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    In the meantime, me, working on K1CP v1.9:
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    I haven't been paying attention for the past few weeks, but I've seen this issue periodically and it's annoying. Worse are the people who help despite the poster ignoring the instructions. This only encourages bad behavior.
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    "Sith Fighters - incoming!"
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    It's a complete non-starter without proper custom VO, especially for the party members and major NPCs like Uthar and Yuthura. But fortunately we are on the cusp of that being a realistic proposition (as in it actually sounding good/natural). As to the mechanics of the rest of it, the way I'd tackle it would be to create a branching point with a cutscene on the Hawk after landing. If you go the "guns blazing" route then you could just load a separate module. Otherwise you'd get the vanilla module. That would maintain compatibility with existing Korriban mods with minimal issues, although certain mods might need extensions to have their content appear in the other module.
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    Would Fair Strides' Party on the Leviathan! count? By making it possible to talk to Juhani on the Leviathan, it restores some cut romance dialogue.
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    Thanks so much for sharing and wishing you the best on your journey and living your best life.
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    I would replace Mission with Yuthura, Yuthura is much cooler. 🤭 There's a hole in the admiral's head, and Juhani's neck is broken. The force really does work in mysterious ways.
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    It's nice to see someone is making progress in this area. I was looking into this just before I stopped development on KotorTool. Great Job! Keep it up!
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    Well I got half way through it, SH. But some bugs in that mod seem to pop-up when I save the game at certain points, which cause other problems in the mod preventing me from going any further and so I gave up. What stopped me was; Couldn't get through the magnetic force field doors to the industrial zone. The lock thingy in the bar, that was usually there to pick at the beginning of the mod, wasn't there anymore (after a save) for me to pick and the door wouldn't open like a normal non locked door should. I think maybe I did something wrong, but then again, there were other bugs in that mod that make me think otherwise. I don't know for sure. But besides that problem, I don't care for the game play in that mod all that much either. Seems at various times as almost monotonous with wave after wave of droid fighting to get from one place to another with all that fighting going on. I don't know, just seemed a little too long for me in those specific cases. I think it was overdone. Another thing I think they over did was the obsessiveness with the containers at the beginning, when you first walk from the Hawk into the (second module) Central Zone from the ramp. And speaking of the ramp coming into the Central Zone, they had three containers sitting on a incline, but the containers themselves weren't sitting inclined with the ramp. I'm a stickler for details and those kind of incorrect physical mistakes with objects bug me. It's minor details, but it just doesn't look right and those little minor mistakes all add up visually and make a difference. Another thing for me was the use of Firaxa sharks as a central computer AI intelligence or whatever they were suppose to be. That seem so out-of-place to me for the authors to use a biological entity in place of a non-organic central computer AI like that. While I was playing it - I was thinking at the time - why they just didn't put in place a glowing colored floating sphere that rotated instead? Maybe add some electrical lightening sparking off it or something. That would seem more computer machine like as a AI intelligence. Anyway, like Eauxps pointed out in his blog, this is one of those mods that was probably alright at the time it was released, despite the bugs, when Kotor 2 was still somewhat new. Because it had potential, still does really, which could've of been improved upon a little more. But I'm betting the M4-78EP mod is going to be at least better than this old M4-78 version, judging from the way everybody else has described playing it, so I'm looking forward to playing that version when I get the time. So there you go, SH. My 2 cents. ; )
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    Got it downloaded, SH. And as soon as I get the chance and the amount of time to play the mods all the way through, I'll give you some feedback on what I think. Alrighty? ; )
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    Come on, guys! Let's not leave SH hanging here! (I'm personally planning to go through it myself once I get the time and ability to do so.)
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    I'm not an audio guy but it sounds amazing to me. I couldn't tell that it's not the official filter.
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    I just checked the German opening crawls and they seemed to be correct.
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    Thanks for the shout-out! You are correct about making a Carth and male PC romance mod requiring more dialogue editing than a Bastila and female PC romance mod does, because Carth has more dialogue referring to the PC's gender throughout his romance than Bastila does, since Carth calls the female PC "woman" and "sister" a lot. I handled the edited dialogue in Carth's romance the same way as I did my romance mods for KotOR 2: splicing VO files to replace the pronouns and gendered terms. Thank you again for your SithCodec tool, so I did not have to waste time in hex editing the VO files needed for my Carth romance mod.
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    Haha, thanks! I still have no idea where you came up with this image, but it's fucking beautiful. Hell, can I borrow it as the cover photo on FB? You're welcome. The reactions have been nice so far; a few years ago... I wouldn't have expected people to be so understanding. Part of that phenomenon where you expect others to think like you do, I guess. And back then? I was ignorant. You! You're still around?! Yes!!! You volunteered me into a chaotic mess, ya know that? (K1R) I still need to try out your Crashed Republic Cruiser mod. I'm glad it saw the light of day, man.
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    I have decided to close this post to further comments, because I had already made my stance on the matter very clear in both the post and the comments. I will not engage with anyone who registers a Deadly Stream account just to argue with me over this post. To anyone who tries to tell me "I'm LGBT myself, and I'm not offended by mods that make gay characters straight", call me "over-sensitive over pixels" and even accuse me of caring more about fictional LGBT characters than real LGBT people, and that "extremists" like me (read: people who are vocal about LGBT-phobia) make LGBT people look bad: Go away with your respectability politics nonsense and stay far away from me. I am far from the only LGBT person who hates mods that turn canon gay characters straight, so do not think you know better than any other LGBT people just because you are "not as over-sensitive" as the rest of us. Also, I am active in my local LGBT community in real life, so do not even dare to assume I do not care about real life LGBT people just because I care about how fictional LGBT characters are represented in media and how they are treated by the audience. I can do both. To any other LGBT people who agree with me and are interested in supporting my mods, feel free so message me or comment on my individual mods to express your appreciation.