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    Version 1.1


    Schematic Lightsaber Mod 2021 (SLM 2021) =============================================================================================================== for TSLRCM 1.8.5/1.8.6 Author: Kaidon Jorn Date: Autumn 2020-Summer 2021 This is a large scale lightsaber mod which was built using TSLRCM 1.8.5. This lightsaber mod will not work properly without TSLRCM installed. It should be installed directly after the **DeadlySteam version** of TSLRCM 1.8.5 and on the **LEGACYPC version** of the game from Steam (NOT THE ASPYR VERSION). In this mod every party member that is trainable as Jedi will have a uniquely named lightsaber to build on the workbench through new dialog options after they have become Jedi. These initial dialogs will require color crystals to access but will then unlock that specific lightsaber to be built as many times as you like, as long as you have color crystals. These dialogs have been expanded quite a bit to offer a bit more immersion. Huge thanks to Fair Strides. In version 2021, lightsaber schematics have been redesigned so that you must equip it on your forearm and activate it like a forearm shield. They are destroyed once you are able to use them (they have a one minute cooldown), but will open the workbench dialog option to create them. You will still need to have at least one color crystal in your inventory and you must have completed your lightsaber quest in order to open the workbench options for them, since completing your lightsaber quest grants you the power to learn a schematic. Both the Jedi Masters and Sith Lords have their own unique lightsabers to wield. These have upgraded stats, weathered and worn textures, and are collectible by the player. There are also two new quests to find the parts of two different lightsabers which you can then build on the workbench, one begins in the Telos military base and the other somewhere on Dxun. 2.0 ----------> 2021 Changes List ================================================================================================================ All SLM Lightsaber's now use Crazy34's New Lightsaber Blade Models with ambient lighting! Thanks very much to him. All lightsaber schematics are now forearm equippable items that have a one minute cooldown before you can attempt to learn another schematic. The Workbench dialog file has been expanded bigly to be able to deconstruct all SLM and vanilla game sabers. Sion's Pain and the Infernal Warrior's Lightsaber now use SithSpecter's Unstable Blade Textures with ambient lighting. The tank droid boss in the military base on Telos no longer drops the Telos Defender's Crystal. It now drops the first part that starts a quest to build that lightsaber model on the workbench. The saber itself is now called "Honorable Duelist Lightsaber", and has a gold blade and glow. A new (old) lightsaber model has returned and uses SithSpecter's Unstable Blade Textures. "Acheron's Frost" can now be aquired through a new quest that starts somewhere in the first visit of Dxun. Now compatible with Markus Ramiken's Workbench Crystal Attunement Mod. <<Only drop the .ncs script file into your Override folder, the workbench dialog file is already compatible.>> Training Sabers are now fully upgradeable and come with a 1-8 damage by themselves. Mandalorian War Leader's Lightsaber has been removed permanently and replaced by Redeemed Revan's Lightsaber. The schematic now drops in the tomb on Korriban. All of the looted lightsabers have been touched up in the texture department, giving them a weathered and/or worn look, and gave them all various stats. Eloquence now has a silvery blue blade and glow. Upgraded stats. All party member lightsaber building dialogs have all been rebuilt with excitingly new and fancy scripts from FairStrides of DeadlyStream fame and glory. They will all meditate on their crystals after building their lightsabers. Visas Marr now builds an old RandomSabers model I named "Miralukan Seer's Lightsaber". The Omen is held by her on the first meeting in the Ebon Hawk. Freedon Nadd's Lightsaber is now fully upgradeable standard blade saber. Bao-Dur's Liberator no longer uses the "chrome1" texture. Alderaanian Battle Saber had a model switch and now uses the old RandomSabers "Quillian" hilt. Master Vash's Redemption had a model switch, and now uses the old RandomSabers "Schism" hilt. The Solace sabers now have a "pale gold" blade and glow. Freedon Nadd now has a seperate standard bladed hilt that you can find in the Sith tomb on Dxun. The crystal cave on Dantooine has extra crystals to aquire, it is tied to the "Weapon of the Jedi" questline. Compatibilty for M4-78 has not yet happened, but I will get to it eventually. (I hope...) Many other improvements I don't remember since I began rebuilding the mod back in October of 2020. Install by running the .exe file called "SLM 2021" Removal: 1.) Open SLM's BACKUP folder - copy and paste all .MOD files into game's MODULES folder and let overwrite. 2.) Copy and paste party member .DLG files (including workbnch.dlg) and any .2DA files found in SLM's BACKUP folder into game's OVERRIDE folder and let overwrite. 3.) Copy and paste the dialog.tlk found in SLM's BACKUP folder into KotOR2's main folder. Let overwrite. 4.) Delete all saber files from the game's OVERRIDE folder. (tga's, .txi's, .mdl's, .mdx's, uti's) Notes: *Not compatible with any other saber mods (i.e. Varsity Puppet's Duplisaber, USM, HotOR, etc, etc) UNLESS it only changes the default hilt models. This mod uses (almost) every lightsaber model slot available (13 thru 255). *As always, do not try to put a crystal that was made for a double-bladed saber into a single-bladed saber (except Solace or the personal quest saber) or vice versa because it will crash your game. *As previously stated, you will not find Vash's or Kaah's hilts unless you have M4-78EP (1.2) and the SLM compatibility patch installed. *For companions like Visas, Mira, and Kreia, it's probabaly a good idea to stand off to one side of them when starting their saber making dialogs. They may get stuck trying to path find. *All 13 schematics should be in your possession after helping Talia or Vaklu on Onderon. All dropped saber loot should be in your possession after the Nihilus fight, except Sion's. *If you want Nihilus' lightsaber you must ask Visas for it. It will come with the mask. *Kreia's Peragus saber is lost after Sion cuts her hand off. Don't expect it back. * Do not try to disassemble a hilt that is already equipped by a party member. If you want to switch a party member's saber, make the new one first, then equip it on them before disassembling the one they had (or be controlling the character you want to disassemble on). No clue why this happens but it will crash the game. * At time of release, there may be a small bug in 903MAL where Sion dosen't walk to his spot where the assassins circle around him directly after the Atton fight. (903Kreia.dlg) (((UPDATE:7/7/2021 It works fine))) Credits: Special thanks to Crazy34 for releasing his new saber blade models and letting me convert all my lightsabers to his blade models. Thanks to Fair Strides for all the scripting help, he basically came up with the force power script that allows you to learn a schematic. I just modified it to what I needed. Thanks to SithSpecter for use of his unstable blade textures. Thanks to VP (and all the Holowan Labs modders) for coding and general modding help over the years. Thanks to Deadman for making the training sabers power on and off and providing the textures. Thanks to DeadlyStream for hosting my mods. 1.0 - 2.0 changes list ================================================================================================================== Redesigned lightsaber schematics into usable items that you "learn". Learning the schematic sets the boolean to "true" so it is memorized in the workbench dialog file, and the schematics are no longer cluttering up your inventory. It is no longer possible for Disciple to get stuck on the MedBay wall inside the Ebon Hawk since I made him jump to the workbench like Atton does. He will still walk back to the MedBay. Further developed party member saber building dialogs of all party members so alignment will matter. Added new scenes so that Kreia and Visas will now meditate on their crystals. Adjusted hit points or stats on some of the added bosses. Updated the dialog for Atris' Telos Academy schematic crate. Integrated Apostle Saber Addon patch and renamed them to "Solace", gave them unique blade color, made a new encounter for them in Dantooine Enclave sub-level. Returned them to the original chrome texture (baremetal didn't look right). Updated icons. Integrated Training Sabers from my TOR Sabers Mod. Credit to Darth Deadman for adding the energy fields that power on and off like a lightsaber on those. Added new double-bladed saber "Elite Assassin's Saberstaff". Made assassins in Sith Academy on Korriban wield double-bladed lightsabers. Remade alot of lightsaber icons. Updated textures on several saber hilts. Cut down on the use of chrome hilts alot. Reshaded most of the ones that still use it. Eloquence now has a cerulean blade. The cyan core/blue one from 1.0 was not up to par with the rest so I got rid of it. Master Vash now has an entirely new model from the archives, she now wields the 'Aggressor'. Updated all necessary files. Renamed Vrook's saber to 'Vigilance'. Updated all necessary files. Fixed Saquesh not giving the Alderaanian Battle Saber schematic as he should have been if you help the Exchange. Fixed Kreia taking the long way around to the workbench. Finally retired my beautiful 4900 poly Acheron Saber and gave Sion an old RandomSabers model ("the Banshee") with a "scratched up" texture, a much larger scaling and a deeper red blade/pinker core. Added new powerup and powerdown sounds for sabers. Renamed the old 'Warrior's Lightsaber' found in the Korriban Tomb to 'Fury'. Rewrote and rescripted the dialog for the Sith Ghost encounter in the Korriban Tomb. Added 'Infernal Warrior's Lightsaber' with a dark orange blade and a new boss in the late game Citadel Station to beat you over the head with it. Rescaled and reskinned Revan's TOR saber. Made a new saber mod (Revan's Canonical TOR Sabers) as a seperate add-on that is compatible with this one as the way to get that saber model - *though it will replace 'Mandalorian War Leader's'*. Readjusted stats on a few of the dropped sabers. Wrote descriptions for Master's sabers. Buffed Darth Traya (Atris) for Telos Academy fight and Darth Nihilus just a little. Permissions: You may not redistribute files contained herein and you may not use these files in your own mod without my consent. THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THESE FILES.
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    Sneaky Peeky Final Coming soon: a new WiP thread showcasing my upcoming Duros replacer and more
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    Version 1.0.0


    Coauthored with oldflash. Now available for KotOR I, a mere thirteen years after the original TSL release, thanks to the magic of MDLEdit. This mod adds a whole set of new short lightsabres - one for each lightsabre colour available in the game, and their crystals to the game. They can be found by the workbench in the Enclave on Dantooine, but only after you leave the Enclave for the first time after becoming a Jedi. The box is spawned when you speak to the droid at the exit from the Enclave and it says “The Council has decreed you may come and go as you please” for the first time. For the mod to work, you need to have not been to Dantooine yet, or at least, not undergone Jedi training. Installation Just double-click on the "Install "Fork" Short Lightsabres" icon to begin the installation. Do not attempt manual installation - it will not work. Don't worry about fiddling with the Source Scripts or Screenshots folders - they are not required for the mod to run. Known Conflicts As far as I know, this mod shouldn't conflict with many that are out there, but will conflict with any mod which alters the file dan13_jdroid.dlg. So far as I am aware, the only mod to alter that file was a robe mod which is no longer available, so this issue shouldn’t arise. Known Bugs None that I know of at present. Again, please let me know if you find any.
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    N.B.: This module was written in 2006, and has not been edited or updated. The GFF editor mentioned no longer exists, and it is strongly recommended you use K-GFF instead. Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Module Reskinning And Have Been Forced To Find Out By Darth InSidious EDIT: Downloadable copy attached. MODULE RESKINNING TUT.rtf I. Tools Required 1. KotOR Tool – essential for all KotOR modding. 2. GFF Editor OR K-GFF – to edit the module files. (Note that for this tutorial I shall be using a standard Bioware GFF Editor; however, if you wish to use cameras in your mod, you may wish to use tk102’s K-GFF, as the standard GFF editor will screw them up.) 3. Picture editor – PSP, Photoshop, the Gimp or something else. For this tutorial, I shall be using the Gimp, v2.0. 4. HEX Editor – For this tutorial, I shall be using xvi_32 by Christian Maas. 5. stoffe -mkb-‘s ErfEdit v02a8. 6. A legal copy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for PC 7. Notepad or a similar basic text editor. 8. One human(oid) brain, still encased in body, preferably living. I.I – Skills Required -Some understanding of KotOR Tool. -Some understanding of module/GFF Editing and the files involved. -Some understanding of skinning. -Some knowledge of HEX Editing. II. Introduction Ever wanted your new module to be a little less same-y? Ever wanted to re-skin a module for your mod, but keep the original looking the same? Well, now you can! This is an area which has been somehwat overlooked in the past, I feel, partly because it hasn't been in much demand. However, now such demand is increasing, and there aren't that many people who know exactly what to do. So I present to you a tutorial on this subject Note that while I've gone into sometimes rather too-great detail for most people, this is NOT an all-singing, all-dancing tutorial. This tutorial does not cover reskinning, HEX-Editing, using KotOR Tool, or module editing. It DOES cover module reskinning, and what to do to make that reskin apply only to your new module.l III: Preparations, And Extracting Files III.I – Preliminary Groundwork To start with, I recommend creating a new folder. Call it anything you like – as an example, ‘New Module Project’. It’s best to choose something clear, so you can remember what’s in this folder later on. Open the folder, and create a new folder inside it. I would call this one ‘Module’, for clarity. III.II – Module File Extraction Now, open up KotOR Tool, and select ‘KotOR I’. Go to RIMs-->Modules, and select the name of your chosen module – for this tutorial, kas_m23ab.rim . Extract both kas_m23ab.rim and kas_m23ab_s.rim into the folder ‘Module’ that you created in your ‘New Module Project’. III.III – Lightmaps, Layouts And Visibility Close the RIMs-->Modules tree, and open BIFs. Take a deep breath. Yes, there are a lot of options, but don’t panic! Click on layouts.bif, and select ‘Layouts’, then scroll down until you find m23ab.lyt . Click ‘Extract file’, and save it to the ‘New Module Project’ folder. Now, close layouts.bif and open lightmaps7.bif and scroll down until you find the files which have names beginning ‘m23ab’ – these are the lightmaps for our module. Extract all of the files beginning ‘m23ab’, from m23ab_01a_lm0 to m23ab_01a_lm6 to the ‘New Module Project’ folder. Now, close the TGA Images tab, and open the Extra Texture Info tab. Again, scroll down until you reach m23ab_01a_lm0, and extract all seven files, from m23ab_01a_lm0.txi to m23ab_01a_lm6.txi, and then close the tab. Now, open the vis tab, and select and extract m23ab.vis. Now close lightmaps7.bif . III.IV – Textures And Models And Walkmesh, Oh My! This next bit is a little more complex, so follow these instructions carefully. Open models.bif-->Aurora Model, and scroll down until you find m23ab_01a.mdl . Double-click on m23ab.mdl, so that the Model Extraction Options box comes up. Change the export path to your ‘New Module Project’ folder, and click OK. (Note: Ensure that the ‘number of consecutive models to extract’ box is set to 1.). When the notification that the extraction is complete comes up, click ‘OK’, and open the folder, and delete the file named m23ab_01a-ascii.mdl. Now, in KotOR Tool, highlight m23ab_01a.mdl again, and click the ‘Extract File’ button. Extract it to your ‘New Module Project’ folder, and close the Aurora Model tab. Open the Aurora Model Extension tab, and scroll down until you find the file named m23ab_01a.mdx . This file you should extract to the ‘New Module Project’ folder, and then close the Aurora Model Extension tab. Lastly, open the Walkmesh tab, and scroll down until you find a file named m23ab_01a.wok . Extract this file to the ‘New Module Project’ folder, and close BIFs. Congratulations! You have now extracted everything that is used by the game in creating this module. IV. – Reskinning and Lightmapping. Now, using KotOR Tool, open ERFs, and select TexturePacks. For this mod, we will use Texture Pack A, so select swpc_tex_tpa.erf . Open the subtree marked ‘L’, and scroll down to the files marked LSI. Extract the following files and their TXI files (Note: To extract the TXI files, check the box marked ‘Export Selection to TXI file’, and highlight everything in the white text box): LSI_lite02.tpc LSI_lite03.tpc LSI_trim01.tpc LSI_trim05.tpc LSI_wall02.tpc LSI_wall03.tpc LSI_wall04.tpc LSI_wall05.tpc LSI_wall06.tpc LSI_wall11.tpc LSI_grate01.tpc All these will extract as .tga files. Close KotOR Tool. Now, open in the GIMP lka_bark01.tga and LSI_wall11.tga . You will probably notice that lka_bark01 is much bigger than LSI_wall11. This doesn’t matter. Copy LSI_wall11, and past it on top of lka_bark01. You will probably have to past it several times to make it cover the entire texture, but never mind. Once you’re done, save it, and close both files. Now, reskin the rest of the files named ‘lka’, (Note: Some editing of the changed textures may be required- do so at your own discretion ) and save them. Delete all the files beginning ‘LSI’, and rename the ‘lka’ files to begin ‘lz1’, or some similarly unique identifier. Do not change the rest of the filename – only the first three letters. Now, open the file named m23ab_01a_lm0.tga with the GIMP. This file is a lightmap, a type of file we know very little about. I do not recommend anything more than very basic editing of the type I will show you now. Go to Layer-->Colours-->Hue-Saturation. Move the slider next to the word ‘Hue’ all the way to one end. You will see the colours on the image change with it. Now, move the ‘lightness’ slider until the number next to it reads as ’30’. Finally, move the ‘Saturation’ slider back until the number next to it reads ‘-30’. Save and close the file, and repeat this process for the other lightmap (m23ab_01a_lm0-m23ab_01a_lm6) files. Close the GIMP, and rename the lightmap files so that the name is changed from ‘m23ab’ to ‘m65aa’, or some similarly unique identifier. While you’re at it, open the .lyt file with notepad, and change any references to ‘m23ab’ to ‘m65aa’. Close it, and then rename the file to ‘m65aa.lyt’. Do exactly the same with the .vis file. Also, rename the WOK file to m65aa.wok . Optional: Creating A Mini-Map It won’t crash your game if you don’t include one, but it is a useful thing to add in, and is a nice touch to add in Open up KotOR Tool, and open ERFs. Select swpc_tex_gui.erf , and scroll down to ‘L’. Open ‘L’, and scroll down again until you find a file named lbl_mapm23ab.tpc. Double-click it so that the image viewer window comes up, and click ‘write file’. Select to write it to your ‘New Module Project’ folder, and save it as lbl_mapm65aa.tga . Close KotOR Tool, and open the new file in the GIMP. Using the Hue-Saturation tool, change the Hue to -180, and the Saturation to -50. Now, paint over the now-orange bar where the door is in the module in blue, with the paintbrush set to Normal, and the Opacity at 100%. I recommend a 3 pixel fuzzy tip. Save and close the file, close the GIMP, and place the file in your override. Et Voila, one mini-map. V. HEX-Editing And The Model Files These things having been completed, open up your model file (m23ab.mdl) with your HEX Editor. You should be familiar with this device if you have ever done much work with lightsabre models. On one side, you will see box after box of numbers. Ignore this. On the other, there will be what appears to be a random selection of characters, as well as (hopefully) ‘m23ab_01a’ without the quotes. You need to ensure that this side is selected, and so shows up in white. Now, from the top menu bar, click ‘Search’, and then ‘Find’. Set it to search down, and search for a text string. Then, in the box provided for the search term, type ‘23ab’. Now click OK. It will now highlight the ‘2’ of that first instance of ‘m23ab’. Now, type ‘65aa’. You will see the ‘23ab’ change to ‘65aa’. Now press ‘F3’ to find the next instance, and do the same thing to it. Keep doing this, until a box comes up saying ‘string not found’. Now scroll back up to the top of the file. Open the ‘Find’ box again, and now change the search term from ‘23ab’ to ‘lka’. Now, replace all the instances of ‘lka’ with ‘lz1’. When this is done, save the file, and close the HEX Editor. Now, rename the file to ‘m65aa_01a.mdl’. Also rename the .mdx file to ‘m65aa_01a.mdx’. You have now created a completely new module, complete with textures, lightmaps, walkmesh etc. Now all you have to do is implement it. VI. Module File Editing. Now, open the folder named ‘Module’, and open the file named ‘m23ab.are’ with your GFF Editor or K-GFF. Scroll down until you find a CExoLocString marked ‘Name’. Set the STRREF to -1 and the Language to whichever language this mod is for (0 is English, and I believe that the others are listed in Darth333’s Recruitable Character tutorial). Type in a name – say, for example ‘Sith Military Hut’. This is what will show up above the map in-game, if you choose to create one. Next, scroll down to ‘Rooms’, and open the sub-tab. Change the CExoString marked ‘Name’ from m23ab_01a to m65aa_01a. Finally change the ‘Tag’ entry to ‘m65aa’ without the quotes. Now save and close the .are file, and rename it to m65aa.are . Next, open the file named ‘module.ifo’. Find the List marked Mod_Area_List, and opening the struct within, change the Area_Name CResRef to m65aa. Find the CResRef called Mod_Entry_Area, and change its value to m65aa. Now find the CExoLocString marked ‘Mod_Name’ and change the value in this to ‘m65aa’. Now save and close the file. Do NOT rename it. Now, rename m23ab.git and m23ab.pth to m65aa.git and m65aa.pth respectively. Now, open ErfEdit, and go to File-->New. Save the file as ‘m65aa’, and ensure the file type you have chosen is .mod . Click the button with an open folder and a text file coming out of it, and select to open resources from the ‘New Module Project\Module’ folder. Select *all* the files inside, and click ‘Open’. Now, go to File-->Save. Now close ErfEdit. Finally, copy m65aa.mod to your SWKotOR\modules\ folder, and take the files from the New Module Project folder (but NOT the ‘Module’ folder), and put them in your SWKotOR\Override\ folder. Now load the game, and type ‘warp m65aa’ into the console without quotes, and hit enter. This should take you to your new module. So there you have it – you have now created your very own custom module file! Congratulations, and good luck And the finished product should look something like: