The Playthrough Comes to an End



After 86 hours-10 minutes of accumulative game time, 952 saves in a span of year and a half, I finally - legitimately - finished my Darkside K1 playthrough --

[!Spoiler Alert!]



I've got mixed feelings about it, lol. I feel awesome, proud, crazy - all things 'bout, as this was the first time I finished the game legitimately; without skipping any of the dialogues, doing most of the side-quests and also - do most of the walking! Yeah, if not because ZimmMaster's Movement Animation Fix for both KOTOR and TSL I'd definitely not doing that, lol.

So many mods from fellow modders I have used with the playthrough -- namely DarthParametric's, JCarter426's, Sithspecter's, Kexikus', Dark Hope's, xander2077's, VarsityPuppet's, Sith Holocron's, Inyri Forge's, jc2's, and I'm sure pretty much everyone I have used theirs -or at the very least, tested- on my end. I have to thanked them a lot for their awesome work which I learned along from as I did the playthrough. :respect: And If you're interested on seeing some of them in action while also following the journey you can take a look here at The Playthrough gallery. And not to forget I had to thanked the modding tools authors, namely Fred Tetra, TK102, stoffe, bead-v, ndix UR, Fair Strides, and anyone that is not mentioned - I am grateful to you all.

So, what I've been waiting for all this time - as the next step will be playing TSL [legit for the first time - as earlier runs was me just running around the module and mod their stuffs], and if things went well then I will take a break this week to contemplate on what mods I will use with the playthrough - aside of TSLRCM and K2CP that comes in mind firstly. But I'd surely take different approach in how I will play it compares to K1. With previous K1-playthrough everytime I saw something that I don't like [or broken] I tend to go and fix them. Now I will enjoy TSL as-TSLRCM-K2CP-is and mind about my nitpick later.

I think that pretty much sums it - and above all that I'll have to thanked The Almighty Force - which gave me chance to finish the playthrough, and both BioWare & LucasArts for developing one of -if not- the best RPG I've ever played. The game's awesome, many ups-and-downs - I like how I can blend with the main character and feels like I'm them. Granted, some of the player's response wasn't the best in the world but I am passionate on how the game was paced.

All said and done - many thanks to you that have been reading this, and may the Force serve you well!


P.S. also on this break I will take a chance to review some of the mods I have used and do things that I should have done back then, lol [mod updates, patch-requests etc.]

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You should definitely use the Unofficial Tweak Pack to remove the most questionable elements of TSLRCM. Some other suggestions from my usual suspects list:

Backdrop Improvements
HD Cockpit Skyboxes (despite violating my "HD" rule)
Head Model Fixes
High Quality Blasters
Luxa Hair Fix (make sure to use the hotpants option!)
Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox
Realistic Visual Effects
Telos Citadel Station Skybox

Since I seem to recall you not always playing in widescreen, these are optional I guess:

Improved Widescreen Experience (stretched UI fix)
Main Menu Fix for Widescreen

Now I will enjoy TSL as-TSLRCM-K2CP-is and mind about my nitpick later.

Probably a good idea. Not least because, unlike K1, TSL is fundamentally broken in ways that are not easily fixed beyond the remedial work TSLRCM has already performed.

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Ha! 86 hours! 952 saves!

I'm glad you were able to have so much fun with the game and very much enjoyed the mods that resulted from it.

Especially, Selven & Rakghoul Fiend & Janice Nall mods.

I look forward to seeing what ideas you come up with for TSL!

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