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    I just completed the last render for this project. Everything is now done! That does not mean the mod(s) will release today or even tomorrow or this week though. I still need to build the mod archives and installers, verify that everything is working as intended and make screenshots etc. None of that should take too long now that the bulk of the work is finally finished but I won't give a release date. It should be soon though. In the meantime, here's a screenshot of the last skybox I finished. It's for the Green Grass for Dantooine mod.
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    I just finished the screenshot comparison site for the K1 release, using DarthParametrics suggestion of image sliders and a github repo. Thank you very much for that. So if you're interested in seeing quite a lot of screenshots from the mod and compare them to the original vanilla look, just head over there: https://kexikus.github.io/HQSkyboxes_k1_Comparison/ The file size is pretty similar. The main K1 archive is slightly bigger than 200MB. Then there are of course the add-ons as well but those aren't that big either. The TSL archive is quite a bit bigger. I think it's closer to 400MB or at least over 300MB.
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    Quick update: I'm still working on the Revan Head. Right now there's an issue with the mouth as it does not allow for the mouth to move when speech occurs. I am attempting to try and correct that issue. However, I have not been able to work on the head given the covid-19 craze. I had to leave the UK where I was studying and I'm back in Canada under quarantine so I can't really do much. I'll probably work on the head after the quarantine is over. So far, I'm in good health so I don't think that will be an issue. As for doing the head with scars I will try to add that option too down the road after I get the mouth issue fixed.