Dantooine Grass Fix 1.0.1

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About This File

This mod provides a work-around for those experiencing a problem with the grass on Dantooine where it looks as though the grass is floating from the surface of the plains, and becomes glitchy.

I believe you shouldn't have this problem with the latest versions of the game, but I'm making this available anyway.

I had suffered from this issue myself and managed to find this 'fix' to the problem. Actually it's not a real fix as only the game developers can do that but you can try this mod to work around the issue.

If you suffer from this problem then you can try this mod as an alternative to disabling grass completely whilst you play through Dantooine.

What it does is make sure 'fast grass' is turned on for the 'high' graphical preset. The other presets are unaffected because that option is already enabled for them, but many of you will of course want to be able to switch to the 'high' graphics preset.

Screenshots have now been included as of revision 1.01. I want to draw your attention to the fact I don't have screenshots of the original issue, but I'm showing how the fast grass setting looks here (just looks slightly shorter to me, if anything). For now here is the mod though and you should only try this fix if you know and have the issue with the grass on Dantooine.

You can test if this mod will help you by enabling cheats and then warping to the area in the screenshots: 

1. In swkotor.ini under [Game Options] add the line EnableCheats=1

2. Start a new game or load an old save you don't care about

3. Open the cheat console using the ` or ~ key depending on your layout.

4. Type warp danm14aa and hit enter


As far as I'm aware I'm the only one who uses this file so far and that was with Kotor 2 for my Reduced Graphics Mod. If you're ever asked to overwrite, say no and abort installation for now.


Drop videoquality.2da into your Override folder. At minimum do this just before leaving the Jedi Enclave or just before entering the Taris Undercity. Preferably install when starting a new game.

What's New in Version 1.0.1


* Added some screenshots to the main page

* Updated the readme and description

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