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  1. Lol a "certain movie" Disney released a couple a months ago had me thinking if KOTOR 3 is ever made we would see things like Revan and Carth dying (no funeral, sorry Carth), Canderous would be an overweight drunk who abandons his people, Bastila would be so useless and have a "haircut",  HK-47 would no longer want to kill and instead spends his time at DexterJettster's diner chilling with fans, and The Exile would find a way to make sure she can't the person is she now. 

    So yeah, I'll stick with TJM if Disney ever releases a KOTOR 3. LOL!


    1. Mephiles550


      I really hope they don't make a Kotor 3. Seriously, if they make one, it'll be mediocre or nowhere near as good as what Kotor 2 had built up. 

      If they do anything Kotor-related, just give us a remake at most.

    2. ebmar


      Isn't it obvious that Disney acquire Star Wars only for Galaxy's Edge? And that what Disney does best. Video games and movies is way down their priority list - in terms of SW stuffs.

    3. narshaddaarocks


      Indeed! For whatever reason, Disney decided to do the crap I theorized to other characters in a movie series finale a couple months ago, so I have little interest in seeing Canderous talk about his alcohol every five seconds or seeing HK take selfies!  
      And The Exile getting that "dance" with Kavar (or Atris if you play male)! But don't worry, Bao-Dur could be the new Exile! :P

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