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    If anyone has any suggestions, please tag Masirimo when replying. Thanks.
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    i have absolutley no idea why my method works but you can extract my rogue armour.rar into override and edit the appearance.2da how I describe it and it shoudl work- Open appearance.2da from your override folder using 2DA Editor. Make a backup copy of this in case anything goes wrong in your editing. Hit Edit → Filter (or CTRL + F on your keyboard) and type in P_FEM. For all of the visible rows, replace the contents in the modelb column with PFBBS. Replace all contents in the texb column with PFBBS Rogue armour.rar
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    First off this is marvelous. I wanted this since first meeting Mandalore the Preserver in Kotor 2. I am really struggling, whether Canderous would paint the Mask or not. It was worn by Mandalore the First -> Mandalore the Indomitable -> Mandalore the Ultimate -> and finally Canderous Ordo, Mandalore the Preserver, after which it was not passed on. (Presumably the dark saber would soon replace the role of the mask.) (There is an obscure peace of information, that the Ultimate was not a true Mandalore, but was aided by the Sith and basically replaced an unidentified Mandalore. After the death of the Ultimate and after Revan had told Canderous the location of the Mask, Canderous met the unidentified Mandalore, who was dying and told Canderous to take his armour and gave Canderous his blessing to become the Preserver, who would now be the rightful next Mandalore.) Under those circumstances, would Canderous paint the Mask? Reasons for painting the mask a different colour People in-game don't seem to notice Mandalore himself walking past them. Canderous wants to change tradition for now. He is rebuilding the Clans. Only the next Generation will return to the way of the warriors. The Mask would be a target pinned to his face. It would be a symbol for the old ways of war. (The Mask seems to lose relevance in its' history at this point. Perhaps painting it is one of the causes? Grand Admiral Thrawn ends up having the Mask of Grievous, the Mask of a Jedi Temple Guard, the Helmet of Clone Commander Gree (who tried to kill Yoda), but even Thrawn does not end up getting the Mask of Mandalore; He only has holo-images of ancient paintings.) Reasons against painting the mask a different colour Mandalorians have a proud tradition, from which they do not seem to deviate, even if it would wipe them out. The Mask would be the icon and evidence of his rightful rule as the new Mandalore. He went through so much effort to find the mask. Would he now hide its' golden colour? Regardless of whether he paints it, the galaxy at large would not be pleased to learn about the Mandalorians trying to rebuild. Canderous would have many enemies either way and it was unlikely any of the would return to Dxun, where the Mandalorian Wars began.
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    Version 2.0.0


    This add-on is a fork of KotorBlender, upgraded to support Blender 2.8+. KotorBlender is in turn based on NeverBlender, forked from version 1.23a. Find the latest version on GitHub. ## Features - Import & export ASCII MDL models: geometry, materials, animations, walkmeshes and TXI files - Import & export LYT files - Import & export ASCII PTH files ## Installation 1. Clone this repository or donwload a ZIP release 2. Copy or unpack the **kotorblender** folder into Blender addons directory, e.g. "C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/BLENDER_VERSION/scripts/addons" 3. Enable the add-on in Blender Preferences via Edit → Preferences → Add-ons ## Usage ### Modelling 1. Extract MDL, MDX, WOK, and, optionally, TPC and LYT files to a single directory (Kotor Tool, reone-tools, etc.) 2. Convert TPC files to TGA/TXI (reone-tools) 3. Convert binary MDL to ASCII MDL using MDLops or MDLedit 4. Import ASCII MDL into Blender via File → Import → KotOR Model (.mdl) 5. Create/modify models 6. Export ASCII MDL via File → Export → KotOR Model (.mdl) 7. Convert ASCII MDL to binary MDL using MDLops or MDLedit ### Baking Lightmaps 1. Select lightmapped objects and enter Edit mode 2. UV Unwrap Faces via UV → Lightmap Pack 3. For each lightmapped object: 1. Select lightmap UV Map in Object Data Properties 2. Select lightmap texture node in material node tree 3. Remove a link between lightmap texture node and Multiply node 4. In Render Properties 1. Set Render Engine to Cycles 2. Set Margin to a lower number, e.g. 1 3. Press the Bake button ### Editing Paths 1. Extract PTH file from the module's RIM file, e.g. "modules/danm13_s.rim" (Kotor Tool, reone-tools, etc.) 2. Convert binary PTH to ASCII PTH using reone-tools: `reone-tools --to-ascii m13aa.pth` 3. Import ASCII PTH into Blender via File → Import → KotOR Path (.pth) 4. Create/move path points, or modify path connections via Object Properties 5. Export ASCII PTH via File → Export → KotOR Path (.pth) 6. Convert ASCII PTH to binary PTH using reone-tools: `reone-tools --to-pth m13aa-ascii.pth` ### Connecting Room Walkmeshes 1. Select a room walkmesh 2. Enter Edit mode and select two vertices adjacent to another room 3. Determine 0-based index of the other room into the LYT file 4. Enter Vertex Paint mode and set brush color to (0.0, G, 0.0), where G = (200 + room index) / 255 5. Ensure that brush blending mode is set to Mix, and brush strength is set to 1.0 6. Paint over the selected vertices ## Trivia - Check "Image search" when importing to recursively search for textures in subdirectories - Only selected objects are exported, unless none are selected, in which case all objects will be exported - When baking lightmaps, disable rendering of unwanted objects, such as walkmeshes and path points ## Compatibility - Blender 2.8+ - MDLops 1.0.2 - MDLedit 1.0.3 ### Known Issues - You cannot have neverblender and kotorblender *enabled* at the same time - MDLedit has problems reading `color` and `selfillumcolor` controllers from ASCII MDL
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    Hi everybody. Does anyone have any KOTOR 2 playthrough tips and/or ideas that they would like to share? I'll start the 'ball rolling' by mentioning that I resist the temptation to 'level up' any companions that I know I will later jedify. In this way, for example, I will have a companion that is Jedi Guardian level 20 instead of that same companion being Soldier level 10 and Jedi Guardian level 10 as he/she would otherwise be.