue isn't with Darathy's mod, he was (and may still be, always in motion the future is and clouded are the Sith) a fastidious modder. Confused how his call for Traya's sabers could end up emitting heads. I'm going to have a look at the source for fun, just to see if I can pinpoint it for you.
  5. How did you resolve your DLGEdit issue with w10? I support your project. I have done some touches myself to .tlk over the years but never anything so methodical. Thanks for the effort, and please let us know what you did to resolve tool compatibility issues!
  6. So, I have installed the Holocron Toolset. This has brought some confusion. I am looking for source scripts, which I used to find in scripts.bif IIRC. Specifically, I am looking for a code comment from Preston on Yavin Station door that he had to make a workaround for. It is a cheesy transition, not a proper doorway, and he acknowledges this. Finding scripts is both easy and hard with this new tool, and I will chalk my difficulty up to just being confused by new surroundings. After selecting KotOR as the game, the various dropdowns appear for Modules, Scripts etc. Cannot find the specific script I am looking for there. I then selected Yavin's s.rim, as I believe that's where the .bif was stored. In "Templates"? I of course tried to install KotOR Tool and get that working to do it that way, and lol can't make her work despite edits to registry and some other wonking. Worked on the old machine, but not so much now Anyways, I have barely scratched the surface of what the tool can do, but it seems to have most of the things there and I just need to find them. However, if anyone can slap my memory or point me in the right HT direction, I would appreciate it. MTFBWYA
  7. Have you tried changing to a lower resolution before the crash point? For something so reproduceable, I would guess the issue is hardware related, if indeed it isn't a mod conflict (which it quite easily could be). To offer more assistance, it would be helpful to have your system specs (processor, ram, gpu) and what resolution you normally play at. What version TSLRCM is installed? Both mods mod Nar Shadaa, and there's the problem IMO. The scope of TSLRCM is such that using mods that change NS is going to be tricky and need to be done carefully to work without a hitch. There are already a lot of vanilla triggers set there. Consider also that the latest version of HotOR that I can find with a quick search, was made for TSLRCM 1.7. That's a lot of changes,.from 1.7 to 1.86, that HotOR never accounted for. So, if it isn't your hardware (if your machine is up-to-date and at all modern, it isn't) then remove HotOR and see what happens. The issue here is that your save already is "corrupted" by having both mods installed, so you would need to likely start the entire planet over if you want to get through this part. That is potentially a lot of backtracking. Sorry to be long winded, and full of bad news. This is just the truth of your situation - you have done this to yourself!
  8. Ouch lmfao DP I have found, in my years on the path, to expect little from Sith, but prepare for the unexpected. I never ask them when their work will be done though, so uncivilized. Instead, I wait in sandy places.
  9. I find this all frustratingly inspirational. What I mean by this is, with this tool you have made some of the things that I had to do by hand years ago to a very very rough degree, nearly automated. I lost almost all of that work, years ago, and only have note remnants and the grand outline. At that time, I gave up on KotOR/TSL modding, as I had literally poured years of free time into that effort only to lose it all in the stupidest of ways. Always make backups people. Anyways, I feel like I am feeling the Force again. It is distant, and like an echo, and may come to nothing. But, I can say that I am definitely going to download this and play with it, and maybe I'll make good on some old WIPs finally. Thank you for the effort and continued support!
  10. I didn't read your OP thoroughly enough. Your use case probably excludes that, making my post a little silly in retrospect. That said, my rusty out of tune brain thinks of setting a boolean. This could turn into lots of booleans, so probably a bad idea. If I knock any cobbwebs loose I'll toss an idea.
  11. Working on set this week with Kelly Hu.

    My life for hers... I am going through channels to get a picture with her, so fingers crossed. She looks great, and still sounds just like Visas.

    I'd know that voice anywhere!

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  12. Custom OnPerception event? Seems like that would work essentially how you want it to.
  13. You were very helpful all those years ago Marius. Nice to see you still around. Hope all is well!
  14. RedHawke once said.... void main() { float x=81.90f; float y=78.29f; float z=0.00f; float r=90.0f; vector MyVec = Vector(x,y,z); //line 1 location MyLoc = Location(MyVec, r); //line 2 CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_PLACEABLE, "footlker069", MyLoc); //line3 CreateItemOnObject("g_w_lghtsbr05", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_a_mstrrobe03", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_w_sbrcrstl04", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_w_sbrcrstl12", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_i_credits014", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69"), 2); CreateItemOnObject("g_w_sbrcrstl06", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69"), 2); CreateItemOnObject("g_w_sbrcrstl13", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69"), 2); CreateItemOnObject("sith_lghtsbr1", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("sith_frarmbnds1", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g2_i_frarmbnds02", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("sith_sbrcrstl1", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_a_mstrrobe02", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("sith_belt01", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("sith_gauntlet01", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g2_i_mask14", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_i_implant308", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); } This creates footlocker069 next to the original container. This is ancient modding, so forgive any forming you don't like. This guy was inventing a wheel. To do this, it was inserted into the existing module, and he needed to use the TSLPatcher. If you wanted this to be directly from override, you would need to add some logic. From RedHawke Beginner's Items, https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1679-redhawkes-beginners-item-pack/ Otherwise, you could just modify the script provided by DP. The game only uses that once, so there is no danger in modifying it so long as you don't actually break it illegible code.
  15. This.... is one of those things. The pain and suffering that could have been avoided in a former life.