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  1. I find this all frustratingly inspirational. What I mean by this is, with this tool you have made some of the things that I had to do by hand years ago to a very very rough degree, nearly automated. I lost almost all of that work, years ago, and only have note remnants and the grand outline. At that time, I gave up on KotOR/TSL modding, as I had literally poured years of free time into that effort only to lose it all in the stupidest of ways. Always make backups people. Anyways, I feel like I am feeling the Force again. It is distant, and like an echo, and may come to nothing. But, I can say that I am definitely going to download this and play with it, and maybe I'll make good on some old WIPs finally. Thank you for the effort and continued support!
  2. I didn't read your OP thoroughly enough. Your use case probably excludes that, making my post a little silly in retrospect. That said, my rusty out of tune brain thinks of setting a boolean. This could turn into lots of booleans, so probably a bad idea. If I knock any cobbwebs loose I'll toss an idea.
  3. Working on set this week with Kelly Hu.

    My life for hers... I am going through channels to get a picture with her, so fingers crossed. She looks great, and still sounds just like Visas.

    I'd know that voice anywhere!

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  4. Custom OnPerception event? Seems like that would work essentially how you want it to.
  5. You were very helpful all those years ago Marius. Nice to see you still around. Hope all is well!
  6. RedHawke once said.... void main() { float x=81.90f; float y=78.29f; float z=0.00f; float r=90.0f; vector MyVec = Vector(x,y,z); //line 1 location MyLoc = Location(MyVec, r); //line 2 CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_PLACEABLE, "footlker069", MyLoc); //line3 CreateItemOnObject("g_w_lghtsbr05", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_a_mstrrobe03", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_w_sbrcrstl04", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_w_sbrcrstl12", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_i_credits014", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69"), 2); CreateItemOnObject("g_w_sbrcrstl06", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69"), 2); CreateItemOnObject("g_w_sbrcrstl13", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69"), 2); CreateItemOnObject("sith_lghtsbr1", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("sith_frarmbnds1", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g2_i_frarmbnds02", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("sith_sbrcrstl1", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_a_mstrrobe02", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("sith_belt01", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("sith_gauntlet01", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g2_i_mask14", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); CreateItemOnObject("g_i_implant308", GetObjectByTag("Footlocker69")); } This creates footlocker069 next to the original container. This is ancient modding, so forgive any forming you don't like. This guy was inventing a wheel. To do this, it was inserted into the existing module, and he needed to use the TSLPatcher. If you wanted this to be directly from override, you would need to add some logic. From RedHawke Beginner's Items, https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1679-redhawkes-beginners-item-pack/ Otherwise, you could just modify the script provided by DP. The game only uses that once, so there is no danger in modifying it so long as you don't actually break it illegible code.
  7. This.... is one of those things. The pain and suffering that could have been avoided in a former life.
  8. ^^^ It is the worst iteration of any mod made by the original team, and is the worst of the editions zbyl2 has been involved with. In short, get an older version. I'll share mine if you need it. The "final" version of this mod was a zbyl middle finger to fans of the planet. I call him balor anyway. Pretty sure that's because that's who he is.
  9. If you want the Aspyr patch legit, buy it on Steam. 5 CD???? I have 4CD Original release, DVD KotOR Collection, and talked Aspyr into giving me a Steam key after showing them my multiple copies so I could have their patch. Probably a little late for you to score it that way, but it has never hurt to ask. The collection is the least mod-friendly, so my preference order would be: Steam > GoG > 4CD > DVD Collection (I have responded to enough old threads today, apologies if I have angered the overlords)
  10. Neat mod! My one thought - I cannot keep track of old files when I remove them from Override, Streamsounds... anything really. So, I do the dirty rename trick and leave it in its original folder. Example: glowingphallus.ncs > glowingphallus.ncs.old Anyways, happy modding
  11. https://www.lonebullet.com/file/mods/chained-force-lighting/15844 I just downloaded it. Clean files, seems to be what you are looking for. I have it somewhere on an old hard drive, but this will do fine.
  12. Windows Explorer is simply the name for your folder view. You can make the Powershell window smaller and/or drag it all the way left until it pops as the left half of your screen. Down on your quickbar, click on the Folder Icon. Drag the newly opened Explorer window to the far right until it pops into the right half of your screen. If you need to open another Explorer window, select the folder and right click it, and select Open In New Window. Now you have Explorer open, and Powershell. This was never necessary btw, you make the folders in Explorer, move the .nss in question into that folder with Explorer, then open Powershell in that folder and execute the command line. This is just basic terminology we use, so if you aren't familiar with it you soon will be since you seem committed to trying
  13. You need to use RegEdit. This is potentially dangerous, as your registry is the root file system, but if you follow the instructions that someone keeps banging their head against a wall for you, you can do it safely. RegEdit is a Windows program. You open it by right-clicking start, search for cmd.exe. This can also be accomplished by Windows Key + R, then entering regedit. Then you will need to find the path specified. I felt like you weren't getting this, and so hopefully this is the clue you needed.
  14. The first time I fiddled with clothing, was modifying a Jedi robe. When I loaded the texture into PdN, I was a little confused by what I saw... a 2d texture for a 3d model looks a little weird, and pieces are cut at different places. This you are likely already aware of. What I did at that time was just started putting numbers on the skin, in bright yellow. Numbers were placed in a grid fashion, 1-??? ascending left-to-right top- to-bottom. I then loaded in game and saw a weird looking coat, but I knew what part of the skin ended up where. I did release this as a modders resource somewhere. Not particularly useful I suppose, but anyways that is one way to approach any weird parts of the skin you are working with.