Blog #111: The TSL Warp Code List

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Originally I cribbed this list from the internet to assist me when I was making my Loading Screen Mods for TSL.  However, after I made the Replacement Loading Screens for KotOR2: Add-On Pack for those new areas, I wound up adding those warp codes to my own list.  I was recently asked about Brotherhood of Shadow warp codes on Discord recently - yes, I know it's a different game - and it reminded me of my TSL Warp Code list. So now I post it here.  If you find errors, please let me know.  If you have codes from other mods that I may have overlooked (or haven't been released at time of writing), please let me know and I'll add them with attribution. Special thanks to @Leilukinand @JCarter426 for their assistance on KotOR Reddit Discord in working out how to find the Warp Codes more easily using Holocron Toolset.

KOTOR II Warp Codes

Enter these codes after "warp " in the console to be instantly transported to the listed area. The area code is not case-sensitive; i.e. 101per, 101Per, and 101PER all work. (Remember that the console is invisible in TSL.)


Code       Area

001EBO  Prologue - Ebon Hawk Interior

002EBO  Prologue - Ebon Hawk Exterior Hull

003EBO  Ebon Hawk - Interior

004EBO  Ebon Hawk - Interior - Red Eclipse Slayer Invasion [1]

005EBO  Ebon Hawk - Escape from Peragus [2]

006EBO  Ebon Hawk - Interior [10]

007EBO  Ebon Hawk - Interior [12]

101PER  Peragus - Administration Level

102PER  Peragus - Mining Tunnels

103PER  Peragus - Fuel Depot

104PER  Peragus - Asteroid Exterior

105PER  Peragus - Dormitories

106PER  Peragus - Hangar Bay

107PER  Peragus - Turret Minigame [2]

151HAR  Harbinger - Command Deck

152HAR  Harbinger - Crew Quarters

153HAR  Harbinger - Engine Deck

154HAR  Harbinger - Command Deck (used for cutscenes)

201TEL  Citadel Station - Dock Module

202TEL  Citadel Station - Entertainment

203TEL  Citadel Station - Residential 082 East

204TEL  Citadel Station - Residential 082 West

205TEL  Citadel Station - Cutscene with Carth Onasi [3]

207TEL  Citadel Station - Cantina

208TEL  Citadel Station - Bumani Exchange Corp.

209TEL  Citadel Station - Czerka Offices

211TEL  Citadel Station - Swoop Track [4]

220TEL  Citadel Station - Suburban

221TEL  Citadel Station - Suburban

222TEL  Citadel Station - Entertainment Module 081

231TEL  Telos - Restoration Zone [5]

232TEL  Telos - Underground Base

233TEL  Telos - Czerka Site

261TEL  Telos - Polar Plateau

262TEL  Telos - Secret Academy

301NAR  Nar Shadaa - Refugee Landing Pad

302NAR  Nar Shadaa - Refugee Quad

303NAR  Nar Shadaa - Docks

304NAR  Nar Shadaa - Jekk'Jekk Tarr

305NAR  Nar Shadaa - Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels

306NAR  Nar Shadaa - Entertainment Promenade

351NAR  Nar Shadaa - Goto's Yacht

352NAR  Nar Shadaa - Goto Cutscene [6]

371NAR  Nar Shadaa - Swoop Track [4]

401DXN  Dxun - Jungle Landing

402DXN  Dxun - Jungle

403DXN  Dxun - Mandalorian Ruins

404DXN  Dxun - Mandalorian Cache

410DXN  Dxun - Jungle Tomb

411DXN  Dxun - Sith Tomb

421DXN  Dxun - Turret Minigame [2]

501OND  Onderon - Iziz Spaceport

502OND  Onderon - Iziz Merchant Quarter

503OND  Onderon - Iziz Cantina

504OND  Onderon - Sky Ramp

505OND  Onderon - Turret Minigame [2]

506OND  Onderon - Royal Palace

510OND  Onderon - Swoop Track [4]

511OND  Onderon - Iziz Merchant Quarter Invasion [7]

512OND  Onderon - Iziz Western Square

601DAN  Dantooine - Khoonda Plains

602DAN  Dantooine - Khoonda

603DAN  Dantooine - Khoonda Plains Cutscenes [8]

604DAN  Dantooine - Crystal Cave

605DAN  Dantooine - Enclave Courtyard

610DAN  Dantooine - Enclave Sublevel

650DAN  Dantooine - Rebuilt Jedi Enclave

701KOR  Korriban - Valley of the Dark Lords

702KOR  Korriban - Sith Academy

710KOR  Korriban - Shyrack Cave

711KOR  Korriban - Secret Tomb

851NIH  Ravager - Command Deck

852NIH  Ravager - Bridge

853NIH  Ravager - Nihilus/Visas Cutscene

901MAL  Malachor V - Surface

902MAL  Malachor V - Depths

903MAL  Malachor V - Trayus Academy

904MAL  Malachor V - Trayus Core

905MAL  Malachor V - Trayus Crescent

906MAL  Malachor V - Trayus Proving Grounds

907MAL  Malachor V - Kreia/Sion Cutscene

952COR Coruscant - Jedi Temple

953COR Coruscant - Jedi Temple Council Chambers

954COR Coruscant - Jedi Temple Landing Pad

950COR  Ebon Hawk - Escape From Telos Cutscene [9]


New areas added by mods

Code       Area

TSLRCM (information kindly provided by Leilukin)

012EBO                 Ebon Hawk - Interior - Cutscene of the Red Eclipse boarding

235TEL                  Telos Orbital Shuttle

298TEL                  Telos - Military Base Sub-Level (HK Factory)

299TEL                  Telos - HK Manufacturing Plant

307NAR                Nar Shaddaa - Entertainment Promenade - Zhug Brothers' cutscenes

350NAR                Nar Shaddaa - Refugee Landing Pad - For the sequence where Atton, Bao-Dur and possibly a 3rd party member fight through the area

908MAL                Malachor V - Trayus Academy - Handmaiden vs. Visas cutscene

909MAL                Malachor V - Trayus Academy - Atton vs. Disciple cutscene, Atton vs. Sion fight and cutscene


Curse of the Sith

100CDN        Curse of the Sith


Azgath N'Dul's Tomb

712KOR        Korriban - Azgath N'Dul's Tomb

713KOR        Korriban - Tomb Antechamber


[TSL] Lost Modules Pack (info provided by InSidious in his mod description)

000test        Empty, box-shaped room. The camera clips through the walls, like it does in most custom modules.

000trl           Small, empty area with a foggy floor. Perhaps has something to do with the main menu, when completed by a character with the Sith Lord prestige class?

999dia         Very large, flat plane, with walkmesh and lighting. Perhaps a test?


M4-78 Enhancement Project

703KOR        Korriban cutscene #1 for M4-78 version 1.5

705KOR        Korriban cutscene #2 for M4-78 version 1.5

801DRO       M4-78 - Landing Pad

802DRO       M4-78 - Central Zone

803DRO       M4-78 - Environmental Zone

804DRO       M4-78 - Industrial Zone

805DRO       M4-78 - M4-78 Archon Chamber

806DRO       M4-78 - Archon I Chamber (ES-05)

807DRO       M4-78 - Archon II Chamber (IS-24)

808DRO       M4-78 – Central Zone (irradiated)

809DRO       M4-78 - Industrial Zone (irradiated)

810DRO       M4-78 - Industrial Zone - Design & Testing

811DRO       M4-78 - Industrial Zone - Research & Development


Coruscant Jedi Temple

952COR       Coruscant - Jedi Temple

953COR       Coruscant - Jedi Temple Council Chambers

954COR       Coruscant - Jedi Temple Landing Pad


Korriban Expansion

740KOR      Valley Floor

741KOR      Poxus Awakens Herrco [Cutscene]

743KOR      Tomb of Darth Doom III

745KOR      Poxus' Academy

746KOR      Poxus' Sanctuary

747KOR      Shuttle Area

748KOR      Sith Ruins

749KOR      Thulsa Gaul’s Outer Sanctum

750KOR      Thulsa Gaul’s Inner Sanctum

910DAG      Tomb of Ezer Arden


Extended Enclave (information from Leilukin)

020EBO       Ebon Hawk [11]




451CAT                 Keralt High Level

452CAT                 Keralt Middle Level

453CAT                 Keralt Entertainment Level

454CAT                 Keralt Lower Level

455CAT                 Warrior Base

456CAT                 Wyvern Dragon’s Base

457CAT                 Eastern Dark Lands

458CAT                 Mattersan District

459CAT                 Western Dark Lands

460CAT                 Outsider’s Enclave

461CAT                 The Crypts

462CAT                 Keralt Sector 51



[1] Warping into this area will leave you without companions. Not a good thing unless you just want to test your toughness.

[2] Warping into a turret minigame may cause the game to hang when the minigame is complete.

[3] Warping into this area does nothing except trigger a cutscene on Citadel Station with Carth Onasi. You then travel to Malachor V.

[4] You can warp into a swoop track and race. Afterwards, you'll find yourself in front of the track manager; however, your race time won't be recorded. Use this for practicing swoop racing without paying any money.

[5] Warping into the Telos Restoration Zone prior to having entered it normally will cause the game to hang in the cutscene and your only option is to ALT-F4 to force the game to close.

[6] You'll see a plot-exposition cutscene that normally occurs the first time you travel to Nar Shadaa and then end up on the Refugee Landing Pad.

[7] This is the Iziz Merchant Quarter after you have landed your Mandalorian War Basilisk in the middle of the street.

[8] This is actually an amusing area to visit. This is the area used to show cutscenes when you are helping/sabotaging the defense against the mercenaries. There's a computer console that allows you to play all the mini-movies and you can wander around and see how the developers set up the movies.

[9] This is the scene aboard Ebon Hawk after you leave Atris' Secret Academy the first time.


[10]  As per Leilukin: 006EBO is used for the cutscene on the Ebon Hawk after the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave (which includes dialogue with Atton and Visas/Disciple)

[11]  As per Leilukin: the Extended Enclave mod also adds a custom module for the Ebon Hawk, 020EBO for the cutscene of the Ebon Hawk crew after the Exile's "death".

[12]  As per Leilukin: 007EBO is used for the cutscene on the Ebon Hawk after Goto's Yacht, which includes dialogue with Mira/Hanharr, Atton and G0-T0

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Yes, I will include Cathalan warp codes if I am provided both the warp codes and the Location Names in from in the game.

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