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  1. Hi Sith and thanks for the reply it was several links in posts here, and also access to the info on the current state of the Droid Planet add on that i got that message from. thanks for the link cheers CrisG
  2. Thank you very much for your work on this wonderful addition . it is worth any wait happens and projects need to be delayed long as it takes..there is no hurry just much appreciate and thanks for your efforts. and i dont mind where the installer puts things. I like the old location myself but however it works. is fine. CrisG
  3. Can you please PM me a list of the fixes and which may not work with the main Restoration MOd? thank you I have been supporting modding and preservation of mods for years but been out of the loop for a bit Cris
  4. thanks always like a fix
  5. Hi I have been a member here for some time and active in modding for the games for years. I get a notice when i try to click on links in posts saying I am not authorized to read things. how do i get that status? Glad to see progress is continuing, I don't have TSL on Steam is there any way to get 1.3 of the Droid Planet? I would like to see it but i own both the first ed box set of the game plus GOG version and would rather not buy yet another version. Thanks. CrisG
  6. In my mod archives i found what looks to be a neat add on quest for Tatooine by Xavier2 and the MECK team (is he still around?)....and it does not interfere with the Light, Dark or Neutral story line. Just wondering if anyone had tried it with K1R? looks fun here is the READ ME and happy to share a copy of anyone wants to try it
  7. thanks for the replies i did a work around by installing the GOG version of the game on my XP SP3 system, and then used the TSL Patcher which worked flawlessly just like i remmber it used to and it patched all of the files into the Override folder and then i just moved the entire game install back to my Win 8.1 system and it started up fine. have not played it yet to see if the restored content appears but i assume it will. i will add a few more mods and then see how it goes. no clue why the patcher did not like my system. just glad GOG made it possible for the game to install on modern systems, i tried installing from my original five disks and no joy. thanks to all hands Cris looking forward to the game! has been about 10 years since i played it thru.
  8. Well i got the GOG version with the latest patches installed and the game patched with the Restoration mod set On my XP Machine TSLPatcher runs just fine and all of the new files are safely installed in the Overide folder, i will now just transfer the entire game install to my 8.1 system and hopefully it will all work as designed. Cris
  9. Greetings Z and the Force Be With You! good to be remembered. My starship got lost in some far away nebula and i was surrounded by Sith, had to go into cold Sleep hidden inside an abandoned astroid Base and when i woke up i had lost most of my memory. Took years to track down my true identity working my way thru every low life bar and cantina on half of the backwater planets in the system. Glad to be back but my X wing skills are rusty, my light saber needs a new crystal and a lot of upgrades, and I am so out of the loop i will need my astromech to find it for me:) working my way thru re installing the SW games all 37 of them. geez...why so many differnt OS? CrisG Aging Jedi
  10. Yes KoTOR...when i said TSL i meant the TSL Patcher. sorry. ya, when i click on the TSL Patcher to install the Restoration pack, nothing happens after i see the small selection list ..i click on Select for the main mod package but then nothing happens. I can see TSL Patcher exe running in the Program mamager but nothing happens. no files appear in the override folder and i never get the option to select a location for my install and no button appears to Install Mod. I used the TSL Patcher for years before.. but havent run the games in a long was uncertain what was up...suspect it is my 8.1 System may try on XP system tomorrow as i really want to see the restoration pack in action. Cris
  11. I am trying to install the KoTOR Restoration mod package, i click on the exe and get the small pop up showing a list of parts, but when i select the main part or any of the other parts, nothing happens at all. Can i just move all of the contents into the Override folder instead? i installed the GOG version but moved it to Program Files (86) Lucas Arts/SWKoTOR i have no idea if the installer was able to find it or why it is not working.. should i have moved the installation package into the install directory? 1. i dont see any "install Mod" button 2. i was never given the chance to direct the install to my installation folder i havent used TSL Patcher in ages so may have forgotten some simple steps. thanks in advance for any help. Cris
  12. I am glad to see many of the good mods found a home on Nexus Mods. thanks for the work everyone has done testing compatibility, much appreciated. I saw a note that the Bastilla Romance Mod might work, i will try it out to see, as I like to use it. thanks again Cris
  13. Hi Kexikus thanks for the fast reply much appreciated. I will try out the Bastilla Romance mod, it does not change much so hopefully it will work. glad to hear about the patches. Most of the fixes in the patches were very useful so it is nice to have them. the fix mostly applied to Nvida cards so i will see how things go thanks again for nice fast reply and support. Cris
  14. Hi Sith and ys sadly the Temple closed, i managed to salvage quite a bit, and will try to upload and share when i have time. Hi Mandalore, yes it was a while...i think i was last active some years ago, i had a long tussle with cancer but ended up defeating the Dark Force in that but took nine operations and quite a bit of time. I have tried to keep an eye out but really have not had time to keep up on what is being done and released. My interests have covered all of the tame, and esp the restorations or upgrades for various games to make them playable on successive generations of OS, but now we have GOG and other updates to help us with that. I also have tried to archive and save as many of the best Mods, levels and assets as I could over the years focusing on canon content, and not fantasy or non canon things. I am happy to be able to return as time will allow and very glad to see the success of the two major restoration projects and also the Droid Factory! that is great to hear and see. so hello to all, and thanks for continuing the support and work. Cris
  15. Thanks Sith H, sorry i got it in the wrong place and thanks Kexikus, appreciate the details. I dont use Galazy i prefer to install my self so i know what is going on, as long as the GOG install location is fine and the Restoration pack and find it there all is good. yes i know about the music mod, i have installed a gazillion mods in these games over the years, that is good to know that the high rez movies got into the GOG pack. thanks again for the fast replies. Do we need to add the Patches for KOTOR? i have both 1.01 and 1.03 was not sure from checking the game to see if they are installed yet.... UPDATE: tried installing both and neither will intall with the GOG version, both say game not found. so i hope that the fixes like he walk key fix are included in GOG. Are we able to use the Bastilla Romance Enhancement mod with the restored content pack? Am i correct in assuming we dont need to do this fix any more? Then add "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" to the "swkotor.inifile" file under [Graphics Options]