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Kainzorus Prime


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Enhanced Lightning - Sith Edition



Under NO circumstances is this, or any of my other,

mod(s) to be posted on ANY site other than by myself.


1. Info



This mod is a reskin of TriggerGod's high quality lightning effect, given a more purple hue to match Sith lightning used by Emperor, Kyle Katarn and Starkiller.


2. Instalation:


Unpack the contents to Override folder. The mod works for both K1 and TSL.


3. Usage


Use the bloody lightning power, watch the fireworks.


4. Credits:


Special thanks to:


TriggerGod - who made the original Enhanced Lightning mod.





This Mod is not supported by LucasArts, Bioware or Obsidian.

Please do not contact them for support of this mod.



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Your texturing is good and I can see you put solid effort into this, and, your design of the lightning bolt is way too symmetrical with the center bolt being too thin. you end up with a bolt that looks more like a purple centipede than force lightning. the screenshot you took is misleading because it's angled in a way that makes it look better than it appears. a standard third person shot using force storm on multiple enemies a decent distance away and it ends up looking pretty goofy because lightning bolts aren't shaped that way nor are they that symetrical. the tga file looks nice in isolation when I took a look at it so I get it but in game since there's 0 variance of the shape of the bolt and it spans long lengths, like I said it just ends up looking wrong and not at all like lightning. I think the core issues is the forks coming off the center bolt need to be angled outward just a tad more rather than forward, or in some way less prominant, the center bolt itself needs to be much more prominent, maybe thicker is a good word to describe it but definitely standing out more than the forks. also the design should be much more jagged and asymmetrical, and you have to take into consideration that your design is a small piece of a very long path of bolts, so you want to "upscale" it so that the tga is rightfully a portion of a bolt rather than an entire bolt. lastly the purple glow needs to be toned down just a bit because the thinness of the forking bolts gets overtaken by the glow, it ends up looking fuzzy rather than a lightning bolt. I think the core of the issue is the forks overtaking the core of the bolt, if you take nothing else from this. force storm in particular is a goofy spell because it forces an unnatural bend into the bolts, it looks especially terrible against close range targets even unmodded. it looks a bit better in your second screenshot than in mine maybe its something to do with the kotor 1 vs kotor 2 engine or some other modification your game has that you didn't include in the files, who knows.


other than that a great effort, definitely need more content like this for kotor.

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