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  1. ^^^ It is the worst iteration of any mod made by the original team, and is the worst of the editions zbyl2 has been involved with. In short, get an older version. I'll share mine if you need it. The "final" version of this mod was a zbyl middle finger to fans of the planet. I call him balor anyway. Pretty sure that's because that's who he is.
  2. If you want the Aspyr patch legit, buy it on Steam. 5 CD???? I have 4CD Original release, DVD KotOR Collection, and talked Aspyr into giving me a Steam key after showing them my multiple copies so I could have their patch. Probably a little late for you to score it that way, but it has never hurt to ask. The collection is the least mod-friendly, so my preference order would be: Steam > GoG > 4CD > DVD Collection (I have responded to enough old threads today, apologies if I have angered the overlords)
  3. Neat mod! My one thought - I cannot keep track of old files when I remove them from Override, Streamsounds... anything really. So, I do the dirty rename trick and leave it in its original folder. Example: glowingphallus.ncs > glowingphallus.ncs.old Anyways, happy modding
  4. https://www.lonebullet.com/file/mods/chained-force-lighting/15844 I just downloaded it. Clean files, seems to be what you are looking for. I have it somewhere on an old hard drive, but this will do fine.
  5. Windows Explorer is simply the name for your folder view. You can make the Powershell window smaller and/or drag it all the way left until it pops as the left half of your screen. Down on your quickbar, click on the Folder Icon. Drag the newly opened Explorer window to the far right until it pops into the right half of your screen. If you need to open another Explorer window, select the folder and right click it, and select Open In New Window. Now you have Explorer open, and Powershell. This was never necessary btw, you make the folders in Explorer, move the .nss in question into that folder with Explorer, then open Powershell in that folder and execute the command line. This is just basic terminology we use, so if you aren't familiar with it you soon will be since you seem committed to trying
  6. You need to use RegEdit. This is potentially dangerous, as your registry is the root file system, but if you follow the instructions that someone keeps banging their head against a wall for you, you can do it safely. RegEdit is a Windows program. You open it by right-clicking start, search for cmd.exe. This can also be accomplished by Windows Key + R, then entering regedit. Then you will need to find the path specified. I felt like you weren't getting this, and so hopefully this is the clue you needed.
  7. The first time I fiddled with clothing, was modifying a Jedi robe. When I loaded the texture into PdN, I was a little confused by what I saw... a 2d texture for a 3d model looks a little weird, and pieces are cut at different places. This you are likely already aware of. What I did at that time was just started putting numbers on the skin, in bright yellow. Numbers were placed in a grid fashion, 1-??? ascending left-to-right top- to-bottom. I then loaded in game and saw a weird looking coat, but I knew what part of the skin ended up where. I did release this as a modders resource somewhere. Not particularly useful I suppose, but anyways that is one way to approach any weird parts of the skin you are working with.
  8. This is in no way meant to dissuade you. Complaining that the tutorials are "old" is ridiculous. They worked then, and nothing has changed. Newer tuts might use newer tools that didn't exist then, however the engine has not changed even with the Aspyr patch for TSL. Modding isn't the kind of thing you jump into and have instant success at. My first mod was "complete" in one day, and took me three weeks to make it actually appear in game. This was done by trial, and error. Mostly error. There is no other way, so either this is a mod request that will likely never get picked up, or it is your project and you make it happen. This is a helpful community, but we have also moved on to many other things in life and nobody is going to do the heavy lifting for you in most cases. You can do this, but you have to try.
  9. My phone is somehow missing the codec required to listen to this. Regardless, interesting this is.
  10. Make sure your swkotor folder is not set to read-only. It is possible your .ini edit didn't save because of this.
  11. Don't listen to Yoda. Try. Try again. Only then will you do. Always remember that Yoda was the wisest and most powerful Jedi, in a group of arrogant asses. He tried and failed, and still spouted that crap years after the fact to Luke... like, look in the mirror little Green Meanie. You will get nowhere with my help alone. I am not making anyone's mod for them, so you must do as much of the lifting as you can and then people will be much more willing to help. MTFBWYA
  12. So, you have locations chosen, but do not have the coordinates. In KotOR, you can enable the console with an .ini edit. This is something you will need, although there are armbands you can download for help with this sort of thing as well. After that, by pressing the tilde ( ~ ) key, the console will appear and you can type "whereami". It has been a while, but I believe your coordinates either appear in console or in your log. This is a part of the puzzle, and then you will need to play with your orientation to make your character or item face the correct direction. Spawning unique placeables is something I no longer do, since there is a cap to this and I have several mods I don't play without that take me to that limit. So, YMMV here but you will want to keep this to a minimum. Everything is difficult when you are brand new, and we are a helpful community but it is not a really active community any more, so you will need to do some trial and error to get yourself up to speed as much as you can. Read the old tut's! They contain the base scripts you will need for spawning creatures and placeables, which you are allowed to use and edit as you see fit. There is nothing new under the sun, and imo artwork and story are the only "IP" in this game, so using other people's scripts is fair game as long as you give credit where credit is due. You have a lot of reading to do
  13. You have found positions for characters and objects, I assume using the console and 'whereami'? The best way to make your mods is to modify the modules so that everything isn't done by script injection and the override folder. Testing however can be easier with script injection, as you can spawn your items/chars with a script that replaces the module OnEnter script and then fires the original script so that the game doesn't fall apart. This is actually quite easy, and the scripts to spawn items and characters are already written for you, you just need to insert your vector locations and your filenames. Download a recruit mod and look at the source scripts. Really. This can be a cut and paste affair for the most part. Once you have something that compiles, it will either work or do nothing. That's where I can help.
  14. In the tools section, I have attached ancient tutorials from LF that cover much of this. RedHawke mods can be very informative, even if their method isn't the current best practice you can at least see what they did and how via the source scripts. I am happy to help you, but my help will be intermittent and depends on you taking a lot of initiative. MTFBWYA