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    Version 1.2


    Inspired by identical mod by jonathan7 for KotOR 1 This mod makes changes to the character building process by removing almost all automatically gained feats from three initial classes, and instead gives the player more feat points to spend as they please. Councilor gets 6 feats, Sentinel 7 and Guardian has 8. With that, you can avoid useless feats taking up space while never being used and instead get something you'll actually find useful. Just, you know... remember to get some proficiencies... You need those to equip weapons... UNDO THE CHANGES AFTER MAKING YOUR CHARACTER This mod changes the amount of feat points received at level 1 of all base jedi classes, meaning that all your companions that can become a jedi will also get that boost. It won't break your game, but it might just break the balance of the game. To avoid that, run the 'Revert Changes' option in TSLpatcher. Thanks to HDR1 for pointing that out. - - -Installation- - - Run TSLpatcher 'Install' option and point it to game's root folder. Also, run the 'Revert changes' option after you've made your character.
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    KTool isn't doing anything special. All you are seeing is the included source for the global scripts that are part of the game files. HT can show you that as well if you open scripts.bif with it (i.e. under "Scripts" in the main window once you choose the game version). None of the module scripts include source. They are only available as binary NCS. You can check the Community Patch repo here - https://github.com/KOTORCommunityPatches/Vanilla_KOTOR_Script_Source - although note that it is still a work in progress. @JCarter426 managed to automate the conversion process and process all the scripts for both games (TSLRCM scripts are still to-do). For K1, the results were (ignoring global scripts) 98 failed to decompile, 686 reported a bytecode mismatch on recompile, 48 reported could not recompile, and 577 required a hotfix to bypass the GetStringByStrRef issue. For vanilla TSL (again only looking at module scripts), 53 failed to decompile, 251 reported a bytecode mismatch on recompile, and 11 reported could not recompile. At the time of writing there are still 71 non-decompilable K1 scripts that are awaiting manual reconstruction. I haven't looked at the could not recompile ones yet, but off the top of my head I recall a number of scripts where DeNCS mangled switch statements, so I suspect the majority will be instances of that. I haven't examined bytecode mismatches either, so I don't have any ideas as yet to potential causes there. As to when pulling in the NSS will be integrated into HT, I'd suggest you keep an eye on its Discord channel - https://discord.com/invite/3ME278a9tQ
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    High quality Rodian in-game test
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    Here's a TSLPatcher version. I haven't tested it yet in-game, but it should work. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ggOoLY7gJs9wlXZr8eCJUB3hAp0-ZtAf/view?usp=sharing Truthfully I know next to nothing about Juhani's Romance Dialogue as I have never played as a female revan. So unless I find inconsistency with the dialogue (for some reason), I really wouldn't know what is supposed to be there.