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  1. I am sweet myself. However, I never really understood how Bat-tastic I was. That is the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me, and I will try to be more Batman from this day forward.
  2. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Obsidian joins Microsoft Studios

    Any Xbone exclusive can be played on PC. So, it isn't a total loss. A shame Microsoft doesn't own any rights regarding the Mass Effect franchise. I would enjoy an Obsidian take on that franchise - if it was actually finished 😕
  3. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Request Xarga helmetless as Steve McQueen

    Port the "unused" Zherron head from the Dantooine Moisture Evaporator quest in TSL. Reskin it a little, and you have a decent Steve McQueen.
  4. Things like this make me sad about the placeable limit. It is a nice idea. Nar Shadaa could look a lot better, and this would be a nice touch.
  5. We all have too good a clue. We googled it, 13 years ago. You can still google it Feats are hardcoded. You can "make" a feat by using some creative scripting, but it is not optimal and may not work in some cases. As far as damage on individual items, edit the .uti That is the "u"nique "t"emplate for "i"tems. Can be edited with a GFF editor or KTool. This is an ancient modding community; we don't really do all the legwork for new folks anymore. You will need to do some more research on your own and ask less general questions, to really get a response here. If I wasn't bored out of mind yesterday and today, I wouldn't have answered your questions at all, so I guess you got lucky there
  6. Qui-Gon Glenn

    on heartbeat

    Player characters do not have a heartbeat script, because they are controlled by the player. The "heartbeat" is for ambient behaviors, which the PC doesn't do. From the Lexicon -
  7. Qui-Gon Glenn


    Well, doesn't this look handy? I would say nice work, but I want to play with it first
  8. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Revan and Meetra heads ported from SWTOR

    Hi Lucy ❤️
  9. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Looking for Tool..

    Ehh why not use the tool you mention? What functionality does it lack? It does the things you list.
  10. Qui-Gon Glenn

    MOD:Hidden Bek Control Room Restoration

    Make the script firing dependent on a user defined local variable. Edit the on_enter. Just my thought on a fix for what Salk discovered.
  11. I think so. I lied in my previous post. I always mean to check things out, but my follow through as a modder is pretty terrible, as most veterans on this forum can attest Almost everything can be done, with effort. This one can definitely be done. If you have the inclination, download DeNCS and try to decompile that script. If not, I will try to remember to give it a look. I have another gaming commitment atm, so no guarantees on a speedy reply.
  12. Hey old friend, you stalking me now? :P

    1. Stoney


      bwahahah !, yes I am. :)

  13. Ok, that sucks :( There is a tool for that though, called DeNCS. Hopefully, it can decompile that script. I will give it a shot an a while and let you know.
  14. I can, but I want you to also have a little success today in modding since you have been proactive enough to download the tools and try You cannot open a .ncs with KotorTool or any other file editor. It is a compiled script, meaning it is digital and no longer something ordinary brains can easily read. A .nss file is what normal humans can understand, and pretty easily at that. You simply open that with a text editor, like notepad, and you can see what is going on. This will also let you see the size of the script you are asking me to modify, which will let you appreciate that it is a giant pile to dig through. I am currently working on patching another mod for a request, which is a quicky I think if I can just find the TSLRCM source for the file, and then edit it similarly to what you are asking me to do. The difference is, the a_makejedi script is muuuuuch smaller than k_sup, with simpler logic and it is well commented. I am not saying I won't do it, but I am saying I won't do it right away. You might be better at this than you expect, so give it a shot. In the kittykitty No Fighters download, hopefully their is a folder called "Source". In there, you should find k_sup_galaxymap.nss. This is the file you can open and read with notepad, or with the KotorTool Text Editor if you want to try and use the new toy you downloaded!
  15. Qui-Gon Glenn

    How is a_makejedi implemented in TSLRCM?

    In short, I do not find a_makejedi.ncs in my override. This is either because my installation is borked (haven't played in a while tbh), or because you are doing something differently? I want to edit it.