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Leviathan Differentiated Dialogue
by Revanator (ethan.wookie@gmail.com or contact me at DeadlyStream)


The Leviathan was always one of my favorite parts of the original KotOR game. I always liked running around as one of my favorite party members, having a mini-adventure before taking control of my PC again.
However, it always bothered me that the dialogue you had with the Rodian prisoner was the same for all possible party members (save T3). This mod fixes that.
You will now have different options for all party members that fit with their unique personalities, temperaments, and manners of speaking. I left T3's untouched.


Installation: Simply copy the lev40_rodpris2.dlg file into your override folder.


Uninstallation: Delete lev40_rodpris2.dlg from your override folder.


Compatibility: Should be compatibile with any mod that does not touch lev40_rodpris2.dlg. This IS compatibile with K1R, but K1R is not necessary!


jc2 for some heavy testing and bug-finding (and the screenshot).
Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool
tk102 for DLGEditor


Usage: Please do not upload this anywhere without my permission, and contact me if you use this in any of your mods, so that I may approve you.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • -fixed a typo and an alien VO
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This mod adds so much 

To the level of immersion on Leviathan and fleshes out the characterization of Revans companions! 

Really enjoyed it! Thanks Revanator

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oh my. such a great idea  ;)  Just checked and i didnt tweak this dialog, should work like a charm ...


yep. that part of this game is one of the best ... agreeing there. cheers ... 

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It makes you want to replay all the section for see all these dialogs.

(or reload and start with a different character)


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