Handmaiden - Fit and Athletic 1.0

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Handmaiden - Fit and Athletic
by Fair Strides


This mod started out as a request by Malkior to tweak Handmaiden's underwear model and re-shape
her bra (and make her waist human).


However, we got down to critiquing Handmaiden's body model and I tweaked some things here and
there till it was about right. Sadly, never did manage to re-shape her bra like he wanted it to be.


Over the course of tweaking her body, I decided to go in and make her LS and DS clothes match the
changes to her underwear model and did the same for her Dancer model, which was the most extensive
since it showed the most skin. :)


I've widened Handmaiden's waist to be human but still attractive, made the indent between her shoulder
blades more shallow (in her vanilla model, the dip is very noticeable...), made the curve of her lower-back
more shallow (felt the vanilla indent didn't look quite right), and then widened her upper arms.


That last one was because she's quite fit and muscular by nature, yet her upper arms look pretty flat and weak.
Just a simple re-size later and now she has a bit of barely-noticeable muscle on her upper arms. :)


This mod is both compatible with TSLRCM and does not require TSLRCM to be installed.


Simply run the TSLPatcher and direct it to your KotOR2 folder.


Delete the following files from the Override:


Also, be sure to take the appearance.2da file from the backup folder (located where you're installing this from)
and put that in your Override folder.


Malkior for the request.
Malkior and LiliArch for the continual discussion/debate on various aspects of Handmaiden's anatomy (even if it did get a bit weird at times, it was fun :)).

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 03/28/2016 ~=~ Intiial Release

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The underwear and dancer outfits always looked weird to me. It's obvious they wanted to make her appear more attractive, but she looks more like a skeleton.

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I wonder if this works with Shem's "Handmaiden Style Undies for female PC" mod. If it does, I'm installing it! 

You would need to copy and rename the p_handmaidenba.mdl and .mdx file to PFBAM.mdl and .mdx for it to work, and the same for any textures you would use.

Then it would work.

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I think her arms are still a bit scrawny, but this improves Bri immensely. Even though I have my LSM Exile always romance Visas, I was disturbed that so many people think that Vanilla Bri is so sexy. It's a totally unrealistic body image that can warp perceptions of everyone on what is healthy and attractive.

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