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    Wait... 2015?! What kind of shenanigans are these??? I haven't seen one post by them before now.. Well how about that.. Yeah, these rules were created well after they've been around. My apologies, SH..
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    Wow did I just read all that and @N-DReW25's entire message just for @Neville to not even respond to a single thing that had been said? @Neville As others have mentioned you really need to tear the game apart file by file and learn how it all works. ( this is the best approach to modding any video game in my opinion because then you know how it all fits together ) I had a similar experience when first arriving, my ideas outlandish or crazy ( though I don't think your ideas are crazy ) and possibly far out of my ability and it seemed not many wanted to listen or help, but I did get some help here and there which gave me headstart on learning, though at the same time before I knew it I was learning more by taking the game apart. Even now I know I am doing things wrong here and there, sometimes cutting corners, but regularly I go back to those cut corners, have a go at myself and try to fix them up. I wouldn't even be surprised if I talk too much or ask too much still from time to time ( as I know I do ) But sometimes you just got to take a step back, give yourself a kick up the backside and just carry on. Also it's generally considered nice to reply to what somebody has to say instead of once again repeating yourself...
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    Now the only question is, how much would you pay to finally live out your childhood fantasy and get one for yourself?
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    I have personally gotten in touch with SithSpecter, he claims that @Neville has permission to use the Helmet Mod.
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    Just a few moments ago, I posted a long quote from Quanon that he left on my previous blog. It's useful but without the picture links (that are now broken), it's not nearly as useful as it could be. I have reached out to Quanon to see if he could provide either the pictures (or recreate them) or do the "more noob friendly tutorial" that once indicated he might be willing to do. Feel free to work on your concept until Quanon responds, @Thor110. And if you want to see the quote in it's current state that I referred to, see this blog and scroll down until you see Quanon's entry.
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    Seeing as the sound file choices limit what Matilda/Shadow says is so limited, have you considered possibly using SWTOR's expanded voice set for female Twi'lek to replace what that character can say? You have my permission to use my Replacement Brotherhood of Shadow Legal Screen BIK mod in your port. Credit appropriately if used.
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    We could seriously solve this whole thing if we asked Sithspecter right now. If indeed you got permission from them, it shouldn't be hard to verify if that is true. In case you never got an answer (which I doubt), I found the old archive zip Qui Gon Glenn saved https://deadlystream.com/topic/6913-lucasforums-tutorial-archive/ And the entire tutorial directory backed up here http://lucasforumsarchive.com/forum/595 It's generally my personal experience to post a WIP thread one time and then fill it with your ideas as you have them, which will allow time for people to respond to them if they can without bloating the forum. Additionally, you want any specific requests for help to be as concise as possible. A Step-By-Step solution is incredibly rare, as that requires other users to be there to respond to each and every question as you figure it out. So, if you want legitimate help it's far more advantageous to do your own research so you're able to ask specific things like "Which tools do I use to manipulate GFF files?" or "Which 2DA files do I need to change for clothing changes". This way, you're not spending other people's time more than you have to (Most modders also have full-time employment, and modding has to take a back seat) And the last point I can't stress enough, just because you get no responses, it isn't something personal. People have lives and if you're serious about modding, you have to be willing to wait weeks or even a month on rare occasions to get a constructive reply; and if you do get a reply offering to help, treat it like the amazing thing that it is and respect that other person's time. They are doing this for free and shouldn't be demanded of: no exceptions.
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    Neville. Is it not allowed to mention the one you're talking about? Come on...
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    I'm just going to be brutally honest but since your retirement from the staff the site/community gradually start fell out of place, and it gets worsen about a year or so ago. No moderation going like it used to, which I believe is important at some level of consideration. I tried several times as a community-member to take initiative to be involved in some mild-engagement-moderation though not so often recently as I should have to, probably -- but the amount of non-sense lately just overwhelming and bad at my part -- I start to ignore them.
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    Thanks for that, LDR. Let me state that I was not planning on making such a mod. This post wasn't made to put out feelers to gauge interest. I just think that someone is eventually going to make a mod using this technology. It may or may not be for KOTOR but it seems inevitable that a mod using a deepfake is going to happen. With this in mind, it seems prudent to calmly discuss the matter before something like this shows up on our doorstep.
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    Someone that uses Twitter send a Tweet to Cat Taber and see what she says about a deepfake Mission romance mod.
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    Apparently rapper Jay Z is in a legal battle over something very similar, though it seems Youtube didn't see it as copyright back in April https://www.theverge.com/2020/4/28/21240488/jay-z-deepfakes-roc-nation-youtube-removed-ai-copyright-impersonation LDR is right, this issue is something to consider the legal ramifications of if only to find a possible way to prevent problems later on.
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    I feel like using an AI to recreate somebody's voice is legally dubious.
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    Seems like you are catching on!
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    Hm. I couldn't tell you what's causing the health bug.
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    I used the Instant Messenger a lot way back when, so I believe you. However, Sith Holocron has a point about the sheer amount of topics you've created in the course of a few weeks which is basically why this particular thread exists. We all want to create the biggest mod we can, but something of the scale you're currently undertaking would best be documented in private messages (To avoid forum bloat) or in one dedicated topic (To also avoid forum bloat)
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    You have nothing to apologize for, friend.
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    Are you sure about that? Leaving aside your Status Updates . . . Character Portraits thread - posted once (here) Mod Finishing thread - posted twice (here and here) [WIP]Recruit Sarna thread - posted twice (here and here) New person? He's been here since 2015. And by crop, I mean do indeed mean deleting the unnecessary text. And he is replying in my Blog.
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    @Sith Holocron Is there a way to crop replies? I've always just hit the Quote button multiple times, and deleted the extra text, but that is sort of an esoteric thing to give a new person grief about. I get that you're trying to keep the forum clean, but going after one person for their multiple posts is only going to engender conflict and ultimately poison the well of Good Will we've cultivated on this site so far. @Nevile Honestly I was expecting your various threads to be deleted as they took up more and more space, but if merging them is an option, then I would highly recommend doing so if you can. I can't blame you for not knowing these rules (Unless they were stated explicitly in the Rules in which case, I apologize to the Admins for not knowing). However, now that you've been informed, it would be quite beneficial to yourself and the community if you do something about removing multiple threads on the same topic. Whether explicitly stated or not, those are the rules which we follow so that one person doesn't monopolize the forums. Lastly, I can see that Sith Specter was at the very least agreeable with you using those assets and potentially doing alterations on them. However, that post alone doesn't prove whether there were any other further conditions or if Sith Specter feels the same way now as was felt in the time that screencap was taken, so it'd remove any doubts if you could just send Sith Specter a PM and then we can hear from them personally whether you were allowed.
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    Why check your Private Messages when you can ask @Sithspecterhere. In public. Hey @Sithspecter, can he use your mod? As long I have you here: Neville, isn't it high time to finally stop using this picture? We get it - you love the picture. One posting of it per thread is more than enough though. Speaking of threads, one WIP thread for Sarna related things is more than enough for the Works In Progress section. You have two at the moment. (Before I retired, it was three.) If you actually want folks to help you, don't divide your effort over multiple threads. Ask an administrator to merge them for you. Lastly, only quote something if you're going to reply to the questions. Crop out what you're not going to reply to. That's just simple common sense.
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    I really do hope that @Tyvokka and anyone else involved in the process do consider hiring out more staff to fill in the gaps, I too have been seeing a plethora of odd behaviour on these forums since Sith Holocrons departure. I once had another individual, who shall not be named, PM me on almost a daily basis asking me to help with his mod installation whilst at the same time creating a help thread with a copy n paste of what he wrote for me in my PM, since we aren't in the same time zone that meant he'd send me a PM and create a help thread at 3 AM and between 8 to 14 hours when I am awake and can read his PM it turns out his problem has already been solved in the help thread... and he'd do this on almost a daily basis. Then there are those few people who revive years old threads from over half a decade ago whether it be dead request or WIP threads and say things which don't advance the original thread, like asking a question to the original poster (who hasn't been online since 2016) or say the obvious like "I made a similar request. I worked on the character, the weapon, and the armor, but it did not get much attention for help." That last bit was by our culprit here, Neville. I would to stress this out, bumping really old threads is utterly pointless. The old thread in which Neville bumped was called "Recruit Mayla" by "HelloWeasel", this thread was started in March 2016 with last activity in May 2016 whilst the original poster, HelloWeasel, has not been online since October 2017. Tldr, that WIP is dead and forgotten, digging out it's dead corpse only to state the obvious isn't helping anyone. Are you suggesting you didn't use Private Messages back in 2015? If you are, I would treat that as factual. But this year, I am fairly certain you have, Sith Holocron might rage quite... but he doesn't rage for no reason. You are referring to @Sithspecter's helmet mod found here on Deadlystream. https://deadlystream.com/files/file/711-republic-helmet/ Maybe you've worded this wrong and I'm just taking this literally, but I must point this out. The Republic Helmet mod was created in 2008 and proof of this can be found here: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/republic-helmet The FileFront admin review quotes: And the FileFront admin who wrote this has the signature "JC", could've been @JCarter426. So that leaves me with two possibilities: Either you A) Where present on LucasForums back in 2008, had "communication" with SithSpecter to create a helmet" as you claim, or B,) You asked SithSpecter in 2015 for permission to use his helmet mod in your own. I don't doubt Sithspecter gave you permission to use the helmet, in the past, he even gave me @N-DReW25 and @masternetra permission to use the helmet. But unlike you, me and masternetra have released our mods with the helmet included. I recall a similar situation like this with a user named Salk, he'd obtained permission from modder's back in 2010 back on LucasForum and was only able to promise a release of his mod in 2017 and 2020. Obviously, the staff here needed hardcore proof that he DID in fact ask for permission to use the mods as it would be easy to lie about permission. From what he showed, I personally felt that the archived LucasForum email copies of the permission PMs he had was proof enough though this didn't cut it with Deadlystream Staff so as such Salk needed to obtain those permissions again. The problem with Salk is that A) LucasForum at the time was gone for good, no way could he retrieve the PMs as proof B,) Half of the modders from 2010 are also gone for good with no means of contacting and C) Salk had a finished mod he couldn't publish because of those problems. In the end, it turned out that Salk forgot to ask one modder for permission and thus that modder retaliated by demanding the mod be removed, Salk thought the mod wasn't worth the hassle and abandoned his mod. Salk dug himself into a pit which was rapidly filling up with water, I don't think you've done that. You said you asked SithSpecter for permission in 2015? All you'd have to do is scroll down in your PMs to 2015, find the SithSpecter PM in which he granted you permission and screenshot it as proof that you have permission to use SithSpecter's mod in your mod. If you don't have proof (Maybe you deleted it etc), since you aren't in the stages in which you are ready to release a mod all you'd need to do is ask SithSpecter for permission again. When we concept a mod, we always view our own work as brilliant. But when you show a "proof of concept" and ask for help in making your "concept" come to life in the form of a mod, some people may not be able to give you a comment, this could be due to a variety of reasons such as: Poor writing: Such as asking a question on the title and leaving the post blank, stupidly poor english skills without justification (English being a secondary language is a valid justification) Lack of Common Sense: Making the same mistake over and over, ignoring valuable feedback, showing a lack of online social skills Poor concept: No one would want to help make a Kotor 3 mod if the only thing someone can bring to the table is "concept art" drawn in a notebook Rudeness: Being a a*shole to people, writing IN ALL CAPS WITH THE INTENT OF YELLING AT OTHERS. I'm sure you haven't done these things, and I assure you, the reasons stated above aren't the only reasons why people might ignore your pleas. But when you present an idea for a mod, and you haven't done anything else, you'd be lucky if anyone comments on your post to begin with. Modder's like @DarthParametric will have users swarming any WIP thread he makes because we as a community know his work, and we know his mods are beautifully made. As someone who is new to modding, we as a community do not know your talents and as such many probably won't be interested in Recruit Sarna until it is released. This happened to me as well, in 2016 I wanted to make a modding team to make a big, fun mod called the "K1 Gameplay Improvement". I got enough help so that my modding journey could take off, and that journey was stormy, at times I wanted to quite as it was too stressful and at the time I didn't know my ropes around the whole "modding" thing. I obviously had help, I asked questions just like you did and got some form of help as you are... but from what I can tell, the people who are helping you appear to be getting stressed and frustrated as you do not seem to want to take the lead with your own mod, you appear to want everyone else to do most of the work you should be doing. This is your mod, your concept, and is ultimately your responsibility to do. You claim you have coding experience today, back in 2016 when I first started making mods, I made mods because I was bored, I had no prior experience. It took over 4 years for me to finally complete my big mod and I did 95% of the work all on my own, I had to learn the ropes of modding on my own and if I couldn't find a solution... sometimes I just had to abandon a certain aspect of my mod and move on until I could find a solution. Heck, several years ago I wanted my very own section on the forums just like VarsityPuppet. It didn't happen, but that didn't stop me from having a good time and creating my mods! So once upon a time, I was like you, mostly ignored and not much faith in my mod concepts. It wasn't until my the community began to see my modding potential that players began to realize "this looks cool, I want to play N-DReW25's mods!" and obviously, people will only say that about your mod when you have something to physically deliver them. Personally, I HOPE you keep going on your mod and finish it. Along the way, you will learn how to make better mods and hopefully one day you'll present a mod which someone could enjoy. New modders should always view their own mod ideas as a business product, your mod must be 'attractive' in a sense for people to want to both help you make the mod and eventually play your mod. If you can't do both of those things, when you do release your mod not many people will play it unfortunately. Recruitment mods which are successful have a few things: A) A new party member with a new backstory and content B,) New appearances to freshen the experience C) good writing You picked an NPC which already exists, which is ok, there is another mod called "Recruitable Mekel" which fleshes out and expands the character Mekel is a good way, the thing is... Mekel technically has a unique head. You picked Sarna... an NPC with a generic head which is used all throughout the game, that isn't fresh... that isn't attractive to players who'd want to play a recruitment mod and to modders who can help you that might just look lazy. It kind of feels as if you've just put in the names of every generic character into a spinning wheel and it picked Sarna for you. In my opinion, you'd have better luck picking Lashowe, at least she has a unique head and is somewhat of an interesting side character. /I\ I I THIS RIGHT HERE IS GOLDEN ADVICE! I have a hard time believing people on the Deadlystream forums "laughed" at you, if you could provide screenshots of such as evidence that'd be great. If this occurred outside of Deadlystream (or the Kotor Modding Reddit) on another platform then that is outside of our jurisdiction. I've been a modder for 5 years with two big successful mods under my belt with about 20 lesser mods alongside those and even I myself find it difficult to make scripts for this game. Modding requires patience, if you find it too hard you can either keep learning, and keep trying... or you can have a break and stop. Don't force yourself to make a mod if it's stressing you out or affecting you in real life. If you are stuck in the mud with modding, once you finally learn what you're doing and you can finally get out of the mod, it doesn't really become easier for a modder, you just realize there's more mud where that came from. That's the best way I can describe making mods. I've been considering this for a while, but I may just create a video tutorial on how I personally create textures and portrait images for K1 and K2. People aren't necessarily obliged to reply help I'm afraid, but I am certain a person like ebmar would have a good reason as to why he didn't reply. Maybe he himself is too busy with his own mods or real life problems to reply to ANY PM he gets, maybe you wrote your PM poorly and he was turned off from your mod idea. No you weren't, you where ignored. The nicest Sith Holocron has ever been to you is probably in your blog, Qui-Gon Glenn told you in a sarcastic, yet very friendly way, that he isn't making YOUR mod for you. Every other comment since then, you where ignored. Btw, you do voice in mods last, that's an unspoken rule. It is better to have a Recruitment mod with no VO then to get VO first and then cancel your mod (You would've wasted the VO actress' time if you did that so this is a safety rule). I was harsh when I told you that, my intent was to say you should treat your mod as if they 'will' fail. Mods are always abandoned for reasons we may not see today, whether that be finding modding too hard or literally having health issues stopping you from modding as was the case with @Logan23's ROR mod back in the day. Personally, I make my mods in secret... that way, if I have to stop modding, I won't let anybody down... if I died tomorrow, no one is going to be disappointed that I didn't release my super fun mods which I may or may not be developing. Of course, I don't actually *stop* my modding, I take my time to make my mods to ensure that the players receive the best mod they can receive to the best of my own ability. Keep modding, I hope to see your mod finished one day. Though you shouldn't be so sure you will ever finish any mod, the thought of failure should ideally be something which spurs you on to keep creating mod. But I can't/shouldn't force you to think like I do. Ok, when he did that he was pissed with you. Hence is why he did that. I don't know what "changed status update" means, but I assume you meant you delete your spam. What Sith Holocron is angry about is that you spammed the Status Updates in the first place, deleting the spam is like cleaning up the glass after you smashed a window. Legit, the first two was you, one was Basil Bonehead, and the last two was you again and I'm certain there was more status update spam after that which wasn't displayed on the home screen. Plus, the contents of your status updates aren't interesting for people to want to respond in any way. You might as well of said what you said in your status update in your thread and no one would've noticed as I feel you complaining about modding problems probably belongs inside your thread then a status update. Again, your poor literacy and lack of context isn't helping you here. /I\ I I MORE GOLDEN ADVICE! /I\ I I THANK YOU! This is giving me SO much nostalgia, back when I first started modding even *I* needed a step by step help guide to get me started! I would like to point out, even though some users like AmanoJyaku may not have uploaded mods of their own to Deadlystream.com, that doesn't mean their intelligence or ability to help is low or unreliable... if they are helping you, accept the goddam help! But I don't think Neville is ignoring your instructions on purpose or for discriminatory reasons here. So tell me, if you can basic things like modify merchants and placeables and presumably other things... why not stick to that first? Why must you jump into a really hard modding project like a recruitment mod?
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    If you have this much experience and you're still struggling that would explain why someone told you to give up (if that's even true). You may be overestimating your capability, or attempting too much. But, I see no reason why you've been asking for the help you have when there are so many solutions available from people who ran into the same problems. For example, I also had the issue with KoTOR Script Tool that you encountered. So I just stopped using it and directly used nwnnsscomp, and haven't had any problems since. At some point you have to become self-sufficient. If you need help it shouldn't be because of old problems. It should be because of things no one has ever seen (I found a bug in nwnnsscomp, now I may have to write a replacement for it), or because the project is too large for one person to complete in a reasonable time frame (for example, TSLRCM). tl;dr Learn to use a search engine, and try things before you ask for help.
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    It sounds like you're trying to do too much. I can learn NWScript in a few days because I have years of experience writing scripts and programs. It doesn't seem like you have any scripting or programming experience, so it will take you months of dedicated practice to learn how to write scripts. Afterward, you will need to learn the basics of the files that make up the games. You also need to accept that other modders have lives of their own, they don't always have the time to help you. Lastly, you need to learn to listen. I tried to help you with your scripting and you didn't follow my instructions. I gave you a numbered list so you could start from step 1 and you failed to follow it. That might be why so many people ignore you.
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    In other words, everything SithHolocron said is true? From my experience people are willing to help. If everyone is mean to you it's because you're doing something no one likes. Maybe you aren't reading the tutorials on the site and the internet. Maybe you aren't giving people time to reply. Maybe you're asking too much all at once. I don't know what it is, but no one else seems to have this problem.
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    Don't listen to Yoda. Try. Try again. Only then will you do. Always remember that Yoda was the wisest and most powerful Jedi, in a group of arrogant asses. He tried and failed, and still spouted that crap years after the fact to Luke... like, look in the mirror little Green Meanie. You will get nowhere with my help alone. I am not making anyone's mod for them, so you must do as much of the lifting as you can and then people will be much more willing to help. MTFBWYA
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    Well, it seems like Qui-Gon is helping you. As he pointed out, this isn't the most active modding community at the moment so much of what you'll accomplish will be both self taught and mostly done on your own. Try following his advice and review those tutorials and see how far you can get with those. When you reach a wall, then ask questions when they crop up. Take it one step at a time.
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    When did you ask about this originally? Porting between TSL and KOTOR (and vice versa) has been allowed on this site since 2018. If you need to know the minutia, read JCarter426's blog on this specific subject. You really need to look into those tutorials that @Qui-Gon Glennhas kindly pointed you towards.
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    I don't imagine DS would host a mod that would allow you romance a 14 year old.