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  1. It seems to be when a company goes out of there way to please the "fans" it's always some of the worst imaginable stuff possible, and those of us that didn't ask for it or want it, don't seem to much matter. 

    1. Mephiles550


      That's a really hit and miss thing tbh, what examples did you have in mind?

    2. narshaddaarocks


      If you liked how Thor was before being in shape and fighter, well now he's an overweight drunk who never gets better and they did it that way to make him "relatable" and for laughs.

      Don't have strong feelings on TLJ either way, but I can only assume a lot of people were upset with Luke almost killing Kylo, and maybe they did that to make Luke "complex" or something. 

      If you liked how Thor was before (or Luke) it seems you're cast aside.  But that's just me. I could go on all day about this kind of stuff. :p


    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Thor was already showing signs of PTSD in Infinity War. What we see in Endgame seems like a natural progression of that to me considering what he's been through.

      TLJ was a massive disappointment though.