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» Effects Log 1.0 Read-Me
NAME: Effects Log
TYPE: Added Content
DATE RELEASED: March 10, 2017


This mod is a request by wedgiey1 on the KotOR Subreddit to show the current effects you're under on the screen, instead of having to guess at the arrows on your icon or go through several menus. This implementation is the best I could come up with, even if it has its quirks.


What this mod does is allow you to see the items and force powers that are currently affecting you ("you" being the currently-controlled character), both good and bad. This will only show you vanilla effects, not modded force powers or items, simply because the only way to account for them is manually adding them to the script.


There is a hiccup with this mod, though. The first time the dialog pops up in combat, your character's current action will be halted. I've tried to get around this, but it simply won't work. Any future times in that same encounter where the dialog pops up, you'll do a default attack. This is because making the dialog pop up somehow (I have no idea how...) empties your combat queue... :(


An installation which involves the TSL Patcher has been made ready for your use and is the simplest and easiest way to carry out installation.


WARNING: This mod will not be compatible with something that has the k_hen_heartbt01.ncs file.


There are 2 ways to report bugs:
1: Post your issues in the Bug Reporting Thread.
2: PM your issues to Fair Strides at Deadlystream.




1) Go to DeadlyStream ( http://deadlystream.com/ ) and search for the user Fair Strides ( http://deadlystream.com/forum/user/9107-fair-strides/ )
2) Send a private message with as much detail as possible of what is occurring in your game. He will likely report back to you within a week.


1) Go to the Bug Thread ( http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/5202-effects-log/ )
2) Reply with as much detail as you can provide, and please list (and preferably link to) all the mods you're using.


wedgiey1 on the KotOR Subreddit for making the request.


This mod may be re-distributed and re-uploaded, but I do request that proper credit be given to me for making the mod, even if you use parts of the mod instead of the whole thing.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 03/13/17 ~=~ Initial Release

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