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Quanons Jolee Reskin.


It has taken me some time to get the last of my reskins out of the door. But it's here!
Jolee, the old Jedi hermit, crazy wisecracking cook, had been done for some time.


So have a peek at the screenshots, as I've given him the same treatment as my other reskins.
A nice size boost; which allowed me to put in a more texture to his skin and clothes.


I've kept his classic vanilla look, so no changes to his design. Just more crisp and sharp looking details all over.
Jolee comes with 3 differant icons. I've put those in a folder. When installing just rename the icon properly.


You only need to remove the '02' or '03' suffix. For the other files, just copy them to the Override and done!


By demand a more hairy chest version has been added!