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  1. I am the wrong guy to ask about porting; totally ignorant of method.
  2. Texture editing. Simultaneously the easiest and hardest modding. Doing simple markings on a robe is child's play. Making something look good in-game is harder than I ever enjoyed doing, but we all are unique and it might be your skills are suited for this. The link SH gave you is the perfect place to start. You will need a photo editor, I use Paint.NET but there are many other options. Then you'll need to extract textures from the game using KotOR Tool or however the kids do it these days (I still do all of this old school, because old dog no new tricks), then edit with PDN, PhotoShop, or perhaps the link provides a new tool. That will cover the basic texture modding. Then the stuff I know nothing about, comes from shaders and things you set up using the corresponding .2da, to make things nice. That's the blood and guts. Do your homework, it is easy to make simple edits to items and see your work in-game quickly. Be prepared for weirdness.
  3. Wew lad, I do indeed play the game. And bang my head on the desk. And ask, why? Then scream a little, die inside just a little more, and wander around the industrial zone for the 400th time looking for a droid's lost main processing unit. This is the worst update to any mod I have ever seen. The only, I mean only, positive is VO upgrades. Not to fear, this is hardly all of my criticism, just a taste. Edit to add: I have about 3 pages of notes. Bugs are a quarter of that, mostly text errors. The rest is mostly 100 scribblings of WTF??? I have also recorded screens of the easy bugs, recorded video of the entire planet up until my endless search for MPU, and of course will write up a transcript and send a voice recording of said script. Almost done with gameplay. Edit 2: first game-breaking bug found. It is a dialog issue with IS-99 I believe. Specifically, you can talk to IS-99 about rebuilding I1-01 before you have rebuilt him. That closes off the dialog tree from the option once you have rebuilt I1-01. The dialog conditional needs repair if I had to guess. Have to revert to an earlier save You can "fix" the "Fixing Droids" quest with KSE. You cannot get to IS-24 by tinkering with a broken "Rebuild I1-01". Thus, the game is broken as I cannot get to Vash and finish the planet. Edit 4: fake news. Forgot I needed to "train" the military droids.
  4. nwnstdloader sounds like one of those reasons nothing good happens after 2am... Safety first.
  5. Confusing post. Are you having difficulty making your new area spawn in-game, are you having difficulty linking module areas (.vis, .lyt), both, neither, ???
  6. Interesting errors, but entirely avoidable. 1 - .nss file, open KTool text editor first and then open the file in question. 2 - .ncs file, nothing to see it is byte code. .ncs is simply the compilation of .nss 3 - any text editor can open and edit .nss scripts, I use notepad quite a bit for this purpose.
  7. I hope I wasn't a total jerk about it, but I think you're making a wise decision.
  8. Hey there friends - I just failed a persuasion check with Nadaa, and now that dialog tree won't give me the persuade option again. I am looking through the booleans and numerics, and am not finding anything related to that quest. Am I not looking well enough, or is this not a KSE-able variable? My issue is that I don't have a recent save prior to this, so replaying would preferably be avoided. I am really bad at DS
  9. It should be fine, but you'll be doing a lot of backtracking to places you've already visited. The mod cannot really start until after the twist reveal anyway, IIRC.
  10. Beating the old dead horse head against the desk again? But why? Feats are hardcoded. Good luck.
  11. Try googling "kotor scripting tutorial". If that doesn't work for you, I will be of no further assistance; the first page has videos and threads with exactly what you are looking for.
  12. Most of that is done in the .utc of the creature/character, which can be edited by KotOR Tool or a GFF editor. The KTool editor is pretty well done, and intuitive. As far as giving you an entire tutorial outlining all those steps - no. There are tut's, it's mostly straightforward, and we're here to answer questions.
  13. That is it. If it can decompile or partially decompile, you get to see the source.
  14. I play gamez. Edit: @N-DReW25, so you will play nothing? Apathy is death. Worse than death, because at least a rotting corpse feeds the beasts and insects.
  15. Nar Shaada, bane of many good ideas. I ain't scurred. But your point is legit and well-taken.