Blog #113: Ebon Hawk Light Fixture

Sith Holocron


I've been working on something and talking about it in private channels. I thought I'd ramble about it a bit more publicly now.  As you've guessed from the blog's title, I'll be chatting about the Ebon Hawk light fixture. (Exciting, I know.)

You most likely know which texture that I'm referring to but for clarity's sake, it's this one:


BioWare back in day seemed to like to source their designs from real world things and I think I've figured out where they got this design from. I think it was from this:


It's an un-produced design for a Luxfer Prism designed by Frank Lloyd Wright..  Those that follow this blog probably remember that I made a mod that replaced the BioWare texture with another (produced) glass tile design.  But since I didn't have a real world object to take a snapshot of or Google for an image, I had to start from scratch.

And this is what I came up with.


Granted, I took some liberties with the design.  Those hooks on the corners of the central sqaure aren't here.  But I think I came pretty close to the design. Luckily, I have saved the individual parts separately as well, so I can easily change out colors if needed.

And here's what you get if you tile the texture...


Thanks for reading my rambling.

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