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  2. Don't know. You did replace the exe and rename it as well as patch it right? Beyond that I have nothing, assuming all the files in override are the ones that should be there and they are not put in sub folders, all files in override need to be outside of any folders or the like.
  3. *shrug* I installed them at the same time so, I dunno, maybe? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Maybe this: or this: will help? I use the Revan Edition.
  5. Hmm... You could try a cracked version of the exe (the steam drm messes with things sometimes), patch it with UniWS then use the batch file and rename it. There is one on this site at:
  6. Did you use UniWS first? That has to be used before applying the batch file. Also, a first run of the game without its resolution modded is needed. Then you can edit the swkotor.ini file to change the height to 1920 and width to 1080 under Graphics Options, or at least, that is my experience. If you are using steam, be aware that it "autocorrects" any changes to the exe so you need to rename it once you make changes to the exe, possibly making a shortcut so you can run the game without using the steam app as that will not work after renaming it. That is enough to let it work for me and it does fine.