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  1. Ah, stewardship. How's it going Denethor? (I initially typed Denethot, which is much funnier)
  2. If your laptop isn't ancient, it will be fine. What is your processor? It is likely you have figured this out already and finished your playthrough, but just in case. If anything, you may need to avoid high res texture mods.
  3. So, I just spent an hour looking for this, and to my surprise and dismay I no longer have it, must have been on my drives that got NAS formatted when I lost everything. This isn't a hard mod to make again, tbh. Custom placeable in the Doc's office would work, spawn an extra visa and be done with it. Or edit a merc utc so that it can drop from their inventory.
  4. My Script Shack! Where I, the least capable scripter in the entire Holowan Labs, can inform others on how to script poorly!!!! It was a nice idea, and I was trying to keep HL alive. Even got moderator status lol..... Get that mods? I was a mod. If anything is funnier than that, I don't know what it is. Lucasforums made me a nicer person online than I ever was or will be, because it was that important to me. Le grande sigh.
  5. I have come out of a long and deep slumber to log in and say this tool is very exciting to me personally and I would dearly love to see it mature into a solid tool for these games. I intend on playing around with it over the next few days, and hopefully break it a few times. If it works near to what the video shows (which I imagine it should lol) this is a big development for people like me, that have done a lot of this the old-fashioned way enough to take the urge to ever do it again, straight out of them. Please continue with keeping us up-to-date on development, @Thor110
  6. Well, I thought my comment might have got some attention. It seems it did get the attention, instead of the mod. Welp, this new KotOR Level Editor might be a game changer for me... I still have a lot of design docs from my HDD-melted planet project, and the most daunting part I had before me when everything was lost was how to patchwork my modules together. If this software does what it appears to be designed to do, the planet can now be built to my design rather than my horrible compromise I had accepted. This means.... I may dust off the gloves for a bit, and if the mood strikes me, I may fix this mess myself.
  7. Hey @N-DReW25 - I have been playing the game a long time. And I still have a better grasp of how the game works than you do. The issue is Jedi training on Dantooine. I don't need to explain to you further, just test it yourself. In your gameplay improvement mod, did giving that feat early affect Jedi training? Did you test your mod? I ask this, because it had been attempted many times in the past, and the only way to get around it was by removing the entire Jedi training sequence from Dantooine. Since this is Deadlystream, I will stop with that. Good day.
  8. There have been mods to make you start the game as a Jedi. Basically, you have to cut out a lot of the Dantooine training montage for that. There is never harm in experimenting, and if you had them in inventory it shouldn't be an issue. I think you run into problems giving yourself feats to use the saber before having been trained. It's all old fuzzy memory.
  9. Not likely. Equipping a lightsaber before you have been trained as a Jedi will break your game. Hardcoded issues IIRC.
  10. Ok... I think, if you're willing, you should use RegEdit to navigate to your HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE (remove the \WOW6432NODE if you are using 32bit Windows) Look for LucasArts entry. If it exists, open it and take a screenshot, and post that here. Have you tried running KTool as an admin?
  11. 1. What are the paths of your games? 2. Did a registry key exist in your registry? 3. If yes to above, did the keys contain the paths listed in 1?
  12. So, you have disc version. Verify that the keys exist, and that their path is correct. If you need help finding that, let us know.
  13. DP asks a smart question. ... If you simply want him to always spawn, you know what to do - remove conditionals.
  14. Yes, to @ebmar listen you should. Registry key will fix your KTool woes, speaking from experience here
  15. Do you have a script attached to the console to start the dialog?