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    It will! I am SO excited of this movie! To @UnusualCharacters and @Mellowtron11, you guys are fantastic in the trailer!
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    1. I'd love for there to be a way for at least Kaah to survive the sith assassins. 2. The ending was kind of abrupt and unfulfilling and I actually thought something was broken for a moment. 3. Black market droid worked fine for me, perhaps because I didn't interact with it until after fixing the radiation leak? 4. 'Deadly Upgrade' could not be completed on my own, I had to fetch CS-28 for it to complete. 5. Found the sound mixing to be quite annoying with some voices quite loud and some whisper quiet. 6. Found the Industrial Sector much less laggy but still had a strange bug where it would freeze for a moment then fast forward for a few seconds. 7. Some of the Sith assassins don't become aggressive and remain standing around after the fight. 8. Atton acts like he isn't a Jedi in the intro(Provided you made him one). 9. I get Bao-Dur's shield breaking allowing you to sequence break into the environment zone, But why not your Lightsaber? 10. Never had a problem entering the Enviro-Zone with party memners. 11. Never got the fixing droid quest, perhaps because I progressed too far? On a similar note, I never returned to Telos right after the academy; Instead doing so before/after completing M4-78 and now Telos is messed up with Grenn missing and me being told to wait for Grenn to arrest me again among other things. 12. Found the teleporting to get thru the radiation leak stuff to be kind of jarring but understand the limits. Shame the 'teleport-via-map' from K1 was never implemented... 13. Lip flaps for Kaah and Vash are broken. 14. Part of me wishes I could take all 3 droids to deal with the radiation.
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    Safe travels, look forward to blog #101 "Another Happy Landing." On a side note, funny to see 2 of the three people in the example screenshot commenting.
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    I like where this is going. 🤔
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    It really depends on what modders want to do with the character as they are only limited by their ability and their imagination. If Vash was recast, who's to say that she'd even want to go Dantooine? It might even be a modder's favor for her not to want to go to Dantooine as the other Jedi Masters do not acknowledge her being there at any point in the Rebuilt Jedi Academy discussion. Let's look at few things that could be done - and folks could add items below as they occur to them. Continue the discussion on Force Bonds that currently exists in the game disc files? Would knowing more about the Force Bonds be of interest to a player? Have lengthier discussions with Vash on the nature of their player's current alignment? Perhaps Vash might offer an apology (on her own behalf that is, not the Council's) for throwing the Exile out of the Order? Expanded training montage? Could Vash have additional feedback on the Masters that the Exile has encountered already? Additional comments branching off of whether your Exile spared them or attacked them? How about some more information on what she did on the planet? She has to have more information on the nature of planet of M4-78. Assuming we're talking about a version of a mod that includes Kaah, then she was standing right next to her hacker padawan having things explained to her. Her (relatively) calm outlook compared to Kaah's might offer different outlooks on M4-78 as a whole. And perhaps the player could suggest to Vash what she could do next? Maybe tie Vash into other mods that aren't connected to M4-78 right now (i.e. Korriban Expansion, Vash being a resource to consult about those pesky missing Jedi Holocrons, having her pick up and train Kaevee, etc.)? And that's just off the top of my head.
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    Not really a "hate"-hate, but I find some of the voice acting is rather uneven. Starting with robtic filtering that is way too strong, so much it warps the character's voice when they speak, having no filtering at all for some lines, like IS-43's system overload warning for example. Some of the lines are way too quiet, such as the Escort Droid's. Other times it's simply the writing, making them speak in a fashion that is way too humanized, or not using the proper words. I've seen too few instances of "organics" or "sentients", but that might just be me. Speaking of Escort Droid, it seems he can only take you forward to the manufacturing part of the industrial zone, but won't take you back to his initial post in that zone, only to the Archon, Back to Central, or the Enviro Zone's locations. Also, it would be prudent to also add him to the maintenance area of the Industrial Zone, as currently the fastest way to get there is to warp to manufacturing and go back into maintenance from there, as the alternative is to leg it all the way through the long reactor corridor. A glitch can also occur when multiple copies of I1-02 will spawn in the small diagnostic shed in the industrial zone, and play the same diagnostic cutscene with the droid there, way past the point of the plot when it was supposed to happen. The doors leading further into the Industrial Zone, and in the Environmental Zone cannot be crossed until their canned animation finishes. It seems the script keeps the invisible wall and the interaction reticle in place until that is done. The infamous crash when entering the Enviro Zone with party members is still present, so many years after the initial report, and can only be circumvented by going in solo and re-adding the party once there. Some of the droids later on still have their wallhack abilities and can shoot you through the walls, without any way to fight back until the door opens. Some quests like the Fixing Droids or Deadly Upgrade seem to be unable to be completed, either due to glitches in the script because the player skips a step in the quest log chain, such as not informing the droid in the Central Zone that they found the War Droid with the illegal upgrade installed and simply went on to destroy him and bring back the part, which in theory should complete the quest, but the journal entry is stuck on "inform the droid" entry, or because the item necessary to fix a droid, namely the Central Droid Processor, doesn't spawn at all, apparently because the main plot progressed too far. That's what I spotted during my latest run through the place, at least.
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    I actually first mentioned it in the mod thread, so since VP never came asking for it, I assumed they were not interested in updating. If VP does want it, I'll happily send it over. [Edit]: As a followup, I just noticed I can now attatch files to posts, so have this. Stick this in the 105 folder of the peragus tweak folder, then run the TSLPatcher as normal. 105per.git
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    In your humble opinion, is this a good replacement for Harbinger texture above?
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    I use both the HQ skyboxes (using the no cloud sky option) and helena shan improvement mods that Ebmar has listed. I also use Tatooine OTE.
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    With my past modded-playthrough [currently I'm running an 80% vanilla texture PT particularly with Tatooine's decorations], I have been using the fan favorite's- multiple's "Old Republic Skin Overhaul - Tatooine v1.0" for both the interior and the exterior of this [the way I see it] amazing planet. Apologize that for now I can't provide an actual in-game screenshots from my end, as I don't have the mod installed currently but I have some which I have grabbed from the host: Images are hosted here For the skyboxes; I can't think of anything more fitting than Kexikus's "High Quality Skyboxes". Pure sheer quality For content related stuff you just can't miss VarsityPuppet's "Helena Shan Improvement", or you'll just ends-up mistaken her with another lady in the bar I think that's all I can think of regarding Tatooine's essential contents for now. 🤔 Hoping more references are coming your way! Edit: I'll let you know with an update if I manage to found some other stuffs on the way.
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    In my opinion, you should try to keep the appearances of areas and ships that appear in both K1 and TSL films the same in K1. It'd really come off as odd if you had an HD reskin for the Leviathan in K1 but had the Vanilla reskin TSL if you understand what I mean. I have trouble finding interior reskins for the Hawk myself so I won't be able to provide one of those but I will provide a mod that may help with actually filming the movie inside the Ebon Hawk as well as an exterior. Exterior: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/915 Mod: In my opinion, Xarwarz reskins of Dantooine are terrible. Not trying to be rude to the mod author but his work on Dantooine in both the 2012 and OTE have obvious problems with them. The grass in the 2012 reskin has this grass which is just a close-up shot of real life grass which, when added into the Kotor game, doesn't really work as it doesn't look like grass at all it looks more like a 2D picture which was meant to be a 3D picture which results in this ugly unnatural feel to the whole planet (his Telos reskins also had this issue with the grass and it was even used in his latest movie which really ruined the scene up until the superb plot and acting redeemed all of it). The Dantooine OTE has the same problem except it swapped the grass with flowers which looks even worse. Similar issues appear in his Kashyyyk reskins where he used massive 2D leaves for the Shadowlands and on Korriban for god knows whatever reason he thought it'd be a good idea to make the Shyrack Cave metallic patterns instead of its normal stone. My personal favourite for Dantooine is the Old Republic Skin over. It may not be on the HD side but it definitely is on the quality side especially when it comes to the grass and the buildings, overall it is a really good improvement to the level. Its installation is modular so if you wanted just Dantooine you can install just Dantooine- https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/68?tab=files Or you could just use these mods. Definitely not on the HD side of things but it's far better than Xarwarz grass and it'd go along nicely with Kexikus' Green HQ Skybox mod- https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/906 and https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/911
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    I can barely remember what happened yesterday, much less whenever that must have occurred.
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    Thanks @ebmar! It’s been mostly @Sith Holocron & myself since the beginning, but we’ve had some fantastic help along the way. @Jenko has been a great help for consulting when writing KOTOR scripts (and teaching me how to write them) and it’s thanks to @DarthParametric that Zekk has his wonderful head wound in this film.
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    Seems like the perfect place for one of Max Reebo's greatest hits.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that, eb. Can't say much about what you're going through other than it really sucks to lose the people you're closest to. I think you're making the right move to take the necessary time to detach and heal, away from screens. You're such a positive source of light here; to think that you're going through such a dark time is deeply saddening and I hope it's as brief as it can be. Good luck, brotha. Hope to have you back when you're able.
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    Yup, I ported that for the movie. Those are the master robes from K2. Yce wanted Vrook to wear the same robes he wore in his films. That's not really in releasable condition - I don't remember if his cape even animated. I'm working on a proper robe port now, however.
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    I'll try my best. It depends on when everything comes together, really. But failing that, I'll put out a blog post on here and over on YT detailing the livestream times about two weeks ahead of the film's release.
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    Hopefully you'll give us all enough time to plan to see the live premiere and spring it on us with no real heads up. Funny trailer. I liked it.
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    Once I am settled at the end of the trip, I'll have pictures of the more "fun things" we did on the trip. You'll eventually see that I have a fascination with neon signs.
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    Where are you now? Safe travels so far?
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    While being a good mod, unfortunately it is not quite as tested and polished as one would like. This is especially evident in version 1.5, which introduces a large number of regressions (mostly cosmetic, but some of them quite serious; see https://deadlystream.com/topic/4979-bugs-errors-reporting-with-m4-78ep/) compared to version 1.3. In addition, the ending from version 1.3 was replaced by a more awkward, less elaborate, and less believable one, with no gameplay courses to trigger the original ending (despite the voice-overs and dialogues still included in the game). And to add insult to injury, version 1.3 (which appears to be the most stable released version of the mod at the time of this writing) was never released for non-Steam users; neither on DeadlyStream, nor on ModDB. All things considered, version 1.5 is a formidable case of "newer is not always better" both story-wise and quality-wise. Version 1.3 is recommended to play at this point. As of version 1.5.1, the 1.5 release is not recommended until/unless the regressions are fixed and the original ending is made available as an option.
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    Regarding M4-78 enhancement project in general, the main point to appreciate is a herculean amount of work that was required to recreate several modules of content from the scaps present in the original game. The content complements the original game nicely, fitting the Star Wars universe quite seamlessly with a new dose of industrial cityscape action in a fairly unique setting. Even though little is given away about the history of the planet, a sufficiently determined player with high enough skills/stats is able trace the origins of this world, which is a nice touch (being able to learn the origins of each world is one of the points that made the first KOTOR so awesome, and which its sequels desperately lacked for the most part). Regarding version 1.5.1 specifically, very few positive enhancements were made since 1.3; that includes minor cosmetic fixes, greater freedom of exploration (where Environmental Zone can be visited before Industrial Zone) and better framerate in the Industrial Zone. The negatives, unfortunately, far outweigh the positives.
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    Well, as this is 1.5 we're talking about and I did Beta test 1.5 and know about the previous versions I think it'd be best to leave my opinion on M4-78. First of all, Zybl revamped the intro to Korriban on the Hangar platform to use cut Atton lines from the E3 Demo instead of the spliced lines of 1.2 and before. While most of those splices where pretty bad *cough* HK-47 *cough* I felt some lines where remarkably good such as the one with Kreia where she says "Droids gather while we wait here" was absolutely well done it sounded completely natural, the only way someone could guess it was a splice was because the line "Our enemies gather while we wait here" is so iconic. Most of them have been removed except for, you guessed it, the HK splices I hate. The Atton lines are alright though they do sound a bit awkward and Atton does say "you should keep your Lightsaber up or do whatever you Jedi do in these situations" despite the fact you may not have a Lightsaber. In previous versions, the player would have to play as either Goto, T3 or HK through the radiation sometimes walking long distances to get to a location. To make the walking less like torture an optional sidequest was added in and was odd in the fact you got the quest from one foreman droid but depending on who your character was whether it be T3, HK or Goto this one Foreman droid would have an entirely different purpose, personality and sidequest with a different plot but same overall pacing. For HK this foreman droid was an off-world assassin droid hunting down a specific droid, for T3 it was a droid tracking down a computer virus intent on destroying the archon M4-78 and for Goto is was some sort of package retrieval mission. At some point, you'd be stopped by three police droids who question your droid over the deaths of recent droids (2 droids or more depending if you did the optional sidequest) and they'd put your droids arrest on hold until they fixed the radiation leak. Once the Exile arrives on the planet the Exile can destroy the police droids once they threaten to arrest him/her for refusing to hand over the droids. All of this was removed in favour of a teleportation transport system to make the radiation section quick, the teleportation is, in my opinion, would be better if it showed your droid move away and then teleport to give that immersion that your droid did move away instead of being teleported. While that filler sidequest is good for being removed I felt those Police droids should have stayed, Zybl2 actually forgot to remove the police droids 100% last time I played the mod which may have been the late Beta/first release of 1.5. Just before you fix the radiation backtrack a bit and you should be able to find the Police droids and approach them from behind. On top of turning the industrial zone into 2 sections to reduce lag the actual research centre part has been severely downgraded lacking lots of the droids and placeables from the earlier version making it feel empty and incomplete, while I can understand they are the cause of the lag I felt that downgrading the level severely was somewhat uncalled for, cutting down was inevitable though I felt they went a bit too far. Not that I'm complaining about my less laggy experience though. The new ending is kinda weird, and by weird, I feel it is bugged. You can go to the environmental zone first, fight the droids and convince Kaah to help you get to industrial archon to reach M4-78. I'm loving the freedom of choice with that though of course, this method is somewhat hidden (You need to use Bao Dur's shield breaker to break into the environmental zone). What I don't like is how Darth Sion on Korriban is tracking the Exile as he does on Malachor in cut content with the meditation and the hologram (Which is broken for females). On Malachor he says 'prepare my ship, I'll attend to this myself' but here he instead sends the Sith Assassins. The Sith Assassins, with basic attack and no force powers, kill Kaah and Vash in an ambush and once this ambushed has happened I fell that is where M4-78 ends. I much preferred the original ending as it felt more... like an actual ending and it had an actual resolution with M4-78 and the droids as well as Kaah and Vash in a believable way. Not that the new ending can't be bug fixed and enhanced, however. For 1.5 that's all I can think of. For M4-78, in general, I dislike the infinite medical equipment droid merchant and the inconsistencies with the environmental zone droids.
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    @Sith Holocron I like those ideas! Here's one I would add: *Vash is most appreciative of your actions on M4-78, but she will not join the rest of the council on Dantooine because she has more work to do and she knows the council will never have the strength and courage to do what is right. This way she gets to live without selling out like Zez and Kavar!
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    Gotta say the story is good, and the journal entries have improved compared to the previous versions, where it was really easy to get stuck without any clues. The separation of Industrial Zone into smaller chunks has eliminated the long standing lag problem in the reactor corridor, which is also a big plus. Instant warping into the relevant parts of the planet during the initial radiation flood stage also eliminated the tedious back-and-forth that was present previously, which I appreciate, given the sheer size of the long corridors with little to do in them.
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    Wow, that sounds extra but pretty much get the picture here. Are there an example of mods/projects that practically done the aforementioned method? Anyway, as a friendly reminder; perhaps you could swap the word 'below' to 'above' to perfectly match the context. Many thanks for considering the latter!
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    Lastly, here's one of the actual audio drama's parts so you can listen. I had to get a little creative with this one as I had to add in both non-beeping dialogue for the droids and a narrator for the decision that the character's took in near the end of the "play" - both part ably performed by @UnusualCharacters. This part covers the events of the Cademimu flash point. Here's the art work . . . . . . and here's the link to an MP3 of this flashpoint. If you like any part of the "audio play", please drop a like on this post.
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    Another mod for Peragus I use is Malkior's Maintenance Officer Realistic Reskin (https://deadlystream.com/files/file/165-maintenance-officer-realistic-reskin/) Re: the Peragus Tweak mod, there is a bug that the corpse of the Dock Officer does not show up in the dormitories. The bug doesn't stop you from progressing the game, but if you want to get the most out of Peragus you may want to take note of that. You can PM@sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY for the fix.
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    Thanks! Appreciated. Some cool stuffs yet to be found in regards to the updated porting policy. 😁
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    Looks pretty good I must admit. 🙂
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    Here's a slightly less saturated Endar Spire one.
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    That new crate texture does look amazing! A huge improvement!
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    Here we go: Kaah and Vash both inevitably die. Both Vash and Kaah can both be killed by a DS player however in the Light Side ending of M4-78 the main archon M4-78 kills Vash himself and Kaah is executed by Battle Droids. This was done as a means to remove Vash so she doesn't appear in the Enclave where she has no dialogue for that scene. Kaah on the other hands was just a loose end which needed to be tied up, or was it? In TSLRCM, Kaevee the Padawan is able to survive the encounter with the Exile and live on so why couldn't Kaah? Maybe because the developers chose to oddly build up the final Kaah scene as a "recruitment" however no recruitment takes place as he is killed at the last minute. This could be seen as a really big ruin for some players who do SO much to get to Vash and Kaah only to have them both die and offer 2 hours of extra frustratious gameplay complete with lag and bad VO in pre 1.4 versions, the XP for playing the mod and the loot. Sith Locker at the end This is my personal taste coming out here, I do not like the reward at the end of the mod which is a "Hurrikaine" crystal or something of the like. It is a blue Bondar crystal with unstoppable 8 damage which is found on Malachor V in the cut rooms meaning TSLRCM is required to find this. As this mod requires TSLRCM there is little reason to restore this item this early on as it provides a weapon buff before the player gets overpowered. Environmental Droids In the Environmental Zone, this could be a result of using Stoney's mod as a base, the enemy droids all have unique textures like Brown, Black and Beige for example. The names of the droids are like 'Environmental Droid Mark 1' and 'Mark 2' for example, but their textures don't match their names. For example, a brown droid may be a Mark 1 droid then you'll encounter a black Mark 2 and then a brown Mark 3 and a black Mark 1. This may sound odd but play the game, and look at the name tags of the hostile Environmental Droids and you'll see the names are meaningless with the textures. The Sith Officer In one of the earlier scenes, we see a tape of a droid closing large doors. This droid is fired at by a fleeing Sith Officer who is killed off by the radiation soon after, the droid loses a piece of its memory core from this shot and plays an important role in the story. My problem is that if this Sith Officer died about 2 days ago outside the large door... where is the body? You look around the area near the door and find a Sith Soldier body but not a Sith Officer's body. If I wanted to fix this I'd make the Sith Officer a Soldier and try to play it off as if the nearby dead Sith Soldier is from the recording. The last puzzle More of a nitpick, but I am terrible with puzzles so it is no wonder why I spent about 40 minutes at this final puzzle before realizing what I had to do. Something this mod has in common with normal TSL is that I need to google up the answers to a puzzle, except only with this one it's a pattern I can easily remember from here on out and not a maths question like in TSL. The lag and poor VO This one is an obvious thing to hate upon. Basically, some droid VO is terrible and the Industrial Zone has so many NPCs it lags horrifically. We all know this problem all too well so here is my alternate issue. When developing the mod, how did the developers react to all of these issues? Did they know the VO was bad and went along with it as they were short on actors? What was the reaction to the lag? This I feel would be an interesting topic to bring up in your documentary.
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    A lot of his skins are terrible. There are exceptions, however. And I'm not just saying the exceptions are because we collaborated once! It's just that many of his skins are too clean and . . . lack details as well.
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    I made my own adjustments to one of Fallen Guardian's textures for Darth Varkor to use in his movies. You may as well have a chance to use it too, if you want. It should be usable in either game. (See attached.) LEH_scre02.tga
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    Wanted to drop by to say that you as the director and SH as the producer, along with the whole squad is doing an awesome work judging by the end-result of the movie. I see that you directed the movie really well; the pacing was good and the audio production is exceptional. Congratulations!
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    I will like it. 2 hours 28 minutes and 44 seconds? Damn, that's massive! So instead of watching it from YouTube I decided to download it from mega. 1 gig to go now... Update: It is done now. Have a nice weekend y'all!
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    Just glad that you were able to recast that main character of yours after the first one ghosted you.
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    Yes, and it does a lot of sense for the VOs to be done last; as the ideas "keeps rolling" until the last mili-seconds, who knows what change is inevitable.
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    I lean towards replacing the in-game BIKs completely rather than merely extending them. As you pointed out, it enables to avoid the issues of assets you don't have access to and using any sound design and music that you wish to use. Seeing as you would be making a higher resolution (and larger) movie, not reusing any of the original materials to artificially extend the preexisting video is actually a bonus. I would cheer for new versions that make use of your current talents and the latest available tools.
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    And at this very moment I know- that there's something fishy with the movie back then. The first time I watch the movie [about last March] was about the very first time I play KotOR too, and I convinced that there are no Jedi robes with cape in the game; and this scene hit the hammer on my head real hurt! 🤣
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    Notepad. Yeah. What DP said is the right process, but because 3ds Max is unreliable with KOTOR models that can cause some serious annoyances - one of the big problems is when you get a difference between what the game thinks is the pivot point and what your modeling program thinks is the pivot point, which skins are especially susceptible to. One particular failure of mine resulted in an eternally sad Malak. Rather than mess about with that, I find it easier to edit the ASCII file directly so you get a model that imports with most things working properly. That minimizes all the fussing around in the hierarchy too. Here is my procedure: Open your head from Game A ASCII in Notepad. Copy all the visible geometry from it (head and tongue skins, eye and teeth meshes, plus any extras like hair dangly meshes). Get a similar head from Game B. Remove all the visible geometry (same stuff as above). Export an ASCII file. Copy the geometry from step 2 to the ASCII from step 3 in Notepad. Use find and replace to make sure everything is parented to the right stuff (replacing the first model's name with the second's). Import into 3ds Max. Using the original head as a reference, make sure all the geometry is in the correct position. It seems that anything without a skin modifier won't necessarily go in place; for example, Malaks's eyes and teeth had to be moved. I usually look at the XYZ values and enter them, but if you want to mess around with the hierarchy you could delete them, import them from the original game ASCII, and put them back in place. Rename your model how you want it for the final time. Export. Convert to binary.
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    Filter test #1 sounds more like Goto. Do you reckon you could say one of goto's original lines and apply a Goto filter to them to see if you sound similar to Goto by any chance?
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    That's the reason why you wouldn't want to play a mod like that but some people who like playing a male character (Me) would like Juhani to have some sort of good interaction besides whining and having a Jedi character. The only good thing Juhani offers is being a Jedi Party member and having the option to kill her in the grove to make way for Kay in the Recruitable Kay mod. I am not against homosexuals or anything like that but I wouldn't mind something that will actually motivate me to talk to her. Besides, a mod is a mod and you do not have to download and install a mod if you don't want to.
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    How about this? Filter Test #1 The "Before" section has no filter on the lines. The "After" is the first test filter as suggested over on Reddit. Setting in Goldwave were the following.
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    These people have no idea what they're doing. They're just slapping together random free assets and calling it a remake. They never stopped to ask themselves if they should do that. They've clearly forgotten that Anchorhead is supposed to be a dump. It's a dying mining colony on a barren, inhospitable outer rim world. It's not supposed to look nice.