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    By request, here's how I make portraits and how I make them relatively quickly without having you use GIMP, NWMax, or other 3D programs. Of course, if you're making portraits for a Recruit mod, you wouldn't be doing such this until you had your model working in game, had the writing finalized, made new textures for your character if needed, and if it was essential - had your new voice lines finished with appropriate lip syncing. Because making portraits before then would be really dumb, right? Right? Anyway, on to the instructions. 1. In the game, engage the person you want a portrait of in a conversation. That'll give you a close up of the face to work with without having to adjust the position of the player character. 2. Take a bunch of screenshots when the camera is focused on the character that isn't your PC. If you have FRAPS, have it set to take snapshots every second and have it saved to BMP format. Otherwise, use the traditional screenshot function in the game. 3. Choose the best picture (or pictures) of your choice. Let's say it's Dustil Onasi, for example. 4. Crop the background out of the picture. 5. If necessary, crop the area left in the picture to what you want in your portrait. You may find that having it as a perfect square may help you gauge things. I recommend leaving enough that what you have will fit on a 1024 by 1024 background. This is larger than the standard portrait size which is why they tend to look a bit crisper than the vanilla portraits you find in game. Note that the Dustil pictures are not for a 1024 background but merely for illustrative purposes. 6. Place the cropped image on to one of three backgrounds (LS, DS1, or DS2). Make sure you don't leave any space between the bottom of the background free picture you copped and your new background or your portrait will look like it's floating. I have three templates background templates - one for LS, DS1, and DS2. I only have three backgrounds as I tend not to make PC portraits for K1. (If you want to see someone else's take on the background, I believe DarthParametric may have made some as well.) If you want mine instead of hassling DarthParametric, then just grab these examples that I’ve archived on Dropbox. 7. Optional step: Personally, I blur the edges of the cropped character you placed on the background. This is barely noticeable when you see it in game but it seems to make a world of difference to some people. YMMV, of course. 8. Save file to name needed. Repeat as needed for the other portraits. 9. Profit.
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    Seasons Greetings! Hope you all have a Happy Life Day, or whatever holiday you do (or do not) celebrate! This is my 2020 display which is appearing this year on my bookshelf.
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    Greetings, everyone. It's been a while. I was busier than usual over the summer, and I wanted to wait until I had a more substantial list of updates. This time, there's lots and lots of Jedi robes for KOTOR 1, new saber colors for KOTOR 1, a new modding tool that allowed for some updates, and the usual bug fixes. Updates Darksaber for K1 – Fixed an issue with the Darksaber not spawning. Also changed the installer to patch MOD files for better mod compatibility. Cloaked Jedi Robes – Made some animation improvements and converted textures to TPC format. Slave Bastila – Animation improvements, TPC format, and patching MOD files. Cloaked Jedi Robes & Supermodel Port mod resource – Updated to keep up to date with Cloaked Jedi Robes and also to include content from the new robe mods below. Lightsaber Visual Effects for K2 – I lied last time. I had forgotten to upload the K2 version. So this got the same treatment that the K1 version did, finally: alternate blue and green color options and TPC format. Jedi Tailor – Added a line of dialogue to account for a quest state I had forgotten about regarding the Sandral-Matale feud. VO Fix for K2 – Converted audio files with SithCodec. New Mods Extra Saber Colors – Adds orange, cyan, silver, viridian, and pink lightsabers to K1. Every color crystal has one drop location in the game, and crystals can be purchased on Yavin Station. Cloaked Party Robes – Gives the Jedi party members unique robes based on their clothing models. Cloaked Hybrid Robes – An alternative to Cloaked Jedi Robes, this mod adds the cloaks of the K2 robes to the K1 body models. Modding Tools SithCodec – Encodes and decodes audio for Knights of the Old Republic. Something Completely Different This month sees a much-anticipated release for KOTOR 2. The KOTOR 1 version was released a while back, and it felt like ages as we waited eagerly for the KOTOR 2 release, questioning whether it would ever see the light of day. I am of course talking about @Kexikus' High Quality Skyboxes II for KOTOR 2. Oh, and the Aspyr ports of KOTOR 2 for iOS and Android that have existed for years were finally released today, and there is now a mobile version of TSLRCM that will mostly work, and there was an accompanying update for the non-mobile version as well.
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    Let's start this off with a very recent quote. I've thought that very thing too! Which led to a recent Status Update of mine. Wow. That's a lot of engagement on that Status Update. In case you're coming late to this party of sorts, let's bring you up to speed. I'm talking about a recent modder which I will not mention by name. In fact I will refer to them as "the modder in question" from here on. The modder in question has proved . . . problematic. In short, the modder in question is a spammer. Besides the previously alluded to inundation of the Status Updates section, this fellow loves make threads too. And a blog. And presumably, lots of Private Messages too. (I was a recipient too until I blocked them.) I won't even name the mod in question by the modder in question. But ask yourself this question: how often have you seen this picture posted lately? If it's more than once, you may have an idea about who I'm talking about. When you have a singular mod you're working on, how many WIP threads do you need for it? And I'm not talking about threads tangential to the mod that seek advice on how to do something. Oh no. I'm just talking about a WIP thread. The answer you're likely thinking of is one. The modder in question apparently doesn't feel the same way. The modder in question seems to think that posting several threads about the project is the correct way to go. Threads (in several sections), Status Updates, and PMs. Until very recently, there were two threads by the modder in question in the Works in Progress section alone. One of my last acts as Staff was to merge those two threads in the WIP section together. (Apparently, the Retirement papers took a few days to be filed.) But then, there was a new thread posted in the General Kotor/TSL Modding section. And it's basically yet another WIP thread. You know . . . by the modder in question. My musings aren't about a need or lack of one for the mod. (I could have another blog dedicated to that whole topic but I fear that may be overkill.) My issue is how the site itself appears to be gamed - or to use Effix's word "Bombarded" - in order to force folks to volunteer to make the mod for the modder in question. How many times must a thing be spammed before it's called a violation of the rules? Just wondering out loud.
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    As folks tend not to see these things, I decided to document at least for myself Star Wars related Christmas gifts I received this year. So here we go... 1. The Star Wars Logo Advent Calendar Though we had this at the start of the month (obviously), I thought I'd include it as it did cover most of December and it was a gift . . . Avert your eyes if a few New Trilogy characters will irreparably harm your soul 2. Mandalorian series Tiki Mugs I have a number of Star Wars tiki migs but these I received today: IG-11 and two different version of Baby Yoda. (I did receive the Mandalorian himself on my birthday but that's a different day so he ain't included here.) 3. ESB action figures 4. Pin: Mandalorian and (original version of) Basilisk Droid Is it the droid we know and love from KotOR2? No but it's a Basilisk droid and that counts! 5. Pin: Revan, Malak, Star Forge, and Leviathan The Dark Side of KotOR - in pin form! 6. Lil' Baby Yoda The Mrs got this so we can put it in a manger for the Christmas display next year. You may not be able to tell from the picture but it is in scale with the other figures. 7. I think you know what this is. Even the Mrs knows what this is, which is why she got it for me. I've been checking for over a year to see if it would come back in stock. She saw it when I didn't. Hoo-rah!
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    The porting madness continues! As many of you may have seen as I have made sure to post it around a bit in hopes of finding some more testers and maybe even people to help develop the project, I have not long completed my first playthrough of Brotherhood Of Shadow : Solomons Revenge and of course that lead me to porting it over along with the port of KotOR. Everything seems to work perfectly, which is great and should save me a lot of time. It can also easily be turned on or off by swapping between just a few files. Though I haven't released it yet, I am not sure how soon I will. However I wasn't expecting it to be done in but two nights where I devoted only a fraction of my time from the project to setting it up. Going on the above permission which can be found on Silveredge9's DeadlyStream profile which I only came across a few weeks ago Thor110
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    I've just released a cinematic video made in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It is the result of hundreds of hours of work and is featuring dozens of player-made mods (if the running time of 26 minutes discourages some, I suggest this to you: reach the 1 minute and 30 seconds mark, and if nothing's caught your attention, stop there). Thanks!
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    Instead of linking to my previous blog about this, I'm going to quote the relevant portions and then move on from there to the new points. One thing that I don’t think I’ve previously discussed is the problem of voice overs of the character Master Vash – the Jedi we’re seeking in the M4-78 materials. Did you know that there are two voice actresses for the lines that appear in the game? When we first see and hear Master Vash, it’s an old video that T3-M4 plays of your Exile’s trial on Coruscant. The voice actress for Vash in this scene is Vanessa Marshall. Vanessa Marshall has played a number of parts over the years, including a few characters in the Extended Universe including: Master Bela Kiwiiks (from SWTOR), Hera Syndulla (from Star Wars: Rebels, Forces of Destiny, and Squadrons) and assorted characters in KotOR2. Here's an IMDB link to her CV. Here’s where things take a turn. Vanessa Marshall isn’t who we hear on the planet of M4-78 though. That completely different voice actress is Kath Soucie. In TSL, she played the sisters of the Last of the Handmaidens (a/k/a Brianna's sisters). In the Star Wars EU alone, she’s played the female Smuggler and minor characters in SWTOR, Mira Bridger and Minister Maketh Tua in Star Wars: Rebels, Mon Mothma from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon, the Nightsister in Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, Mara Jade in Star Wars: Empire at War, and the list goes on and on with other non-Star Wars roles. Here's her IMDB link. The new points: Now there's a few things to consider . . . 1) Which Vash voice actor is canon? Personally, I have to say that the real voice actor is the one we hear in the vanilla game. That's the Vash they presumably intended to have all the way through and Vanessa Marshall's line didn't have to be restored. If you disagree, please comment below but read on for now. 2) There isn't enough information left in the game to describe what Vash's fate was to have been as the planet was cut early on in the development. So the character's fate is a mystery. 3) No one here is going to pay for Vanessa Marshall to redo Kath Soucie's lines. So what's the alternative? My thought is via AI models of the voice actress' lines. Have someone - say YouTube's SpeakingofAI - make a new model by providing all of Vanessa Marshall's lines from the game and providing addition material from other games and sources. But should anyone request this yet? I'd say no and here's why: The aforementioned mystery of Vash's fate (or fates) should be considered first. There are other points as well so let's quickly cover them. If she makes it off the planet, might she return to Jedi Enclave? If she does, what does she say during the Exile's trial that ties into the material that she's already discussed. And can she do so while both staying true to the overall themes of the game and not simply repeating what the other surviving Jedi Masters say? Is there a possibility where she makes it off the planet and doesn't return to the Enclave? Is there a way to do so while remaining true to the game's themes? And assuming Kaah lives, does he go with her to points on unknown? If she doesn't make it off the planet, does she have new dialogue? What would she say? As long as we have an AI model that can replicate Vash's voice. would new scenes be written and created to provide the player with a "breadcrumb trail" to let them know they're on the right track and to provide some exposition? I was planning to put these points in the documentary, but I think it's something that should be discussed now so I can judge the audience's reaction to it. I'm also curious to see how feasible you all think this may be. Finally, if anyone wants to bring up other possible uses for extending Vash's appearances or what her new unwritten dialogue might be, please drop your own suggestions or writing examples down below.
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    I'm still alive and I'm still ViBRaTiNG BZZZZZ! Update coming soon, VERY SOON! Wishing everybody a healthy and happy Xmas & Holly season Stay safe, wear a mask & social distance or I'll send baby yoda after you Yes I play Star Wars Online mmo & I have been ripping apart Star Trek Online for the past 4 years. I play with the ToP STO PvP'ers and I run 2 completed fleets (Fed & KDF). So if you are man enuff to be killed by a girl you can find me destroying the dreams of unsuspecting players in the Ker'rat War Zone as: Decius@blackshap9#1072, Almaexia@blackshap9#1072 and my new hybrid Sci-Tact HK-47-X@blackshap9#1072. I have 30 characters and a few accounts but my MAIN is Ceit@blackshap9#1072 If you play chat me up Kate THe BioNiC uTeRuS still Vibrating and having fun. See you all soon <333
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    What I Did For The Community Last Year Have you wondered . . . what does Sith Holocron do as an administrator on this site? Wonder no longer! I’ve summed up what I’ve done this year so you can have an overview. Keep in mind some entries might just list a start date for an ongoing event – or it might take up from an event that took place from last year. There are also other things that I can’t freely talk about such as advice, staff chats, and secret projects that I am not at liberty to discuss. Do you have some time? You’re going to need some to read through all of this as I've working on this document for most of the year. I originally was going to release this on New Year's Eve but I thought to myself: Why Wait? Please note that some of these entries may come off like I have a chip on my shoulder. That may or may not be a figment of your imagination. January 02, 2017 Received voice lines from voice actor for the characters I1-02 (in M4-78 Enhancement Project.) Paid for actor’s services. (Yeah, some of those lines in the latest version of M4-78 EP that I paid actual real world money for. You know, the mod that isn't on this site?) Provided splicing for Leilukin's "Handmaiden and Female Exile - Disciple and Male Exile Romance" mod. January 04, 2017 Arranged for voice actor re-record lines to Zbyl’s specifications. January 05, 2017 (and beyond) Continuing the saga from last year, dealing with myriad issues with having the end credit trailers for both the TSLRCM and the M4-78 Enhancement Project redone. Paid for the project out of my funds. January 11, 2017 Provided splicing for Leilukin's "Darth Sion and Male Exile Mod" January 14, 2017 Taking a cue from Varsity Puppet’s replacement legal screens, created a new legal screen in TGA format for the M4-78 Enhancement Project. January 20, 2017 Posted "Blog #43 - Miguel Ferrer passes away" January 27, 2017 Posted "Blog #44 - RIP John Hurt" January 31, 2017 Continued to moderate between Hassat Hunter and Ndix UR on fixing one of the droid’s eye-lights. (M4-78 EP related) February 3, 2017 Received more lines from the voice actor for CS-36 (in M4-78 Enhancement Project) – again, I hired this guy. February 5, 2017 (an ongoing debate) Indicated the read-me for M4-78 Enhancement Project needed to emphasize that the intentional vagueness of the journal entries was supposed to represent “old school” RPG playing. (IMHO: If HH wants to continue to claim that’s intentional, he should claim so in the read-me file.) February 7, 2017 Created new video to (eventually) announce that the updated M4-78 Enhancement Project is available for download. Utilized lines from voice-actor for CS-36 specifically for this announcement. (Still waiting on this release.) Posted "Blog #45 - Hangar versus Hanger" as part of my on-going grammar series. February 14, 2017 Posted "Blog #46 - I Present a SWTOR Question!" February 15, 2017 Provided new splicing for Leilukin's "Atton Rand and Male Exile Romance" February 19, 2017 Released “TSL Animated Galaxy Map Texture in Canon Positions” mod. Posted "Blog #47 - Preparing for the Stoney Chapter soon" . . . for use in the M4-78 Documentary. February 20, 2017 Corrected “TSL Animated Galaxy Map Texture in Canon Positions” mod February 22, 2017 Sent questions from the general public to Stoney regarding his version of M4-78 for the documentary I’ve been doing with Xuul. February 23, 2017 Released “KOTOR1 "Canon" Animated Galaxy Map” mod March 1, 2017 Posted "Blog #48 - Design my next computer" March 16, 2017 Provided new splicing for Leilukin's "Handmaiden and Female Exile - Disciple and Male Exile Romance" mod. Posted "Blog #49 - I need a WAV file from MOTS" March 24, 2017 Collaborated with bead-v on the “TSL Galaxy Map Fix Pack” mod March 31, 2017 Posted "Blog #50 - Meet ‘Holocron’" – finally officially ending my drought without a functioning home computer by posting the process of putting it together. April 3, 2017 Updated “KOTOR1 "Canon" Animated Galaxy Map” mod April 4, 2017 Posted "Blog #51 - Who wants to make HD versions of the trailers?" – inspired by folks complaining on Reddit about the old low resolution trailers for KOTOR1 and 2, I decided to see if I could inspire the community to remedy that need. April 14, 2017 Collaborated with Kexikus on the “K1 Galaxy Map Fix Pack” mod April 19, 2017 Posted "Blog #52 - Stormtrooper Tutorial" – modernized and amended an old tutorial from another site. May 19th, 2017 Posted "Blog #53 - Help me name my next SWTOR Character” June 8, 2017 Posted "Blog #54 - Possible Expansion to K1 Portrait Pack?” Jun 25, 2017 After working on it since April, I finally received some additional sound files from the voice actress for the next version of M4-78 EP that Zbyl2 and Hassat Hunter requested. Of this effort, I received no thanks from either of the aforementioned persons. June 28, 2017 Posted " Blog #55 - Retro Action Figure Space Station” July 1, 2017 Posted " Blog #56 - The K1 and TSL Heads” July 2, 2017 Posted “Blog #57 - The Steam Workshop” July 5, 2017 Posted “Blog #58 - Let's Plays” July 18, 2017 Released “Animated Cantina Sign for KotOR 1” to public. July 25, 2017 Attempted a behind the scenes initiative to have modders and/or machinima makers remake some - if not all - of the KotOR1 pre-rendered movies for the game. July and August Offered sound files of KOTOR voice actors for machinima directors to use in the future videos. Dealt with questions that came up from the M4-78 EP Beta Team. (Yes, there was actually a beta team!) August 1, 2017 Posted “Blog #59 - "Name that Gun" Challenge!” Deleted pictures from Screen of the Day section by request of the original poster. August 2, 2017 Released “Animated Manaan Cantina Sign for KotOR 1” to public. August 12, 2017 Posted “Blog #61 - "I Need a tutorial for a G0-To voice filter” both on Deadly Stream and on the KOTOR subreddit. August 13, 2017 Posted “Blog #62 - "Mod Ideas that Never Came to Pass” September 2, 2017 Posted “Blog #63 - "Got an interesting message on Facebook Messenger” September 3, 2017 Posted “Blog #64 - "Not Star Wars Related” Attempted (and failed) to resolve a conflict between two mod makers. September 14, 2017 Posted “Blog #65 - " A Celebration of Life Day! A blog seeking participation for a Holiday themed video. September 20, 2017 N-DReW-25 requested changing the gender in the “601saedhe045” line in KOTOR2. First released to him and then to general public on October 2nd. September 23, 2017 Posted “Blog #66 - "New Landing and Take Off Videos for M4-78?” A blog requesting folks to redo the Landing/Takeoff videos using Quanon’s skyboxes from Stoney’s original M4-78. Superseded shortly afterwards by my thread in the Request section here. (include link) October 1, 2017 Posted “Blog #67 - "Font Discussion” A blog discussing typefaces for the Star Wars games and the Star Wars universe in general. October 2, 2017 LucyTheAlien requested adding a filter to Mandalore’s “503xaart024” line in KOTOR2. Released in the “Bugs and minor inconveniences with TSLRCM 1.8.5” thread. October 4, 2017 Deleted multiple threads by ALPHA000102 on his requests. and so on . . . I’ve done other stuff after October 4th, of course. However, I think you might have the idea by now, right? Throughout the year . . . · Run spelling and grammar checks on your posts. (And you thought my blogs on grammar were just for show.) Of note: “Nar Shaddaa” is misspelled the most. Count out how many “a’s” and “d’s” you see in those two words and try to remember it. · Received numerous insults. (In addition to the above!) · Applied infractions and bans where necessary - Possibly but not necessarily related to above. ???? I inquired with other staff members when applying infractions. (It's not done in a vacuum.) · Worked on acquiring files for Ndix UR’s “Major Audio Classification” initiative. (You’ll have to ask him about that if you want more details.) · Sent numerous birthday messages to Members. (I’m picky about doing this. If I don’t recognize the name because they’re new or because I don’t see that person post (anymore), I often don’t bother.) · Provided input on various mods both in the threads or through Private Messages. · Work on unannounced projects which I am unable to discuss at the moment. · Other things of a personal nature but those involved know of what I speak. · Forwarded message traffic to the appropriate staff member. · Approved loads of mods. (However, I try to leave a majority of this to the Moderators.) · Ensured mod up-loaders have acquired permissions for materials used in their mods if they didn’t make a part of it themselves. · So. Many. Avatars. I really should cut down on that this year. (Nah.) · So many questions about when M4-78 Enhancement Project will be back on the site. I don’t know and you should stop asking me about it. Ask Zbyl2. Don’t bother asking Hassat Hunter about as I think he’s signed off doing anything with the mod ages ago. So . . . what did you do this year? Speaking of which . . . What You Could Do For The Community in 2018 (and Beyond) These suggestions are specifically directed at those that don’t mod. When you make a request – whether it’s for some new or altered content or a bug fix – remember that the folks answering you aren’t being paid. They’re giving up their time and energy with no financial compensation. So please make sure to do the following: 1) Provide Relevant Information: So . . . you have a bug. You want folks to help you. Then you must provide the information the modders need by utilizing the Read Me First threads for Knights of the Old Republic 1 or Knights of the Old Republic II [add links]. You’re most likely using K1R or TSLRCM but even if you’re not, providing the information specifically asked for those threads in vital before any can proceed. Plus . . . it’s in the site rules, ya know? {add links] Have you made more than one request? You still have to provide the information in those threads. For each request you make, you have to update the information provided. By the way, if you're mod configuration is so complicated that you have to have a Google Drive document in order to explain how you’ve put it together, you are the likely cause of your issue. That’s because you have too many mods and you have over-complicated your situation. (I wonder if I have someone specific in mind when I say this?) 2) Provide Feedback: If you like what you see, let them know what you’ve liked in the modder’s presentation. If you didn’t like what you saw, provide constructive feedback. Modders aren’t mind readers and seeing as you’re already made a request, don’t waste the modder’s time by only providing a two word comment. Provide detail! Consider this your initial down payment for a request - to provide the information that a modder needs. 3) Utilize that Like button: Let’s say you weren’t the original requester, but you liked what you saw. A simple way of letting of the mod author/s know he or she is on the right track (in your opinion) is to use that “Like” button. 4) Giving Thanks: One of my personal pet peeves is when someone makes a request, is provided with exactly what they asked for, and never makes a comment in the thread again. (I could point out numerous examples of folks not doing this but let’s keep things mostly civil for this blog.) The very least you could do is thank the person that helped you. Assuming you’re better than a person doing “the very least”, you should state how the mod or fix helped you. Yes, that means providing feedback. And like I previously mentioned, hit that Like button!