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    I was thinking the same thing, was in a hurry. Will Update when I get a chance. Edit: Updated Screenshot, now there is one for both games.
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    Works good but there is a problem if you use anything but default font size for dialogue description. In the inventory menu you cannot see item quantity of any of your items. Unfortunately inventory text is the same as dialogue.
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    New fixed version is up. Sorry to everyone who's tried to play it already. That was a dumb rookie mistake. Fixing what you already have installed is as simple as opening up your dialog.tlk file with TSLPatcher's TalkEd tool and matching the string ref numbers to the fields in the global.jrl file found in your override folder with the Kgff tool. Ehhhehehe....simple right??
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    I have the K1 version of this and love it, so I downloaded and installed this K2 version as well, but it doesn't seem to have done anything. None of the new feats or powers are showing up. What do I do? EDIT: nevermind, wasn't a mod issue. i had an overarching settings issue. resolved now and everything looks great.
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    The Gizka Centipede.
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    WTF ! Its like Iguana-on-a-stick melee baton.
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    EDIT: Danil helped me resolve my issue, for anyone having the same error as I had, its because the installer is trying to copy files that are "read-only". To resolve this issue, go into your game folder under your profile folder, go to the properties tab of your Module, Override, and StreamVoice folders (right-click on the folders then click on properties at the bottom), and unchecked the "read-only attribute at the bottom then hit apply then ok. If you want, you could also bring up the properties tab on your actual SwKotor2 program file and uncheck "read only" and apply it so that every folder is unchecked just to speed up the process rather than go through each folder.Afterwards, the installer will work perfectly (thanks again Danil ).
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    The Gizka Centipede!
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    I'm glad you both brought this up because it has been on my mind that using rim doesn't seem like a best practice situation, at the time it is all I knew how to ensure a change took place, but knowing more now, I'll rearrange how this mod works to not be calling critical rim files. Thanks for the help!
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    I'd suggest [modders] to not ever inject files to RIM, only if -- It's a custom-made like djh269's "Jolee's Hut" The game can't read the MOD like that occasion in TSL, so the only way to make changes is through the RIM The reason is we may need default-unedited files that taken from vanilla RIM at a point, and if one--particularly end-users--hard-replace them they can't do any of that or a rollback as well as troubleshooting. Indeed there could be backup from an install using TSLPatcher, but still it isn't ideal as it will potentially cause unnecessary issues -- not presently by any chance, but in the future. The argument about game taking priority of MOD over RIM is a valid one, but isn't the basis for this understanding. If anything, by not doing that is the best practice that benefitting everyone.
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    A high res screenshot, please. 319 will not do.