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About This File

About This File
Knights Of The Old Republic II: [THE SITH LORDS] 

Author: MetaBee

Name: K2 Improved Gameplay Mod v2.5


This mod aims to improve the game play, as well as to fix incorrect parameters within certain 2da file rows. For example, the saving throws of all the 
Prestige Classes are actually incorrect, or either unfinished. This mod will fix that. It also aims to balance out combat, influence - skills ect.  

This mod makes it possible, to now reach higher LvL's in the game before you finish. Its possible to reach LvL 40 now, and maybe 50,"
Provided one does all bonus quests as well as take all advantages off XP opportunities. In the OG game, even if you do so, you will only make it to 30 -32 "Without Exploiting".
Bearing in mind i'm including TSLRCM.

How does this work ? Simple, you will accumulate more XP from killing hostiles, as well as require less XP to Lvl up. The balance to this, is that your enemies will now be stronger, have more HP, and will be overall better to combat with. 

Note: Lvl's will appear to be fast, especially in the beginning - however a grand total of 880 000 XP is Required to reach Lvl 50.

For more details, see ReadMeDetails.txt located in the mod.


I highly recommend getting Stoffe's Improved Ai Mod, In conjunction With My Mod.



This Mod, is compatible with TSLRCM 1.8.5


With any files that conflicts with these files.



Run the Tslpatcher, and point it to your Knights of The Old Republic II  Games Directory.


Simply delete the files, and copy the backup files to where they were.

"For specific instructions, please refer to the ReadMeInstall.txt - that comes with the mod"


Bugs: None known, let me know if you encounter any.

Permission: This mod is not permitted to be uploaded, other than by the author.

*Modders for Tools Needed. 
*All  Kotor 1 & Tsl Participants

What's New in Version v2.5   See changelog


*Updated the ReadMe's in the download file
*Added new force buff duration's & healing buffs to force powers
*Added healing buffs to medpacs/repairkits
*Included descriptions to medpacs/reparkits & force powers
*Added Tslpatcher 

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Last time I played with this mod I encountered a game-breaking bug in the Dxun tomb. Towards the end of the mission, there are some dark jedi performing a ritual. One of them is scripted to die but if you're too high level the script doesn't do enough damage and you can't progress further. Is there a workaround?

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