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    I've had a few different ones over the years. The latest is a Prusa i3. Seems like it's generally considered the best hobby-level FDM printer, so every man and his dog has one.
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    This looks amazing . The images and lighting are amazing .
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    Thanks! Much appreciated. Hahah, cool! With the [latter] images I provided a note to to each part of it which telling what mod is referenced there. You can access them via PC by moving its cursor around the image area; not sure how it works with other device though. Nevertheless, I will look to provide a comprehensive list at some point. 🤞
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    These mods are really impressive looking, as is your ability to find them. Can we get that modlist soon so I can replay KOTOR despite just finishing a playthrough a few days ago?
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    Sure, I'll provide every screenshots with a list of featured mods soon.
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    https://yadi.sk/d/K3pBSSIKu6P6H enjoy