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  1. Hey, this is my first status update on this site!

    Anyway, I intended to post this on New Year but there were more complications than I anticipated.

    So recently I softmodded my +20 year old original Xbox and I wanted to try modding the Kotor games with the new tools to check how far you could go.

    I saw some threads about this here and here, which were really useful but I wanted to note some things:

    · From my experiments, textures need to be square with a size of 512x512 maximum, otherwise they will not show up correctly. They don't need to be in TXB format, you can just throw the TGA and TXI into override.

    · I tried converting custom modules (like the ones in Brotherhood of Shadow) to the Xbox version, but they didn't work for some reason.

    · Character models and other mods can easily crash the game. I have had countless crashes which made my console freeze and I couldn't turn it on until a few hours passed which is why this took me so long.

     So with all this I just made a video about it here:

    Excuse the video and audio quality, I don't have a game capture lol.

    I also experimented with the Xbox version of the Jedi Knight games and ironically, they are way more limited than the Kotor games despite having released all the tools and source code for the PC version. You can see a video about it here:

    On another note, my machinima is getting closer to completion and I will show it here once it's done.

    No mods to show this time, but I hope you find this useful if you ever intend to mod the Xbox version of this games. And don't hesitate to post any other info about this I may have missed if you have any!

    Happy New Year!!

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    2. Alvar007



      The format for the Xbox models is a little different. MDLedit can convert to the Xbox format. I don't believe many people have tested this functionality, though.

      @JCarter426 I know, that's what I used to test the models in the video.


      KBlender also supports exporting Xbox models.

      @DarthParametric I remember importing Darth Sion from TSL into KBlender and just exporting it directly to K1 ( I guess you are not supposed to do that with models that contain a supermodel parent since you are not compiling it to the new supermodel) and it didn't work, that's why I didn't bother with it. I tried it anyway and it didn't work.

      However I just tried with MDLEdit and it throws an error: "The vector recalculations were off by too much to be able to determine the smoothing groups. Try decompiling with different vertex normal calculation settings". So I turned off vector calculations and it compiled this time! I tried the module without textures and it "worked" (everything was black) but when I resize them to 512x512 and throw them into override the game crashes. Might have to try converting them to TXB and see what happens.

    3. Alvar007


      Well so apparently converting the textures to TXB works at least for one of the custom modules in The Jedi Masters mod for TSL:


      But the module "bos_bridge" from Brotherhood of Shadow throws an aabb node error in MDLEdit, MDLOps gives some "Truncated combinations needed" messages although it writes the ASCII in the end. However if I try to convert this back to Xbox binary either with MDLEdit or KBlender it crashes the game, even with TXB textures.

    4. Thor110


      I bought two original xboxes ages back in the hopes of getting my project on there one day, keep meaning to mod them, but they will likely sit in a box until I am done.

      Great to see more people trying it though ^^