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    There is an option to use VP's Hi Poly Tin Cans. But otherwise, no, at the moment it is not trivial to change the hilt and blade separately because they are on the same model.
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    Ok, so I wasn't sure what you were thinking with the party member version but after seeing THIS version I must say this was a genius and innovative design. 👍
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    The problem you've got is overlapping transparencies. The engine is not able to get your GPU to render them correctly. This is likely a legacy problem stretching back to the game's launch, where it was known to have problems with then ATI GPUs. It also stretches to various other rendering issues across all GPUs for various things, but those are less noticeable for most people. Aside from installing the DX redistributable if you haven't already, I'm not sure there's much more you can do on your end. The only practical permanent/universal solution would be for @Kexikus to replace that background alpha'd plane with actual cutouts of the buildings so that there is no alpha masking is required.
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    The only one that could be causing that is K1 extremely realistic visuals. Could you check if apart from LTS_bsky01.tpc which should be in your Override, there's also LTS_bsky01.tga or .txi? If so delete those and see if it helps. I doubt it because it works in the other modules but you never know.
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    It has an issue with integrated Intel GPUs (laptop or otherwise), but this is a slightly different case. Aside from being AMD, it actually uses a weird setup. Rather than use one half-decent GPU, they actually use two crappy GPUs in CrossFire (AMD's equivalent of SLI). It doesn't even used a matched pair, it uses two different ones, one better than the other. I assume because at the time they didn't have a half-decent mid-range mobile GPU available, so they had to cobble together what they could from available low end parts. I assume that CrossFire is probably disabled for KOTOR, since it would require a driver profile for it to work and that is unlikely to exist. The question is which GPU it is running on. You should check the driver control panel and maybe the BIOS to see if you can manually disable the individual GPUs. If that is possible, try running it on both separately to see if you get the same issue after switching.
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    Then I'll make sure to give Atton that crystal in K2.
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    The female player soundset lacks those barks. I'm not sure why, but it's an issue with the original K1 soundset.
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    I didn't upscale those. There was a higher resolution texture for the Revan robes elsewhere in the game files. For Bastila's clothing, only the missing shader data was added, and the texture wasn't changed at all. I would recommend waifu2x for upscaling, though. I've used that in other mods before. The grain remover makes it lose some of the detail, so I often add my own texture overlay to get it back. There might be better GAN-powered solutions that have come out more recently, but I've yet to look into them.