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    After 86 hours-10 minutes of accumulative game time, 952 saves in a span of year and a half, I finally - legitimately - finished my Darkside K1 playthrough -- [!Spoiler Alert!] I've got mixed feelings about it, lol. I feel awesome, proud, crazy - all things 'bout, as this was the first time I finished the game legitimately; without skipping any of the dialogues, doing most of the side-quests and also - do most of the walking! Yeah, if not because ZimmMaster's Movement Animation Fix for both KOTOR and TSL I'd definitely not doing that, lol. So many mods from fellow modders I have used with the playthrough -- namely DarthParametric's, JCarter426's, Sithspecter's, Kexikus', Dark Hope's, xander2077's, VarsityPuppet's, Sith Holocron's, Inyri Forge's, jc2's, and I'm sure pretty much everyone I have used theirs -or at the very least, tested- on my end. I have to thanked them a lot for their awesome work which I learned along from as I did the playthrough. And If you're interested on seeing some of them in action while also following the journey you can take a look here at The Playthrough gallery. And not to forget I had to thanked the modding tools authors, namely Fred Tetra, TK102, stoffe, bead-v, ndix UR, Fair Strides, and anyone that is not mentioned - I am grateful to you all. So, what I've been waiting for all this time - as the next step will be playing TSL [legit for the first time - as earlier runs was me just running around the module and mod their stuffs], and if things went well then I will take a break this week to contemplate on what mods I will use with the playthrough - aside of TSLRCM and K2CP that comes in mind firstly. But I'd surely take different approach in how I will play it compares to K1. With previous K1-playthrough everytime I saw something that I don't like [or broken] I tend to go and fix them. Now I will enjoy TSL as-TSLRCM-K2CP-is and mind about my nitpick later. I think that pretty much sums it - and above all that I'll have to thanked The Almighty Force - which gave me chance to finish the playthrough, and both BioWare & LucasArts for developing one of -if not- the best RPG I've ever played. The game's awesome, many ups-and-downs - I like how I can blend with the main character and feels like I'm them. Granted, some of the player's response wasn't the best in the world but I am passionate on how the game was paced. All said and done - many thanks to you that have been reading this, and may the Force serve you well! -eb P.S. also on this break I will take a chance to review some of the mods I have used and do things that I should have done back then, lol [mod updates, patch-requests etc.]
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    So, I've wanted to implement this idea for a while now, but only just recently actually started to do it. A module builder of sorts, that creates semi-unique areas by letting the user piece together areas that already exist in game to create their own layouts. This will allow everyone, including those without the slightest modding experience do design a layout of an area and export it to the game in a matter minutes. There is still a lot of work to be done but the basics of placing rooms, snapping them together and exporting the corresponding MDL/MDX/LYT is implemented. Here is an example of the program in its current state in action: Ultimately the goal would be to have most existing interior areas in both KotOR and TSL to be implemented into this. A list of areas include: Sith Base Black Vulkar and Hidden Bek bases Undercity Sewers Devik's Estate Sandral Estate/Khoonda Dantooine Academy and its Sublevels Korriban Academy/Tombs Endar Spire/Harbinger Leviathan Peragus Telos Residential Area Telos Military Base Telos Academy Nar Shadaa Iziz Palace Trayus Academy Hrakert Station And of course there is always the possibly of custom user-made content. The main issue is that settings up the rooms for use does take time, so depending on interest I might not do all of them. Currently I have been using the Sith Base as you can see from the screenshots above. The biggest issue is none of the rooms in the game follow a specific size convention, so in most cases, if you try set up a module that has a circuit, It probably won't align properly. Features that I plan on implementing include: Exporting with doors. Have each door frame have a door and doors which don't go anywhere should be unselectable. Exporting a minimap. This would include settings up the appropriate values in an .ifo file so there is zero setup required. Export as a MOD file, so no setup required to get them to run in game. Export textures/lightmaps with a custom prefix to allow user's to easily retexture areas that won't interfere with other existing modules. Export any area as K1 or TSL models. Allow the user to set up rooms to transitions to other modules. Some kind of intuitive and simple UI that allows players to configure the VIS file. More as I go a long. This development of course has not gone smoothly, here is a list of frustrations I noted down if you an be bothered to read them: Both the MDL and WOK files contain the walkmesh data, which seems redundant. The MDL walkmesh handles grass and camera-blocking whereas the WOK walkmesh handles actual movement and pathfinding. AFIAK both share identical geometry. I imagine this is because of certain precomputed values stored in it that change when the model shifts? The WOK ignores the position of the room in the LYT. Changing the coordinates in the LYT will shift the MDL but not the WOK. So this means the vertices in the WOK need to be manually shifted. Because of this, bounding boxes on the AABB need to be moved and face normals need to be updated. Some values which im not even sure what they are may need to be changed as well (place distances/most significant plane)? The LYT lacks any rotation property for room entries. The orientation property in the node header for MDLs doesn't do anything, even when controllers aren't present, so I'm not sure why this exists. Maybe a remnant from NWN format or the console version? The root node in MDL doesn't come with any controllers at all, I should probably check if MDLEdit is capable of this if the ascii file is modified correctly. My work around to this is to child a dummy node onto the root and have that node parent everything else. I use this node to rotate the entire model. Rooms either come with a full doorframe, or none at all, meaning I have to edit each room to have half-doorframes to make them universally compatible with all the other rooms of the same door type. More of an inconvenience than anything else really. In order two connect rooms, the geometric edge on both rooms as to 'point' to the other room's index in the LYT file. This means I have to use a combination of KAurora and MDLEdit to figure out the index of the edge that my program has to edit on export. Its an very tiresome task. There is some bug in KotORBlender that if I export an MDL then delete one of the objects, then export it again an error occurs because the object is missing. Sigh. Of course its missing, I deleted it. A quick work around is just to copy all the model into a new .blend file and export that instead. This tool is not intended to be a full fledged module editor but mainly for building an area which can be edited using some other tool. That said it will be incorporated with my All-in-one toolset (WIP) but I will most release a stand alone as well. I'm also open to name suggestions if anyone. I do also want to try create a terrain editor as well. This hypothetical tool (exteriors) would compliment the one I just talked about (interiors). I'd imagine it would have some kind of "cliffs" ability that would mimic the walls that shape modules the same of what you see on the surfaces Dantooine/Dxun/Telos. You would further be able to detail the landscape with objects such as trees/rocks. It would be technical challenge, but I'm definitely going to take a stab at it. For now, that about covers it all.
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    Hey everyone, As per usual, I've failed to keep this blog updated. Truth be told, I don't have much enthusiasm for it as it doesn't seem to garner much traction and I much prefer to post regular updates over on the "Community" section of my YouTube channel. At any rate, Echoes of the Past is done, and will be premiering live on YouTube this Saturday (20th June) at 10pm BST/5pm EST/2pm PT/4pm CT/3pm MT. You can watch the livestream here if you are interested, I hope to see some of you there! I also now have a Discord server for my films, @Sith Holocronand @Mellowtron11 are already members of it so please feel free to join. This may be my last blog post (at least for a while) as I much prefer posting announcements in the server and interacting with people over there. Really excited to see this film go out, I've worked really hard on it and I think (hope?) you'll like it, too. Hope everyone is taking care in the current climate! ~ DV
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    0.8.3 Experimental Files for the Expanded Galaxy Project now feature demo levels of the Endar Spire. The video is outdated and the levels are now 99% functional / can be played through, I suggest starting a new game, skipping the prologue and then warping to "end_m01aa" In the future I might work on more levels, I found deconstructing and rebuilding these levels to be a really fun experience. I also think that they play and feel a lot better.
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    Our first adventure takes us to the usual scene. Our hero awakens, pulled away from his wonderous dream of being surrounding by Twilek Lekku, With his morning quarterstaff still up and about, our trusty bunkmate has come to inform us of the situation. In a terrible state of ironic affairs, it seems that he is the one who has fallen out of bed and hit his head, as he believes that he is a Jedi Knight. Yep, a Jedi Knight holding a Blaster rifle and with a Republic Soldier uniform. Seems legit. He also speaks the Twilek language. Fascinating. There have been stories, rare as they are, of people suffering traumatic cranial injuries regaining consciousness to find memories that were not once theirs or somehow have the ability to speak a language never spoken by them before. Perhaps this is one of those moments? Anyway, we have to escort our immensly confused friend to the scene of the battle. We now have a glimpse of what he actually looks like through our animated profile pic of him! Based on this most handsome face, I believe a more fitting name should be applied. Yes, henceforth, we shall name our companion "Bruh". Anyway, Bruh's first battle with sith ends up poorly, but we still survived! In reality, it's just cause we're invincible on the first level, but let's just play along and pretend that Bruh cut down all those mean bad sith bullies with his laser sword Rude ass still won't give me the advanced medical kit he usually would here tho... But now, we've reached the heart of the battle, and it seems like all hands are on deck! In one corner we have a mercenary, on the other corner, a Czerka employee, and on the other corner... a civillian? That thing is nearly half her size, dang. What is she even doing here?? Oddly enough, that's supposed to be Selven. How nice of her to help the Republic before she died. Shame, guess we'll have to kill her again on Taris to make up the favor. BTW, so nice of the journalist the Repuiblic hired to interview bastilla to pick up arms and defend the ship. I also really like the new Twilek Sith Captain! Adds some really nice diversity to the sith ranks. I have to wonder though, who thought she would be fit for battle with her arm so damaged? As Bruh and Revan limp their way to victory, fighting against odds clearly meant for a Jedi and not two republic soldiers to be dealing with, we come across a duel between a Dark Jedi and a Jedi apprentice, our first lightsaber encounter in the game! Except for some reason, Bruh keeps talking about how that's his padawan... Ya, sure thing, Bruh. We'll take you to the neurologist as soon as this mission is done with, ok buddy? (WHAT IS SHE EVEN WEARING) Unfortunately, both the Dark Jedi and the Jedi perished in the battle. Bruh is not to happy that we pointed out that she died, constantly lamenting about how she could take her on no problem... even though this was her first actual real mission. Bruh, you need help ASAP To try and make some sense of this, Bruh attempts to meditate to resolve the issue, falling back on his Jedi teaching. Ya, his nonexistant Jedi teaching. C'mon... YOU. ARE. A. SOLDIEEEEEER You're not a real Jedi, you're a ground unit! You are a general's plaything! Finally, the insanity is almost done, and I got my first level u....uhhhh wait what? OK, something is missing here, I can't quiet put my finger on it... Where the feats at? Where are the ranged attacks? I'm pretty sure a few other things are missing. If I'm not careful, I could find myself getting stuck on this menu just cause my character gained every feat to early lol And this next scene, Bruh truly reveals his insanity. He just suddenly took off his clothes (I swear I didn't do this), ran into Darth Bandon unarmed and said that the Force would protect him or something and that fate was a mysterious thing. We'll whatever, I'll let that lunatic deal with little bald. Godspeed, Bruh Finally, time for the second pa- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Carth is Black my god man what is even happening lol btw was the scout outfit intentional? I'll assume the extra melanin was not. To my utter shock, the Dark Stalker mod for the Endar Spire, which I modifed heavily, still works flawlessly! I have no idea how, but I'm not complaining! Well, that's it for part 1. All things considered, part 1 is tame. Like, REALLY tame, compared to what's next. If you enjoyed this blog entry, don't worry, it all goes downhill from here! Stay tuned~
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    The Mod Forge is the glory of the modders, the apex of their infinite subfolders. It is a source of infinite robe reskins, a tool of unstoppable uploads. An awful lot of information was lost with LucasForums, including the identities of the old Mod of the Year winners from 2005 to 2015. This isn't, per se, important; it's less useful than, for instance, the many, many tutorials we used to have. But it is a loss, nonetheless, particularly since we've kept up the Mod of the Year here at DeadlyStream since. I've tried to collect what information I can here, though some of it is, for now at least, irretrievably lost. Mod of the Year 2005 - Users' Pick KotOR Winner: Revan's Mask+ by T7Nowhere Runners Up: 1. Carth Romance Fix by cjt0202 2. Lightsaber Forms by deathdisco 3. Mekel Recruitment Mod by Tanesh 4. Ebon Hawk Workbench to a Construction Bench by RedHawke 5. Republic Commando: Delta Squad by Prime 6. Kamino Eugenics Chamber by RedHawke 7. Quest for tk102's Birthday, by Darth 333 et al. (includes svösh's hv88 blasters, Seprithro's blaster model and t7nowhere's saber models + birthday cake) 8. [MECK] Enter Jabba's Palace by Xavier2 et al. 9. Meet Athena (Selectable Female PC) by kristykistic 10. Xia Terashai Set by Chainz.2da, RedHAwke, and JediKnight72482 11. Kain Sword for The Real Kain by oldflash TSL Winner: Ultimate Lightsaber Mod (USM) by Chainz.2da, Darth333, Seprithro, svösh, and T7nowhere. Runners Up: 1. High Level Force Powers by stoffe -mkb- 2. TSL Movie Jedi Robes and Armour Mod by Prime 3. Jabba's palace Themed Dancer Outfit Additions by Drakonnen 4. Combat Simulation Arena by stoffe -mkb- 5. Real Darth Nihilus by Darth Stryke 6. AVol's Character: Darth Vader by Avol 7. The Dark Apprentice: Gold by MacLeodCorp 8. "Heart of the Force" Sabers by MdKnightR 9. Ceremonial Weapons Pack (melee) by oldflash 10. Floating Lightsabers Force Power by Darth333 11. Darksword by ChAiNz.2da Mod of the Year 2005 - Staff Picks KotOR 1. Carth Romance Fix by cjt0202 2. Quest for tk102's Birthday by Darth333 et al. 3. Chained Force Lightning by tk102 4. 2 Altered Endings by kristykistic 4. Ryyk Blade by Achilles 5. Ebon Hawk's Workbench to a Construction Bench by RedHawke 6. [MECK] Enter Jabba's Palace by Xavier2 et al. 7. Republic Commando: Delta Squad by Prime 8. Kain Sword for the Real Kain by oldflash 9. Kamino Eugenics Chamber by RedHawke 10. Segan Wyndh's Sabers by ChAiNz.2da 11. Revan's Mask+ by T7Nowhere 12. Mekel Recruitment Mod by Tanesh TSL 1. Male/Female Master + Padawan Robe Models + UV Fix by svösh 2. Hardcore Mod by beancounter 3. High Level Force Powers by stoffe -mkb- 4. Ultimate Saber Mod by ChAiNz.2da, Darth333, Seprithro, svösh, and T7nowhere 5. Game Balance Mod by Achilles 6. Remote Tells Your Influence by tk102 7. Putting the Sith Back in the Sith Lords by Prime 8. Floating Lightsabers Force Power by Darth333 9. Prestige Class Robe & Saber Pack by RedHawke & Maverick187 10. Combat Simulation Arena by stoffe -mkb- 11. Ceremonial Weapon Pack (melee) by oldflash 12. TSL Hack Pad by ChAiNz.2da Mod of the Year 2006 KotOR Winner: WOTOR (Weapons of the Old Republic) by T7Nowhere Runners Up: 1. Bastila and Fem Revan, the Untold Love Story by Master Kavar 2. Carth's Clothes I, II, and III by Kha 3. The Super Enhanced Mod by Shem 4. Super Skip Taris mod by Lit Ridl 5. Bastila: The Jedi Royal Guard by MacCorp 6. Ryyk Blade by InyriForge 7. Make Zaalbar a Jedi by Darkkender 8. Melee Pack by InyriForge 9. Patterned Jedi Robes by Silveredge9 TSL Winner: The Dark Apprentice: Holowan Consortium by MacCorp Runners Up: 1. Final Touch by oldflash 2. NPC Recruitable Dustil by Princess Artemis and Jiara 3. Kreia's Assorted Robes by ChAiNz.2da 4. Combat Simulation Arena v4 by stoffe 5. BloodRayne as PC by mjpb3 6. The Super Enhanced Mod by Shem 7. Floating Lightsabers 2.0 by Darth333 8. Imperial Knight by Prime 9. Atris Robes for Females by mjpb3 Mod of the Year 2007 KotOR Winner: Brotherhood of Shadow by Silveredge9 Runners Up: 1. Recruitable Kay by InyriForge 2. Bastila Romance Enhancement by swfan28 3. PC Hybrid Lizards by redrob41 4. Yuthura Ban to Darth Talon Conversion by Prime 5. Bastila Unchained by Kristy Kistic 6. Male Head Pack by InyriForge 7. Ajunta Pall Unique Appearance by Silveredge9 8. mjpb3's Selene from Underworld 9. Taris: Sith Planet by Rueben Shan 10. Darth Bane Pack by Silveredge9 TSL Winner: Coruscant Jedi Temple by deathdisco Runners Up: 1. KotOR II Restoration Mod (The Unrestored Content) by Team Exile 2. Peragus Correction Mod by Ulic and Cay 3. Five Twin Suns-esque Outfits For Female PCs by Emperor Devon 4. 'Fork' Short Lightsabers by oldflash and Darth InSidious 5. PVC Dancers Outfit by Kristy Kistic 6. Wilhelm Yell by Miles Edgeworth Mod of the Year 2008 KotOR Winner: Project Yavin 4th by MotOR Squad, Master Zionosis and ÐeceptiKain TSL Winner: TSL: Un-restored Content by zbyl2 Mod of the Year 2009 KotOR Winner: Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge by Silveredge9 TSL Winner: TSL Restored Content Mod Version 1.4 by DarthStoney and zbyl2 Mod of the Year 2010 No information Mod of the Year 2011 No information Mod of the Year 2012 No information Mod of the Year 2013 No information Mod of the Year 2014 May not have run Only nominations known. Mod of the Year 2015 KotOR Winner: K1RP v0.9b by RevanFan90, zbyl2, LDR, Dan Loto, Fallen Guardian, Seamhainn, Jatku and Fair Strides Runners Up: 1. Weapon Model Overhaul by Toasty Fresh 2. PC Response Moderation by Kainzorus Prime TSL Winner: The Jedi Masters 3.0 by Trex Runners Up: 1. NPC Overhaul for TSL by Kainzorus Prime 2. Revenge of Revan Playable Species 1 - Humans by redrob41 3. Phildevil's Twin Sun to Asari Mod Mod of the Year 2016 (DeadlyStream) Mod of the Year 2017 (DeadlyStream) Mod of the Year 2018 (DeadlyStream)
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    It's me again. The mod roundup has most definitely served its purpose this time. It tipped me off that I never got around to updating the K2 version of a mod that I updated for K1 in January. The work was nearly all done and I was just too lazy to take new screenshots at the time. So good job, mod roundup. Updates Robe Adjustmnet – Fixed an issue that made the training cutscene wonky if you skipped through dialogue too quickly. Jedi Tailor – While testing a while back, the Tailor's shop spawned inside a Jawa. So I tried to fix that for this update, but because it's a random occurrence I'm not sure if it actually worked. Also fixed another bug in the Tailor's dialogue. Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes / Cloaked Jedi Robes & Supermodel Port – Redid all textures. Higher resolution and ideally higher quality. Lightsaber Visual Effects for K1 and K2 – Added new options for blue and green lightsabers and converted all texture files to superior TPC format. New Mods Player Soundset Restoration – Restores the player's voice to K2 so you say random stuff when performing actions like you do in K1. Romance Enhancement: Biromantic Bastila – Allows a female player character to romance Bastila. Something Completely Different I have two somethings this time. I suspect certain individuals might be experiencing an increase in productivity on account of having more extra time than usual for certain reasons. First, @VarsityPuppet has finally gotten around to announcing the winners of the 2018 Mod of the Year awards. I hadn't realized that my Cloaked Jedi Robes had won for one category, so thanks to whomever voted for that. VP has also promised to get the 2019 competition running soon. Second, @AmanoJyaku has been working on a new script decompiler to address some issues with DeNCS. If successful, it will be a boon to modding as there are many scripts that cause DeNCS to choke up, preventing us from fixing bugs in them or otherwise improving their performance. We ran into several such unfortunate cases during Community Patch development, and there are also many scripts in K2 still running the bugged original random loot code even though TSLRCM fixes some of those bugs because the scripts without source code couldn't be recompiled. Any progress on that front could help make those fixes and other mods possible.
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    Hey everyone! After a very long two months of commitments to other things outside KOTOR, I'm finally properly back. Episode II: Echoes of the Past has officially entered production! ~ DV
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    I meant to post this back in June, but I forgot. It was supposed to be a quarterly thing, but it remains a semi-regular thing. Updates Supermodel Fix for K2 - Fixed a facial issue and updated K1 style running to match what I did with it in my supermodel port. Yay for consistency. Minor Fixes for K1 - Minor updates for minor fixes. Fixed some leaf textures and converted them and others to superior TPC format. Darksaber for K1 and for K2 - Made new blade textures using the Saber plug-in for After Effects. Fixed the hilt alignment because apparently I had people holding it sideways before. Flipped Y-axis on the normal map so it doesn't look like it came from the mirror universe, and maybe made other improvements, hard to say. Converted other textures to superior TPC format. Security Spikes for K1 - Fixed an issue with the code that let it open doors the player normally couldn't interact with, like ones meant to seal holes in the fabric of the universe. Lightsaber Visual Effects for K2 - Added optional textures for the new colors added by the Ultimate Saber Mod, in case you want to use that and have consistent blade quality. Mandalorian Armor for K1 - Fixed a minor issue with Option A & the upgrade screen. New Mods Robe Adjustment for K1 - Two options to give you additional robes on Dantooine. The first option gives you robes to actually wear during the montage; they have the stats of clothing, so the change is merely aesthetic. The second option makes Zhar give you the robes he normally gives a bit earlier, right when you can start wearing them. They can be installed separately or together. Jedi Tailor for K1 - Adds a Trandoshan who will tailor your robes for you. He'll change the color between brown, black, red, and blue without affecting the robe stats. He also sells stuff and gossips. Something Completely Different My pick for this entry is Sith Armor - Freelook Filter Mod by @ebmar. It's such a simple and in retrospect obvious thing to add, but at the same time it's one I doubt I ever would've thought of or bothered with doing myself, so it's especially nice that somebody else did.
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    Normally i use Blender converting SWTOR models into Jedi Academy, But when i saw a blender video about destroyer, i have been inspired ^^
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    I'm looking for folks to contribute voice lines. The delivery of the voice lines should be for a TV announcer delivering lines indicating that's it's time for a commercial break during a TV show? Line 1: "And we'll be right back to The Star Wars Holiday Special right after this brief commercial break!" Line 2: "And it's now time to return to the Star Wars Holiday Special!" If you wish to include your own take on the lines above, you're welcome to do so. However, keep the lines G-rated. And I'll need the two requested lines first. Contributions are preferred in a YouTube video without music or sound effects. MP3 or WAV files are also accepted. This open casting call is open to men and women.
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    In a blog from June 25th 2018, @ebmar discussed a song by Trivium that discusses a Revanchist that could be directly applied to Revan. I've kept my eyes open for a song that could also apply to the Exile - at least canon female version of the Exile. I haven't found one for the Exile but I may have found a song that could apply to Brianna and/or Visas especially with a dark sided male Exile. Lyrics follow the song embedded below, and I'll highlight some particular lyrics so you can see what jumped out at me. What do you think? I'd like to know.
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    Hello there! At long last, I'm pleased to release the first teaser for Echoes of the Past! I'm incredibly happy with how production on this film is going. Everything about it is a considerable step up from The Soldier's Destiny, from creating new animations in 3DsMax, VFX shots and my own knowledge and capabilities with modding the game. I'm really excited to finally start showing this film off before its release in (hopefully) late Spring/early Summer this year. Enjoy! ~ DV
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    It's been a year since I started doing these mod roundups. Some of you appear to be reading them, so I think I'll be sticking with it into the new year. I’ve found that forcing myself to go through my upload history in order to provide you people with updates is actually kind of helpful. It makes me more consciously aware of what I’ve been working on and what hasn’t been updated in a while. On occasion it’s even led to the release of mods that might not have otherwise seen the light of day. So there will be more of these mod roundups yet. Updates Korriban: Back in Black for K1 - New installer, including a version compatible with KOTOR Community Patch v1.8 and beyond. Some new fixes have been added, too: Tariga is now female, as according to the student Tamlen; Tariga and a couple other students will now attack with lightsabers; and the two Sith rebels in the caves that were missing robes before have robes now. Vision Enhancement for K1 - New installer, including a K1R-compatible version. Some minor cleaning up, too. Feat Fixes for K2 - Added some fixes for the Scoundrel class. Zhug Attack Fix for TSLRCM - Minor administrative update. Mandalorian Armor for K1 - Minor administrative update. Jedi Tailor for K1 - Fixed a few bugs in the tailor's dialogue. New Mods Teal Hammerhead for K1 - Gives the Republic ships in the first game the color scheme they have in the second game. Something Completely Different Usually I’d link to something else here, such as the aforementioned KOTOR Community Patch update or maybe the subreddit poll, but this is a special occasion. I’ve decided to start releasing these over on Reddit, too. If you’re reading it here, you may continue to do so and nothing will change and that’s not very special. But I’ll be using up this section for other stuff on the Reddit version and I have nothing else to talk about. So that’s it!
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    After midterms , Darth Varkor has taught me about scripting and camera moving in KOTOR 2 with some modding stuff I'm still rookie about this stuff but in time , i will experience more Not much in this test video but i hope you like it
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    Since JCarter426 made a blog about it, I'm going to do it. Cannot let my freeloading identity of jc2 go to waste! With further ado, much further. I offer you a warm welcome to what my colleague calls a "mod round up," which actually is a decent title, albeit a bit boring. *shot fired* Here is my equally as mediocre attempt at informing whatever public audience I might have about the status of my mods. Welcome to jc2's Modding CHECKUP - EXTRAVAGANZA ! Alright, it's been nine months since I've released LME and I've heard of no bugs, only a few spelling errors. The dlg editor eats all of your apostrophes if you copy and paste text into that, I learned this way later, and, as it turns out, I use a fair amount of them in my content. But, still, I'm glad to know that my testing and my testers were able to find all of the major bugs. So for those who care greatly about grammar, well, there are a few lines that might hurt your eyes, my apologies. LME remains at version 1.00. until someone reports some bug or I get around to playing through it and find the bugs/typos myself. Shanilia was updated to 1.7 version. There were several dialogue options that would get locked because of poor scripting, just resulting in less immersive content. I went to all the effort of adding them in, only for them to be bugged, so that's been fixed. Minor overall, but still important to the added content for Shanilia to speak about Jolee, Korriban, Manaan, Leviathan, etc... Not sure if my portrayal of Revan in that mod was as good as it could have been, but it was nice to have someone who actually knew Revan still care. The Sith betray you and the only one that actually admires what you did as Revan is Canderous, so Shanilia is meant to off-balance that and reveal a bit more about the Mandalorian Wars. And thanks to this update more of that content can be explored. Train the Disciple was released, which allows the PC to train the Disciple in the ways of the force, just like Atton and other companions can be. It was designed to be compatible with any Disciple mod, for it uses its own jc2_disciple.dlg file. It's sister mod, Train the Handmaiden, was updated to 2.00 to match the genius of Train the Disciple and also be compatible with other Handmaiden mods, in the same way. Save Mission 1.5a is the current version. It was updated slightly, reworked some of the lines to better match responses/replies and fixed a typo. I now understand why modders do not want their files scattered across the four corners of the internet, because they'd have to update all of them, which is tedious! Just deadlystream and nexusmods alone cause me a headache to update. Not that either site are not modder friendly, far from it, just tedious to document all the changes, update readme, update description, screenshots, files, etc... According to Deadlystream: Improved Grenades 3,848 downloads Revenge on Sassy Sith Lady 3,664 downloads While on nexusmods: Save Mission 4.2k downloads, 3.1 unique downloads Train the Handmaiden 4.3k downloads, 3.4 unique downloads Very strange to me that these different communities would value different mods, but as someone said, being on /r kotor's mod build list affects the download count, which is the case for the deadlystream mods. However, the nexusmod mods do not have the blessing of /r kotor but stand quite tall on their own. *Cough cough* maybe Train the disciple & handmaiden might be included some day *cough cough*
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    So I made this rendering of Arren Kae, and from that came the idea of doing a version of the model that you could actually use inside the game. Now as I happen to be particular about game modifications being seamless, I decided that Arren’s apparel should for the most part resemble the Handmaiden’s robe, which is why the white robe on this model has no Jedi librarian patterns. Thought I’d still put those on the garments underneath the robe, but it’s not quite the same. Obviously I used Kreia’s model, the changes I did to the geometry are limited to the hood and the eyelids, which coupled with the work I did on the textures, result in the looks of a woman about the age Arren probably was at the time of the Mandalorian Wars. We don’t know if she was Echani or not, but I left the hair color unchanged. Her lips and eyes are as close to the Handmaiden’s as I could make them, because supposedly Brianna “bears the face of her mother.” The blue stone and necklace is there because her Darth Traya look includes an ornament with a red stone. All in all it’s not terrible, maybe I’ll work on it some more in the future
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    EDIT: I unfortunately had to take the stream down last night after it premiered to fix an issue that went under the radar. If it had been a very minor thing I would have left it, but I wasn't happy leaving it up with that in still in there. It has now been fixed and the film is now back online. The link below has been updated. Thanks for sticking with me! Hey everyone! My next film, STAR WARS: KOTOR - THE SOLDIER'S DESTINY is now available to watch on YouTube! After nearly nine months of hard work, I am proud to finally show this film off. This is a beginning of a whole new trilogy and era for my KOTOR Machinima Saga, and I hope you all enjoy it. This was quite the challenge compared to my TSL Quadrilogy, and I'm so excited to take the story lines and characters deeper in the next two parts. I want to thank a few people for their help on this project (and over the years): @Sith Holocron - for his ever continuous honest and constructive feedback and suggestions which help make these films the best they can be. (And for lending his voice to the project, too!) @TheDukeOfDerps - for coming onto the project very near the end, yet still delivering to me his lines in an incredibly timely fashion! @madtitan12 - For lending his time and talents to the project to play Harnich. @Mellowtron11 - for continuing to be the man of one thousand voices, bring in Darth Bandon in Episode 2 @UnusualCharacters - For his ridiculously good impression of HK-47 and bringing many laughs to the dialogue. Finally, I'd like to thank @DarthParametric for his assistance in some of my modding queries. And to everyone else who has supported me over the years. It means a lot! I hope you all enjoy the film. ~ DV
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    I’m glad to be able to talk about porting. It’s not the subject itself that I find as mysterious and alluring as some forumites seem to, but it’s been such a taboo topic for so long that I find it refreshing to be able to talk about everything I’ve been repressing. Porting content from one game to another within the same series (e.g. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords) is now allowed on Deadly Stream. Because I’m allegedly “staff”, I was told about the change of policy a couple days before the official announcement, and I was shocked. I’m still shocked. Honestly, it feels weird discussing the topic even now. Not in a bad way - like I said, it’s rather liberating - but in an I’m still having trouble believing this is a thing sort of way. This would’ve been my tenth anniversary on LucasForums, if it were still online, and I was on the FileFront forums for a bit before that. Porting was always banned and I don’t remember when it wasn’t. When Deadly Stream went online, it maintained the same rules, and now that’s changing. It’s a shift in policy older than this website, put in place before many users here even played the games. It’s a surprise, to be sure - and I expect a welcome one for many. Given the nature of this modding website, I expect anyone reading this likely knows well enough about porting, but not everyone is a modder or PC gamer and I have been asked before what porting is and why it’s a big deal. Porting is taking copyrighted content - models, textures, music, or what have you - from one game and putting it into a different game. It’s a kind of modding, but the distinction is that regular old modding works within the confines of whatever game is being modded, editing the existing assets and/or adding new content created by the modder, while porting involves something that wasn’t in the game and that the modder doesn’t have the rights to. Why is this a big deal? It isn’t in some communities. Different sites have different rules, and some do allow it. But it wasn’t allowed in the KOTOR community until now, though I feel I need to add a qualifier to that. It was kind of unclear. Porting was certainly against the rules on LucasForums, and with LucasForums went the KOTOR community. While I was a reviewer for KOTORFiles part of my job was to make sure the mods I reviewed didn’t have anything that wasn’t allowed. We were, for example, instructed to be on the lookout for TSLRP when the beta was leaked. If you were to ask me if porting were allowed I think I’d say no, but I don’t think that was an actual FileFront rule. JK3Files hosted mods that ported content from Jedi Outcast to Jedi Academy. There were also a few KOTOR mods I suspected of ported content - textures I recognized from Jedi Academy, for example - as well as mods that included other copyrighted material like music and sound effects. Fortunately, though, nothing ever came under my review that called for an examination of the laws of porting. To further complicate matters, the official release of MDLOps - still hosted on StarWarsKnights.com - contains a tutorial on how to port the Tenloss disruptor rifle from Jedi Outcast/Academy to KOTOR. Bit of a mixed message there. Regardless, on LucasForums porting was certainly verboten. But for a long time, this was a moot point. There was a lot in the modding realm we couldn’t do. Until a few years ago, we couldn’t work much with head models - the animations would break, or something worse would happen. And unless you used Taina's Replacer, which didn't allow change in vertices, the smoothing would break. Even if you could get a model from point A to point B, it wouldn’t look as nice as it did back at A. Different tools could only handle different things. KAurora couldn’t do animations. MDLOps couldn’t convert lights or lightmaps, emitters, or walkmeshes. I don't know if room animations didn't work or if nobody ever tried it. All these things and more would break even if you were keeping a model in the same game. Most of these issues were only resolved last year with the development of KOTORMax, MDLEdit, and the updated MDLOps. For this reason, perhaps, porting as a reality was a rare concern. Only two cases from those days stand out in my memory, both of which involved screenshots taken in K1 to make textures in K2, and both of which deemed ok by the administration. On Deadly Stream, there was that fiasco with the credits. More often than not, the matter was merely theoretical - someone would unknowingly request something that required porting and be shot down for it. It was forbidden as a theory even though it wasn’t much of a possibility and I don’t know why. It was a rule from before even my time and I’ve never heard the issue properly debated. Porting wasn’t allowed, and you weren’t allowed to talk about why it wasn’t allowed. I find that a bit unsatisfying, so I’ll try to see things from both sides of the issue and debate myself. Argument A: Porting is a copyright violation. It’s taking something that’s not yours and distributing it without the copyright owner’s permission. In more extreme cases, publishers have moved to shut down mod projects/websites for fear of losing sales, such as with conversion mods that would remake a game in another engine. Modding as a whole is already on shaky legal ground, so it’s not wise to attract that sort of bad attention. The line is drawn here. Argument B: Porting isn’t anything like pirating a game because it involves a fraction of the content and requires the framework of a game to access it. It’s unlikely that any mod would negatively affect a game’s sales. If anything, more mods for a game is a good thing and content ported from one game to another draws interest in both. There’s nothing illegal about porting for personal use. The only part in question is the distribution of game assets - but that applies equally to all mods. The only difference is from which game the assets originated. It doesn’t make sense to apply a different standard of rules, especially for games in the same series that already share a lot of assets, like KOTOR. Those are the essential arguments, as I see them. At the risk of earning Kreia’s wrath, I’m not going to take a side. This is a bit of a coward’s way out that I can take because I’m a modder and I can port stuff myself if I want to and not rely on downloading it from Deadly Stream - more on that in a bit - but that really is how I feel. I don’t see it as a matter of what’s right or wrong or what’s legal but rather what you think is a good idea and how much of a risk you want to take. Some communities take a risk and never have any trouble. Some - not many, but some - have taken the same risk and had their mods taken away. It’s a subjective matter, and maybe that’s why I’m a little bitter about the LucasForums days - because I see it more as a decision we should make as a community rather than an ultimatum that must never be questioned (even if most of us don’t know who made the decision or the rationale). But whether or not it was entirely by choice, that was what the community decided and I went along with it. That was then, this is now. It seems the community has gone in the other direction, and I’ll go along with it. The question has become not what is allowed but what is and isn’t possible. I imagine, in the coming days, as more people ask this question there will be some poking and prodding to explore the new horizons. So I thought I’d save anyone reading this a bit of time by admitting that I’ve known how to do a lot of naughty things for a while now. I’ve been porting for personal use - not to make mods, but for my film projects that demanded it. Characters from different games interacting with each other, locations we wanted to use in another context, or just things that were useful for cinematic purposes - K2 has a lot more animations than K1. I’ve already been poking and prodding for years now and I no longer feel the need to hide it. I’m not going to go into much technical detail yet - perhaps when the modding wiki is online, if it's permitted - but I can answer some general questions right now. For K1/K2: Can we port head models? Yes. There is some difference in the bone structure for each game, but there’s a specific process that works. It’s not even a huge difference, but it makes the lips of K1 heads clip in K2 and leaves K2 mouths gaping open in K1. My guess is Obsidian changed things during their development of the facial animation system that was never finished. The fix is essentially to copy the skin onto the appropriate game’s set of bones. Can we port body/full body models? Yes. Without any qualifiers. PCs? Party members? Aliens? Really? Yes. What about robes with capes? Yes. The supermodels would have to be edited to include the cape bones and their animations, but it could be done. I had one go at it but it’s a bit shoddy at the moment. Can we port other animations? Yes. With a few caveats. 1.) K1 has a limited number of animations that can be scripted, though new cutscene animations are an option. 2.) K2 has more combat animations than K1 and under different names. A couple bugs in K2 stem from failure to account for this, and unless they’re named properly for K1 the same sort of problem would occur. 3.) K2 has a ton of other new animations and they’re added all over the place, which complicates any sort of porting. Can we port models with their own special animations, like Darth Nihilus? Yes. The same animation concerns apply, but that’s it. Can we port textures - fancy ones, like bump maps and ones with animations? Yes. The TPC format doesn’t change, so even in the event that we’re unable to properly decompile to TGA/TXI, simply copying over the TPC is enough. I have a texture archive for K2 that includes all of K1’s textures (and any that happen to share the same file names are overridden by the K2 versions). Can we port areas? Probably. I’ve had one definitive success - m14aa, the Jedi enclave courtyard - and a few partial successes or failures. But it’s still early days and I suspect the problems may have been procedural. The courtyard has grass, running water, and room animations - all the things I’d expect to go wrong first - and zero problems. Lightmaps, which used to be destroyed during ASCII conversion, load fine thanks to the new tools. There is a difference in how each game is lit, so a ported module may end up too bright or too dark, but that can be fixed in the .are file. Good signs so far, but not enough for me to be confident in a hard yes yet. While we’re on the subject, since some of you seem to have been left out of the loop, we can also edit areas now. You might’ve seen area fixes in recent mods, but I’m talking full on editing like changing the lighting or texture mapping or adding a door to a new module. This would come in handy, for example, if one wanted to make new area mods that connect to the existing game, or integrate cut ones like the Czerka warehouse, or restore modules on Dantooine or Korriban that were left out of K2. Can we port feats/lightsaber forms/prestige classes/the upgrade system/the level cap/everything hard-coded? No. These were never porting issues. These game mechanics run directly through the game’s executable rather than an external file that we can mod. For the MMO: Can we port items? Yes. See MDLOps’ tutorial. Can we port vehicles? Yes. I ported the Mantis bounty hunter ship to K1 as part of an area model on Taris. I stripped it of its bump maps because I didn’t know how to work with those at the time, but I imagine if we could figure out how to convert the formats those could be included as well. Can we port character models? Probably. But you’d have to weight it to KOTOR’s set of bones, which isn’t easy or fun work. That’s kind of why there aren’t a lot of new character mods at all for KOTOR. I’m not at all familiar with how the MMO models are set up so I can’t comment further. Can we port areas? Maybe? I can import the models into 3ds Max. To get one in KOTOR would be a lot of work - making new lightmaps and walkmeshes, replacing any emitters like running water with KOTOR standards, almost as much work as making a new area from scratch - but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. Of course, KOTOR has issues with vertical space - can’t have one walkmesh on top of another - so there may be issues with the designs, depending on the area. But I don’t think poly count or anything like that would be a problem. The MMO seems to average around KOTOR’s level, some things better, some worse. I really just haven’t had the time to try it yet. These are all just my general impressions so far and your individual success may vary. But overall I'd say there’s a lot we can do and not a lot we can’t do - just a lot we weren’t supposed to do until now. The point of this blog isn’t to encourage porting, exactly. It’s your choice whether to do it or not. Because of the rules (the old rules) I’ve always strived to use assets that are in both games wherever possible. It’s more challenging that way, but it almost always resulted in fewer complications. Even with porting allowed, I’ll probably still do that in the future. It's simpler. But now that, surprisingly, after all this time, that is a choice people can make, I want to put this information out there so those of you who are interested in stepping down this path may do as you choose. I’ll be available on Discord if anyone wants to see some more examples of my porting attempts or get a more thorough overview of the process. Personal opinions not endorsed by FileFront Deadly Stream.
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    I've turned most of the major characters' lines for K1 and TSL into Mp3. I'm weird that way. I'm also anal retentive which means I have to track tag those MP3s. And I have to have decent album art for the track tag. Why not turn that obsessive nature into a positive? Hence me working on my own little portrait package. HairlessWookiee over at Reddit has been kind enough to provide some high quality shots of the TSL NPCs for me. A few at time right now. I thought I'd show off what I've done in the form of animated GIFs. Handmaiden (Hood Up) Handmaiden (Hood Down) Visas Marr Mira Now obviously it's only three frames with transitions I made to fade between them, but they aren't that hideous!
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    Throughout both of the games, you'll find crates in several versions. These cubes have different versions - one for each planetary location. (Excepting Taris with has three versions.) I'll list them all, provide the file names, and put a link where you can download them all. Why this may be important to you? 1) You're making a movie and you want to show different crates for different areas. This way you can swap the different textures in and out. 2) You're making a mod for a brand new area. Instead of looking through the KotOR Tool, you can use this blog page. 3) You want to make sure all of the boxes use the highest quality version of the texture. I'll be grouping these by planet, but not in game order nor alphabetical order. TARIS There are three different textures for crates on Taris. I believe the third more colorful version is in Davik's base. File name: LTS_locrat01.tga Size: 512 by 512 File name: LTS_locrat03.tga Size: 512 by 512 File name: LTS_crate.TGA Size: 512 by 512 HARBINGER File name: HAR_Cr01.tga Size: 128 X 128 Suggestion: Use my pack at the bottom of the page as both crates will now use this larger sized, clearer texture. This is the version I have included in the current pack. This texture is sized at 512 X 512 instead of the original texture. No renaming required. ENDAR SPIRE File name: LHR_crate01.tga Size: 128 X 128 Suggestion: Use my pack at the bottom of the page as both crates will now use this larger sized, clearer texture. This is the version I have included in the current pack. This texture is sized at 512 X 512 instead of the original texture. No renaming required. DXUN File name: DXN_Crt.TGA Size: 512 by 512 Note: This texture is also used in altered versions for Tatooine (LTA_trim02.tga, LTA_trim02_00a.tga, and LTA_trim02_01a.tga)and maybe have also expected to be used for Sleheyron (LSL_crate00.tga). Tatooine will be covered below as it's unique. Onderon (OND_t01a.tga) uses a slightly different version which reorders the boxes, and is also covered below. ONDERON File name: OND_t01a.tga Size: 512 by 512 Note: Onderon (OND_t01a.tga) uses a slightly different version of Dxun's texture which reorders the boxes. TELOS File name: TEL_CBx.tga Size: 128 X 128 Recommendation: Use sELFiNDUCEDcOMA's version instead (shown below) from his mod. This texture is not included in the package at the bottom of the page. TATOOINE This version not only covers the crates but also windows and a rusty wall File name: LTA_trim02.tga, LTA_trim02_00a.tga, and LTA_trim02_01a.tga Size: 512 by 512 Suggestion: Use my new upsized version instead (shown below) available in the pack at the bottom of the page. (You'll have to rename it to from "1024 - LTA_trim02 (New Version)" to the file names listed above.) My version (sized at 1024 X 1024) uses a new seamless rusty wall texture and uses the larger size of the box texture from Dxun so you don't lose as much crispness. MANAAN File name: LMA_crate01.tga Size: 256 x 256 Recommendation: Consider using my replacement instead? You'll have to rename this file from "" to "LMA_crate01.tga" (or to whatever name of crate you're replacing it with) before placing it in the Override. This texture is sized at 512 X 512. Included in package below. NAR SHADDAA File name: NAR_cr8.tga, NAR_cr8s.tga Size: 256 X 256, 64 X 64 Suggestion: Use my new version instead (shown below) available in the pack at the bottom of the page. (You'll have to rename it to from "NAR_cr8 (upsized)" to the file names above.) My version - sized at 512 x 512 - uses a recolored version of a different texture. PERAGUS File name: PER_locrat03.tga Size: 512 x 512 Note: Identical to one of the Taris crates but I included it anyway. DRESHDAE (thanks to @Sithspecter for finding it) File name: LZA_crate01.tga, LZA_crate01S.tga Size: 128 X 128, 512 by 512 Suggestion: Use my pack at the bottom of the page as both crates will now use the larger sized, clearer texture. TARIS (SITH BASE), also possibly Manaan Sith Base and Leviathan) Thanks again to @Sithspecter File name: LSI_box01.tga Size: 256 by 256 Pros: Unique box design Cons: Lower texture size. NEW CRATE Since I was spending all of my time looking at these darn things, I decided to make my own. File name: DRO_crate01.tga (rename it to whatever you need) Size: 512 X 512 I used wall panels from the game to make a M4-78 version of a crate. (They had to be shipping their medical supplies in something!) This texture is mostly a goof but if you can find a use for it, more power to you. If you use any of the above in a movie or in a mod and you've found it useful, please list in your credits/read-me as "Set Direction Assistant: Sith Holocron" SH_Set Decoration Crates.7z
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    Apparently, I'm one of only a few individuals who still has access to the CSLU Toolkit, software that can output phonemes based on an audio and text sample. Historically, this has been pretty much the only way to generate LIP files for KOTOR so characters' lips will flap when they talk. LipSynchEditor converts from CLSU's PHN format to the LIP format, but to do that you need the PHNs first... unless you want to make lips manually, but that isn't practical. Unfortunately, the Center for Spoken Language Understanding's servers have been offline for a long time. As such, it's currently impossible for new users to install the software required to generate these PHN files. Only a few veterans like myself still have it installed. And I can't even guarantee I'll have access to it forever. It's currently installed on my old computer, but not on my newer system that I built after the servers were offline. I doubt the computer that does have it will last forever, so it's probably only a matter of time before I lose access to CSLU too. Until then, though, I'm able and willing to generate lips on request. And I've gotten a few requests already. Now, I don't want to make a habit of this and get stuck as the guy who does everybody's lips for them because making lips with the CSLU Toolkit is a long, boring process. What I can do for you, though, is tell you can do for me so I don't have to do all of it for you. If you follow the instructions below and send me all the necessary files, all I have to do is hit a button and send stuff back to you. And I have no problem doing that. CSLU requires three things: 1) audio of everything you want to create a lip saved as an individual mono WAV files; 2) a text file accompanying each audio file that contains the words spoken in that line of dialogue; 3) a master list matching each audio file to each text file so it knows what to process. First, you need your VO files in the mono WAV format that the CSLU Toolkit wants. If your VO is new, you merely have to make sure to save it in this format. If you're working with VO from the game, you'll need to convert it first. The game VO files are generally MP3 files with extra bytes added at the start of the file to confuse us. Stripping this header will restore them to regular MP3 files. This can be done with a batch script and you can read up on that here. That will make them MP3, but they still need to be converted to WAV. Any old audio converter can do this. Freemake Audio Converter is one I use for Windows. Alternatively, you can use the Miles Sound Tools to play and convert the VO directly from the original game format to mono WAV. Next, you need to write out all the words spoken in every line and save them as text files. I typically name the text files the same as the audio files. You then need a list of all your audio and text files. This is the most tedious part of the process, but fortunately I've attached batch scripts below to make this easier. text.bat will create blank text files for each audio file. You still have to type the dialogue into them, but at least you won't have to worry about the file names. list.bat will create the master list. It will search for every WAV file and create a line in the list for each one, saving all this as lips.txt. My script assumes each text file is named the same as each audio file, so if you want to use this script, that's required. Send me: 1) all your mono WAV files; 2) all your transcribed text files; 3) your master list of everything to process. Once I have all of those, I can run CSLU's script to generate PHNs and send them along. I can also batch convert to LIP if you want, because that isn't nearly as big a deal as all the above. If you want me to make lips files for you, post a comment below with the necessary files attached or linked, and I'll get to work. Lip Batch Scripts.zip
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    Pseudo Guide to Installing Mods on Android. By jc2. Part 1: What I Can Teach You. Texture mods are your bread and butter. Let's go through 3 popular texture mods from deadlystream and install them. Dark Hope's HD Twi'lek Female < https://deadlystream.com/files/file/982-hd-twilek-female/> This type of mod is a Retexture mod, because it retextures vanilla assets. Retextures are simple, unzip (find a program that can unzip) and go into your kotor folder create an "override" folder.Now copy and paste all of the UNZIPPED files from this mod into the override directly. It's installed. *Note: navigate to Android/data/com.aspyr.swkotor/files/ and create a folder there labeled "override" While there you can also create a folder labeled "Movies" if you have any mod that uses movies. Let's try another texture mod, but this time it adds new modded content with new textures. JC2 Robe Mod. This is not popular for good reason, but it is useful for teaching. (Promise me you will delete this!) This type of mod adds textures and adds new items (jedi robes), but it does not have any 2da files, like appearance.2da. This type is Added Textures & Items No 2da. Unzip files, copy and paste files from each subfolder that you want into the override folder. As simple as that. Now delete them... you promised. Robe mods are usually a good type of mod to have on Android because they do not require 2das, especially appearance.2da to function (each mod is unique though, please check each mod's files before installing). Any audio related mods may work if you play the audio files within the override, instead of placing them in the streamvoice or streamwaves folders. TSLPATCHER MODS: Let's try to install a TSLPATCHER Added Textures & Items Mod. JCarter426 or JC *the OG* created a JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes For K1 1.2 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1378-jcs-fashion-line-i-cloaked-jedi-robes-for-k1/ This requires a TSLPATCHER to PATCH the 2das, but this mod doesn't have 2das, thankfully. Brief summary of how a tslpatcher works. Tslpatcher starts with the vanilla 2da files within its tslpatchdata, and the modded content is patched unto it through the tslpatcher, allowing it to patch other 2da files within the override folder, however, on Android you cannot run a tslpatcher, thus you cannot install this mod. Not all hope is lost, you can install this mod on PC (see this video on how to do this), then take those post-patched files and copy &paste them into your override folder. *Important note, you can find a full dialogue.tlk file on deadlystream in this mod. CAUTION: This is extraordinarily risky as many things can go wrong, too many to list. Please proceed with caution, and the less mods you install this way the better. Let's say you want JC's Fashion LIne and you want to install JC's Jedi Tailor for K1 Run the tslpatcher of one, then before copy & pasting it over override, install the other mod into that folder before moving the combined collection of files into their respective folders. Because! JC's Jedi Tailor has a modules folder as well as an override folder, both will go in swkotor/Files as 2 different folders. Do not merge these folders. Now let's go back to JC's Fashion Line, that mod doesn't have 2da files, the tslpatcher there is simply for speed and simplicity. You could *WARNING* actually just take the files directly out and paste them into your override folder, this is very rare and should only be done with mods that have no dialogue.tlk, 2da files, or module editing. If noob, do not try this at home, even this mod could be updated and no longer function. What that means, is JC2's Fashion Line could be installed without a PC, but JC's Jedi Tailor requires a PC due to the modules editing. *Note* If you have a PC, you can install multiple mods into one override folder using the tslpatcher, which should patch the 2da files allowing a smooth and compatible installation. Never overwrite a 2da file unless you are completly removing that mod from your override, left over files can cause issues. We can add textures, retexture, add items, add robes, but can we add merchants & dialogue related mods? Yes, JC's Jedi Tailor adds a merchant & dialogue. What about lightsaber mods? Lightsaber mods that add new lightsabers, new hilts, and new crystals are TSLPATCHER 2da mods. Most of these mods will require a TSLPATCHER, but we can install on PC like before, some don't though, and if they don't that's the one you'll want if you have Android only. (often times these are older mods, found on https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic) Here's an example of normal 2da Tslpatcher lightsaber mod https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/long-saber-crystal-pack Here's an example of a non-tslpatcher lightsaber mod by SithSpecter https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/1222 Finally, if you want to install something HUGE that will radically effect your endgame of kotor *shameless plug* you should check out Lehon Mandalorian Expansion This is a massive mod that is going to be one of the worst to install on Android, because of its use of multiple 2da files and its reliance on custom audio. It requires a tslpatcher to install, requiring a PC. Recently updated Shanilia. will now have a Android version that has already been patched by the tslpatcher allowing the User to copy and paste folders directly, without needing a PC. Types of files generally okay to install: .nss & .ncs (scripts), .dlg (dialogue files), most uti's (uti's are items) {unless they come with a 2da, then double check}, utm's (merchants), Questionable files (proceed with caution): utc's (NPCs) {if they have appearance.2da alongside them}, any 2da file, globalcat.2da, appearance.2da, etc, Mods to double check: If they alter any vanilla module, if they add any additional module, multiple robe mods (incompatibilities), high definition texture mods (will slow down or crash Android). Mods to avoid: Music mods (they won't work) & Brotherhood of Shadow (You may break your playthrough). K1R relies heavily on tslpatcher and patches a mass variety of files. Part 2: What I Cannot Teach You. How to Get BrotherHood Of Shadow to Work on Any Device Known to Man. Here's a youtube video on it, I hope it works for you. Get TSLPATCHER to work directly on Android. Opening 2da files & GFF files on Android. Enabling Cheats on Android. Give you a good reason why the custom Sounds/Audio doesn't work & how to fix it. How to make K1R work on Android. Part 3: Good advice Always read Readme's. Always look at reviews, sometimes mod's will be incompatible and people will mention it. Always doublecheck and open install logs when using tslpatcher mods, especially if you are on Android. Unless you are confident do not install 2 mods that both alter the same module (map area). Go to the forums & /r kotor (they have a discord) for questions and help & read this guide on android modding It's better to have less mods without crashes, then risking crashes for a more mods. Never overwrite a 2da file, unless you are fully destroying all mods assosiciated with that 2da file ( for example if you installed multiple mods into the override folder, put it in the Android, and then later installed more mods and tried to put them in the Android which results in the option of overwriting the 2da file already in the Android. This would be bad, if you did not then purge all the files that were connected to those 2da files.) I hope this helped in some way. -jc2