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    Good you are on your own now. You do not have to conform to what you do not believe in. I am glad you broke out and are living a life of your own. It may be tough right now, but everything will turn for the better. Congrats on coming out and realizng who you are and not listening to people who will deny you for who you truly are. Live a good life, keep on modding, and most importantly keep on going on and be happy.
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    I'm a fair bit late but I'm so glad you're starting to get things back together. Obviously the way you've been treated makes me at once sickened and completely fucking enraged, but the main thing is that things are looking up. You're a really great person, you deserve a good life and I'm sure things will keep getting better! I - and I'm sure everyone else here - will be happy to talk or even just lend an ear if ever you need it, and of course don't push yourself back into modding if you're not fully up for it. Oya, ner vod!
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    Man, way better looking and it does add depth to the character, especially the mask. I appreciate being able to see the texture of the robe too, Great job.
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    Bah, ridiculous! That is so inconsiderate! I myself am a Christian! But the stupid things religion makes people do is absolutely despicable! Honestly! Who would kick out their own son like that? Really... Who would do it... I'm glad to hear you are happy, sounds like the past six months have been hell for you. If you brave the storm, if you fight the fire, if you walk through hell, and you make it out, you shall be prosperous!
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    The detail (cracks and wear) on the mask is excellent, as is the robe itself. Excellent work.
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    Great job mate! Can't wait for another mods.
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    Oh... well... guess I just proved that I really AM a newbie... Thank you much D_S!!!
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    no, DDS is how it's meant to be, not TGA there is no need to convert (you wouldn't be able to anyways)
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    Question: Do I need to convert the .DDS files to .TGA format? I've had to do this in the past, but there is no readme in this stating the same. Just checking before I install this great texture pack!
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    This looks beautiful now Keira is the last one that could use an upgrade 10/10
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    I hate to ask, but what is the console command for this mod?
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    Great work! It makes a huge difference. I've had a reskin called 'Lord of Hunger' installed before, but I prefer this one due to its higher resolution (both K1 and K2 could use some more high-res mods). As long as Nihilus looks just as spooky as he deserves.
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    Now with 100% more character. I have to admit, I was thinking not more than a week ago during testing my own mods that Darth Nihilis was kind of underwhelming in his appearance and needed some improvements. This definitely achieves what I was thinking. An especial kudos for the textured leather look on the gloves and the cracked (and slightly creepier) look of the mask. I will definitely watch your tutorial whenever it becomes available.