Blog #112: The KotOR1 Warp Code List

Sith Holocron


Originally, I cribbed the original form of this list from the internet.  However, after I made the The TSL Warp Code List, I knew I would have to make a list for the KotOR1 warp codes.  I already had the BOS:SR codes but realized that the list would be compiled much faster with the community’s help. This list and the TSL list, are living lists: if new codes are found (or introduced by way of new mods), they can be added.  As with the TSL list, new codes will be attributed in the main post.

If you find errors, please let me know. 


KOTOR I Warp Codes

Enter these codes after "warp " in the console to be instantly transported to the listed area. The area code is not case-sensitive; i.e. 101per, 101Per, and 101PER all work. (Remember that unlike the console in TSL, the console is visible in KotOR1)


Code                     Area


Endar Spire

end_m01aa        Command Module

end_m01ab        Starboard Section



tar_m02aa          South Apartments

tar_m02ab          Upper City North

tar_m02ac           Upper City South

tar_m02ad          North Apartments

tar_m02ae          Upper City Cantina

tar_m02af           Hideout

tar_m03aa          Lower City

tar_m03ab          Lower City Apartments

tar_m03ad          Lower City Apartments

tar_m03ae          Javyar's Cantina

tar_m03af           Swoop Platform

tar_m04aa          Undercity

tar_m05aa          Lower Sewers

tar_m05ab          Upper Sewers

tar_m08aa          Davik's Estate

tar_m09aa          Sith Base

tar_m09ab          Sith Base

tar_m10aa          Black Vulkar Base

tar_m10ab          Black Vulkar Base (unused game area)

tar_m10ac          Black Vulkar Base

tar_m11aa          Hidden Bek Base

tar_m11ab          Hidden Bek Base



danm13                Jedi Enclave

danm14aa           Courtyard

danm14ab           Matale Grounds

danm14ac           Grove

danm14ad           Sandral Grounds

danm14ae           Crystal Caves

danm15                Ruins

danm16                Sandral Estate



tat_m17aa          Anchorhead

tat_m17ab          Docking Bay

tat_m17ac           Droid Shop

tat_m17ad          Hunting Lodge

tat_m17ae          Swoop Registration

tat_m17af           Cantina

tat_m17ag          Czerka Office

tat_m18aa          Dune Sea

tat_m18ab          Sand People Territory

tat_m18ac           Eastern Dune Sea

tat_m20aa          Sand People Enclave \

m19aa                 Tatooine Temple

m45mg               Some kind of early Tatooine swoop racing area?



kas_m22aa         Czerka Landing Port

kas_m22ab         The Great Walkway

kas_m23aa         Village of Rwookrrorro

kas_m23ab         Worrwill's Home

kas_m23ac          Worrroznor's Home

kas_m23ad         Chieftain's Hall

kas_m24aa         Upper Shadowlands

kas_m25aa         Lower Shadowlands

m25ab                  Part of Kashyyyk, the level that was cut (Enhanced Restoration of the Shadowlands?)



manm26aa          Ahto West

manm26ab         Ahto East

manm26ac          West Central

manm26ad         Docking Bay

manm26ae         East Central

manm27aa          Sith Base

manm28aa          Hrakert Station

manm28ab         Sea Floor

manm28ac          Kolto Control

manm28ad         Hrakert Rift



korr_m33aa        Dreshdae

korr_m33ab       Sith Academy Entrance

korr_m34aa        Shyrack Caves

korr_m35aa        Sith Academy Entrance

korr_m36aa        Valley of Dark Lords

korr_m37aa        Tomb of Ajunta Pall

korr_m38aa        Tomb of Marka Ragnos

korr_m38ab       Tomb of Tulak Hord

korr_m39aa        Tomb of Naga Sadow

m21aa                   Evidently a cut Czerka depot (probably reused in BOS:SR which has its own code below)



lev_m40aa          Prison Block

lev_m40ab          Command Deck

lev_m40ac          Hangar

lev_m40ad          Bridge


Yavin Station

liv_m99aa            Yavin Station


Ebon Hawk

ebo_m12aa        Bridge

ebo_m12ab        Ebon Hawk (Turret Minigame) [info provided by DarthParametric]

ebo_m40ad        Ebon Hawk (Post-Leviathan) [info provided by DarthParametric]

ebo_m41aa        Ebon Hawk (Post-Lehon Crash) [info provided by DarthParametric]

ebo_m46ab        Mystery Box


Unknown World

unk_m41aa        Central Beach

unk_m41ab        South Beach

unk_m41ac         North Beach

unk_m41ad        Temple Exterior

unk_m42aa        Elder Settlement

unk_m43aa        Rakatan Settlement

unk_m44aa        Temple Main Floor

unk_m44ab        Temple Catacombs


Star Forge

sta_m45aa          Deck 1

sta_m45ab          Deck 2

sta_m45ac          Deck 3

sta_m45ad          Deck 4


Swoop Track Modules (info provided by DarthParametric)

tar_m03mg         Taris Swoop Minigame

tat_m17mg         Tatooine Swoop Minigame

manm26mg        Manaan Swoop Minigame


Stunt Modules [Cutscenes in the game] (info provided by DarthParametric)

STUNT_00           Stunt Ebon Hawk (Vision Sequences)

STUNT_03a         Stunt Leviathan Bridge (Destroy Taris Cutscene)

STUNT_06           Stunt Leviathan Bridge (Resume the bombardment Cutscene)

STUNT_07           Stunt Ebon Hawk (Taris Escape Cutscene)

STUNT_12           Stunt Leviathan Bridge (Calo Nord Cutscene)

STUNT_14           Stunt Leviathan Bridge (Darth Bandon Cutscene)

STUNT_16           Stunt Ebon Hawk (Interdicted By Leviathan Cutscene)

STUNT_18           Stunt Rakatan Temple (Bastila Torture Cutscene)

STUNT_19           Stunt Star Forge (Jawless Malak Cutscene)

STUNT_31b        Stunt Lehon Temple (Revelation Cutscene)

STUNT_34           Stunt Ebon Hawk (Star Forge Arrival)

STUNT_35           Stunt Ebon Hawk (Crash On Lehon Cutscene)

STUNT_42           Stunt Ebon Hawk (LS Dodonna Holocall Cutscene)

STUNT_44           Stunt Ebon Hawk (DS Dodonna Holocall Cutscene)

STUNT_50a         Stunt Dodonna Flagship (Break In Formation Cutscene)

STUNT_51a         Stunt Dodonna Flagship (Bastila Against Us Cutscene)

STUNT_54a         Stunt Dodonna Flagship (Republic Forces Pull Back Cutscene)

STUNT_55a         Stunt Lehon Temple (Dark Side Ending)

STUNT_56a         Stunt Dodonna Flagship (Star Forge Destroyed Cutscene)

STUNT_57           Stunt Lehon Temple (Light Side Ending)


New areas added by mods


Code                     Area

K1R (info provided by Fair Strides)

tar_m10ab                          Vulkar Base restored level (between main floor and garage)

k1r_paztourney                The Pazaak Tournament on Manaan

stunt_56b                           This seems to be an end-game cutscene, possibly a duplicate of the Good ending for some restored content


Brotherhood of Shadows: Solomon’s Revenge

bos_bridge         Mandalore's Capital Ship Bridge

bos_canyon       Korriban Wastes Canyon

bos_circle            Dreshdae Civilian Quarters

bos_czerka         Czerka Mining Facility (Main Level)

bos_czerka2       Czerka Mining Facility (Castigation Level)

bos_czerka3       Czerka Mining Facility (Residential Level)

bos_czerka4       Czerka Mining Facility (Maintenance Level)

bos_digsite         Dreshdae Dig Site

bos_ebovis         Ebon Hawk (Shadow Vision)

bos_msp1           Mandalore's Capital Ship (Docking Bay)

bos_msp2           Mandalore's Capital Ship (Crew Quarters)

bos_msp3           Mandalore's Capital Ship (Bridge Entrance)

bos_orion           Orion Crew Deck (Shadow Flashback)

bos_orion2         Orion Starboard Section (Shadow Flashback)

bos_pit                 Empty White Box Prison (???)

bos_rep2             Formidable (Shadow Vision)

bos_sewers        Dreshdae Sewers

bos_sincan         Canyon (Akirakon Sin Flashback)

bos_sintem        Temple Exterior (Akirakon Sin Flashback)

bos_sintem2      Temple Summit (Akirakon Sin Flashback)

bos_stage1         Dantooine Council Chamber (Akirakon Boss Trial 1)

bos_stage2         Mandalore's Capital Ship Bridge (Akirakon Boss Trial 2)

bos_stage3         Revan's Flagship Bridge (Akirakon Boss Trial 3)

bos_stage4         Lehon Temple Summit (Akirakon Boss Trial 4)

bos_stage5         Korriban Temple Summit (Akirakon Final Cutscene)

bos_taris             The Battle of Taris (Shadow Flashback)

bos_tem0           Korriban Ancient Cave

bos_tem1           Temple of Shadow (Long Hallway)

bos_tem2           Temple of Shadow (Solomon Encounter/ Holding Cells)

bos_tem3           Temple of Shadow (Inner Chamber)

bos_tem3b         Temple of Shadow (Inner Chamber Post-Battle Cutscene)

bos_tem4           Temple of Shadow (Hallways)

bos_tem5           Temple of Shadow (Chasm Bridge)

bos_tunnels       Mining Tunnels

bos_wastes        Korriban Wastes (Desert)

bos_wastes2     Korriban Wastes

bos_wastes4     Korriban Wastes (Cave Exterior)


A Crashed Republic Cruiser on a Nameless World (info provided by Leilukin)

unk_m41ae        Unknown World - Cruiser Command Deck

unk_m41af         Unknown World - Cruiser Starboard Section

unk_m41ag        Unknown World - Cruiser Crew Quarters

unk_m41ah        Unknown World - Cruiser Engine Deck

unk_m41ai          Unknown World - Cruiser Submerged Section

unk_m41aj         Unknown World - Revan's Quarters


Lost Modules Pack (info provided by InSidious in his mod description)

m19aa                  The original Tatooine temple, in which you had to retrieve the information from the Star Map inside a Sarlacc's maw.

m21aa                  Evidently a Czerka depot, possibly on Korriban.

m25ab                  Part of Kashyyyk, possibly the level of the Shadowlands that was cut?

m45mg                Some kind of early Tatooine swoop racing area?

m47aa                  ? Used for a cutscene that no longer appears in-game?

PLCaa                   Some kind of basic area functionality test, at a guess.

MQATester          Darkkender thought this was possibly for Quality Assurance, and it would seem likely that it was either for this, or E3.


JC's Romance Enhancement: Dark Sacrifice for K1

stunt_sacrifice                  Stunt Star Forge - Deck 1 (Cutscene for the alternate Dark Side Ending for Carth's romance)


Agent Xim's Crystal Cave

korr_m34ab                       Crystal Cave


Seamhainn and DarthJebus05’s Enhanced Restoration of the Shadowlands

kas_m25aa         Lower Shadowlands

kas_m25ab         Lower Shadowlands


Yavin IV Planet Mod by MotOR Squad + Master Zionosis

Yav_99                  Yavin Sector A

Yav_98                  Yavin Sector B

Yav_97                  Yavin Sector C

Yav_96                  Yavin Sector D

Yav_95                  Yavin Sector E

Yav_94                  Yavin Sector F

Yav_90                  Yavin Sector J


Deathdisco’s Tomb of Exar Kun

ekun                   Tomb of Exar Kun


Mods I know that we need warp codes for (this list will need to be expanded on as well, of course):

KotOR 1 Restoration (K1R) by Fair Strides and ZM90 (and a crew of thousands, I'm sure)

Redhawke’s ORD Mandell mod  (I've lined this one out as it uses the same names as the original locations that RedHawke cloned for the mod. In order to stop the confusion, I've left it off the list intentionally)

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Recommended Comments

Stunt modules:

STUNT_00 - Stunt Ebon Hawk (Vision Sequences)
STUNT_03a - Stunt Leviathan Bridge (Destroy Taris Cutscene)
STUNT_06 - Stunt Leviathan Bridge (Resume the bombardment Cutscene)
STUNT_07 - Stunt Ebon Hawk (Taris Escape Cutscene)
STUNT_12 - Stunt Leviathan Bridge (Calo Nord Cutscene)
STUNT_14 - Stunt Leviathan Bridge (Darth Bandon Cutscene)
STUNT_16 - Stunt Ebon Hawk (Interdicted By Leviathan Cutscene)
STUNT_18 - Stunt Rakatan Temple (Bastila Torture Cutscene)
STUNT_19 - Stunt Star Forge (Jawless Malak Cutscene)
STUNT_31b - Stunt Lehon Temple (Revelation Cutscene)
STUNT_34 - Stunt Ebon Hawk (Star Forge Arrival)
STUNT_35 - Stunt Ebon Hawk (Crash On Lehon Cutscene)
STUNT_42 - Stunt Ebon Hawk (LS Dodonna Holocall Cutscene)
STUNT_44 - Stunt Ebon Hawk (DS Dodonna Holocall Cutscene)
STUNT_50a - Stunt Dodonna Flagship (Break In Formation Cutscene)
STUNT_51a - Stunt Dodonna Flagship (Bastila Against Us Cutscene)
STUNT_54a - Stunt Dodonna Flagship (Republic Forces Pull Back Cutscene)
STUNT_55a - Stunt Lehon Temple (Dark Side Ending)
STUNT_56a - Stunt Dodonna Flagship (Star Forge Destroyed Cutscene)
STUNT_57 - Stunt Lehon Temple (Light Side Ending)

Other Ebon Hawk modules:

ebo_m12ab - Ebon Hawk (Turret Minigame)
ebo_m40ad - Ebon Hawk (Post-Leviathan)
ebo_m41aa - Ebon Hawk (Post-Lehon Crash)

Swoop track modules:

tar_m03mg - Taris Swoop Minigame
tat_m17mg - Tatooine Swoop Minigame
manm26mg - Manaan Swoop Minigame


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Have to say, this has been immensely convenient for me. I've been dabbing in the BOS modules in the Holocron Toolset and I suck at remembering the modules so I can load  them in-game. 

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