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    Remember Shem from FileFront and LucasForums? You ought to read his personal thoughts about KotOR on Reddit. (KotOR1 spoilers throughout.)
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    I'll be ramping up production on the M4-78 documentary again soon - probably sometime after August so you have an idea of my current thoughts on the scheduling. I would like to have a few folks to be able to provide reviews of each version of the EP. In addition to your more general thoughts on the mod, I would need to know your thoughts on how well the mod does or doesn't fit with the rest of the game. Finally, tell us what about each version do you find fun? If you wish review more than one version, I sure as hell am not going to stop you but it's not necessary. Really. I do realize the time that this would take for you. And as noted above, I'm in no hurry. Requirements for the documentary: Play (or replay) the version you wish to cover. You'll need to tell me which version you're covering in advance via PM. I'd need what you say in both text and spoken as well for the purposes of the video. (The text would help me do the closed captioning.) If you're doing this, contact me via PM before there's any recording as I'll be having everyone do a specific introduction before they say their piece. The intro is being finalized soon so you needn't ask for it right now. You might wondering: Is this annoying bastard going to cut out most of everything I say in this? Yes . . . and also no. (Huh?) Well, for pacing reasons I'm going to have pick and choose excerpts of what you say for pacing reasons. However, the contributors that are chosen also will have a standalone video where their comments will be unedited. I have some plans with those too but I will leave those plans between me and those that contribute. (I can't spoil everything, right?) Are you possibly interested? Please join me to cover the history of the M4-78 EP. If you're not able to do this but are interested in the project, please drop a like or some light side points. FINAL NOTE: You'd use only two mods for this: TSLRCM and M4-78 EP. No other mods. At all. Update: The following characters have been chosen already and are off the table: B-4D4, Mandalore, Imposter Batu Rem, Protocol Droid (using the "C_DrdProt03" skin), HK-47, HK-51, Zherron, a Selkath, and Captain Gelesi of Onderon. (This list will be updated as more submissions are received.) And as always, Revan is unable to picked as a character choice for anyone.
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    I have had more than a few requests to have as a sound set. Now, the lines from SWTOR wouldn't enable me to create a full sound set for SWTOR's but I had come up with a alternate way of creating a sound set. Now I haven't received the lines from these folks yet but I have been promised to have them eventually. Don't bug these people by asking them when they're going to hand in the lines. That will annoy them and you won't get the sound set... Spoilers follow... And this Revan voice actor - which admittedly was a long shot - didn't get back to me but at least you get to see what the artwork would've looked like.
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    Yeah as well as that, there really needs to be some sort of "collapse header" option. It's pretty and all, but it is obnoxiously huge and takes up far too much real estate. Something like this is what I am suggesting: Even then, there's still so much dead space below it. I get that everything is made for phones these days, but not everybody reads the site on a 5" screen.
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    Yes, it will have a Star Map. Small section of the street in-game. Spent a lot of time getting the lighting just right. It feels really, really good in-game so far. It truly feels like it belongs now. The sense of scale seems spot on. I will work on getting more in-game tomorrow.