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  1. Is this compatible with/include Force Zeal by the same author?
  2. Hey guys, I'm getting the Nar Shaddaa bug where the swoop race is unwinnable if you forfeit once. The track organizer says something like "what a terrible accident, you have to finish the race." I know this was an issue in the original game that was patched in 1.0b so I'm wondering if TSLRCM re-enabled this bug somehow? Anyway, I used the save editor to set the global boolean g_forfeit_swoop to 0 (it was on 1) and I was able to finish the race. So it's not a big deal but I would like to ask if anyone else is encountering this bug or if I should reinstall. I'm using the steam version btw. Thanks!
  3. Thank you very much Hassat_Hunter and all you guys, that was very helpful. Sorry if I spammed the discussion boards or your inboxes. I've decided not to use the jedi temple mod or handmaiden 4 females or lightsaber pikes, basically just pruned my install list in general. I feel much better equipped to building a stable, modded game so thanks again!
  4. Btw Varsity Puppet, I noticed your excellent peragus tweaks mod modifies the placeables.2da file, as does the coruscant jedi temple mod. If they both use tsl patcher is it ok or are they incompatible?
  5. Yes, I have read the whole thing and found some good mods that way. The issue is that the compatibility list seems incomplete. Some of the mods I'm using aren't listed as compatible or incompatible so I will just keep testing myself and report back to you guys. Plus, the issues I'm having are more about inter-mod compatibility, since I'm pretty sure they are all individually compatible with TSLRCM itself.
  6. OK, thank you very much, I will try that.
  7. What do you mean by that? All the mods are easy to install, I just don't want bugs or incompatibilities down the road. Update: Basically I just want to know what order I should install the mods in w.r.t. TSLRCM and whether I need to remove any of the mods for the sake of compatibility/stability. Most read-mes just say stuff like run TSL patcher or add files to override so its hard to tell when conflicts will occur.
  8. Very well, here they are: Admiralty Mod by Kreia/jinger:;97403 Admiralty Mod Compatibility Patch by Hassat_Hunter: Animated Galaxy Map 2.0 by Sith Holocron: Bao-Dur's Charged Armor by Chainz:;66349 Blaster Pistol Enhancement 1.0 by Fallen Guardian: Canonical Jedi Exile 1.2 by michaelfung2000: Choose Mira or Hanharr by Hassat_Hunter: Citadel Station Signage by 1.1 by Sith Holocron: Combat Suit Revisited by Hassat_Hunter: Concept Art Loading Screens by Darth InSidious:;89832 Concept Art Loading Screens 1.1 Patch by Darth InSidious:;100353 Coruscant High-Resolution Textures by Exile007:;105659 (In the comments he suggests a fix for compatibility with coruscant jedi temple but it might be too outdated; have not tested) Coruscant Jedi Temple by deathdisco:;76316 Coruscant Jedi Temple Expansion by HK42:;97510 Coruscant Jedi Temple Compatibility For M4-78EP (and for expansion) by Hassat Hunter: Dantooine High-Resolution Retexture by Angelus6:;88702 Dark Harbinger by NiuHaka:;92991 Darth BaoMaul by Nimduril:;77376 Droid Enhancement by ElecManEXE:;91526 Ebon Hawk HD Retextures by Darth_shan:;113641 Extended Enclave 2.1 by Darth Hayze: Fixed Mandalorian Banners by jonathan7:;115845 Galaxy Map Fix by bead-v: Game Balance Mod by Achilles (only autobalance.2da): High Level Force Powers 2.0 by Stoffe:;43066 High Level Force Powers 2.1 patch by Stoffe:;67156 High-Res Beam Effects 2.0 by InSidious: HK-47 Junkyard Skin by oldflash:;73465 HK-50 and HK-51 Reskin by Space Alex:;87071 Improved AI by Stoffe:;68905 Improved Peragus Asteroid Fields 1.1 by Vasilii Zaytsev: Insane Dustil Restoration by Princess Artemis: Ithorians Improved 1.0 by jonathan7:;109197 Kill the Ithorian 1.1 by Markus Ramikin: (downloaded here because the deadly stream link is broken) Korriban High-Resolution Retexture 1.1 by Angelus6:;88750 Kreia to Dxun Tomb and Atton to Onderon by Hassat Hunter: Loot and Immersion Upgrade by 90sk: ( didn't use cloaked heavy armor, jedi master robes, metallic HKs, T3, mandalorians, or G0-T0, improved armors, onderon museum, or ubese environment suit) M4-78EP 1.1 by TSLRCM team: Mandalorian Worn Out Armor Reskin by LordRevan999:;84989 Mira's Makeover by Achilles: More Vibrant Skies by Malkior: Movement Animation Fix 1.3 by ZimmMaster:;105781 Movie-style Jedi Master Robes 1.5 by DeadMan: New Texture of Holocrons in the Telos Secret Academy 1.1 by Sith Holocron: Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment 0.1 by Sith Holocron: Peragus Mining Gear 1.1 by Kainzorus Prime: Peragus Mining Shield Fix by Achilles: Peragus Tweak 1.2 by Varsity Puppet: Portraits: Concept Art by Miles Edgeworth:;87188 (Combined this with Lightside Portraits) Portraits:Lightside 1.1 by jonathan7:;82487 (Combined this with Concept Art Portraits) Pretty Atris 2.0 by Antinate:;93949 Realistic Nar Shadaa Skybox by Sharen Thrawn:;88468 Replacement Texture for Lightning on Malachor by Sith Holocron: Sith Assassins with Lightsabers by Shem:;56678 Telos Citadel Station Skybox 1.0 by Quanon: The Force Unleashed Lightsaber Pikes 1.0 by DeadMan: The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod 1.8.3 by TSLRCM Team: Thorium Charge Mod by Darth_gil: T.W.O. Blaster Rifle Pack by BryanWee20:;103653 T.W.O. Heavy Blaster Pack by BryanWee20:;103537 T.W.O. Heavy Repeater Pack by BryanWee20:;103537 Twin Sun to Asari 1.0 by MrPhil: Workbench Crystal Attunement 1.2 by Matkus Ramikin: Workbench Expanded Revised Revision 2.02 by vanaheim:;108197 I am considering the following: Dustil Restoration by Fallen Guardian to replace Insane Dustil: Handmaiden 4 Females, Disciple for Males by Hassat Hunter: Ebon Hawk HDTP: Peragus Galaxy Map Change: and I need to update Sith Holocron's Holocron Mod to 1.1. Compatibility issues I've noticed/theorized so far: Loot and Immersion conflicts with many mods, likely the first to go. Sith Assassins with Lightsabers conflicts with Lightsaber Pikes? Workbench Crystal Attunement and Expanded Workbench? Admirality, HK-50 reskin, Loot and Immersion, Dustil Restoration, and Movement Fix all modify appearance.2da. Peragus tweak and Coruscant Jedi Temple fight over placeables.2da. Lightsaber Pikes and Workbench Expanded both modify itemcreate.2da and itemcreatemira.2da. Some other minor conflicts with choosing between different portraits or skybox textures. Thanks for the help, and let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist you!
  9. Hello, First of all thanks for the awesome mod. I've been playing both KOTORs for years but I've never done a full playthrough with TSLRCM or any other mods really, so I've been downloading and installing a lot of mods. I always read the readmes and the forum posts and compatibility lists but I've already run into some issues. I'll be saving the downloaded mod files but wiping my KOTOR directory and reinstalling the game and mods to try and fix these issues, removing mods I've confirmed to be incompatible and applying fixes I've found on forums. I just have a few questions for you guys. First, does install order matter? I've been using this build as a base and adding to it ( and the author doesn't list TSLRCM as the first mod, but the readme says it should be installed first on a clean game. Is there a general guide to install order, like TSLRCM and m4-78 first, then coruscant jedi temple, then npc reskins, then armors, then textures and models, or something like that? If anyone is willing to help I will post the mods I want to use and maybe someone could advise me on compatibility or install order. My second question is whether the tsl patcher fixes compatibility issues when it modifies 2da and .gui and .tga files that multiple mods want to apply to the override? For example, I've noticed that a lot of mods use appearance.2da, placeables.2da, itemcreate.2da, and galaxymap_p.gui. I haven't tested enough to notice obvious bugs or incompatibilities except for the peragus mining gear mod being incompatible with some of 90sk's skins. I'm concerned that I'm creating problems so I try to avoid mods that attempt to use the same files. Also, I'm concerned about using M4-78 EP and Jedi Temple (with expansion) together, plus the galaxy map fix, even though I have the compatibility patches applied. I am using a lot of mods, so maybe I'm being ambitious and should just use less that are guaranteed to be compatible, but you guys create so much awesome content that it's hard to resist! Anyway, thanks for any help, and I'll post the mods I'm using if you want. Cheers!
  10. I see, I was using 90sk's armored robes for zeison sha mod as part of his loot and immersion pack. I'll delete that and see if it fixes the issue.
  11. Hi Kainzorus, thanks for the mod. I am having an issue with it however. When equipped on my PC or any NPC the front texture or model is attached to the back like a cape, it is very weird. I tried reinstalling the mod and confirmed this bug with both versions. I do have several other mods installed including tslrcm and m4-78 along with some retextures and the jedi enclave. I uploaded some images for you to look at. Can you please let me know what you think might be the problem or what mods might be conflicting, because I really enjoy your work and want to use this mod in particular.