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    No, it does not work with PartySwap. Everyone will need to wait for the PartySwap patch for EEP to be released (Which will be a component of the original Extended Enclave Party Swap Compatibility patch mod so be on the look out for that update!)
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    Good day. Of course there is) Learn Photoshop.
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    Hi, K1R is the Kotor 1 Restoration mod. Not Solomon's revenge.
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    Glad to know it works with both KotORs!! Thanks for test!!
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    I tried a few of the textures in kotor 2 and it works. For example I have the floor computer terminal in both my kotor games. Everything I tested worked in both games but I didn’t try every single part of your mod. I try to keep both games textures similar for continuity. Short answer is this mod works in both games and most of the file names for these objects are the same in both games so you don’t have to change the names.
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    Glad you like it!! Thanks!! I haven't installed TSL now and I can't check it. As it's just image files accompanied with its corresponding .txi files for the animation I think it should work but I cannot asure it. I've seen other graphic MODs that work with both KotORs. From here I can just elucubrate about that both games be using the same texture image and use the same file names for the same objects and it'd be a long story. About names you could simply rename them but if are used different texture images, e.g., you could find that the eyes of a NPC are placed in its knees... Anyway, I can asure that I haven't placed an autodestruction device if the KotOR version is not correct, so you always can use these files in K2 and tell us the result. I'm very sorry not be more helpful now. (Btw, my "humor sense", that has its own life, although for different reasons, also apologizes...)
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    That is correct, players will need to wait for compatibility patches for these mods to work with K1GI (Though when that does come around I'm certain Ord Mantell will be first ). Textures are mostly safe, you are correct! From what you have just vaguely listed: Force power effects, Fire and Ice and planet retextures are 99.9% compatible. If you are like me and like HD textures I would avoid using the optional Blue Endar Spire texture. If you have additional compatibility questions please be sure to ask as it is better to get an answer from me which is 100% then to try and risk it.
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    I see, thank you. I think it works now...playtesting is taking some time.