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  • 09 May 2016 Download KotOR SaveGame Editor 3.3.7a
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Download KotOR SaveGame Editor 3.3.7a

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KotOR Savegame Editor is a Perl/Tk application used in the editing of
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic savegame files.


The following fields are currently editable:
- Savegame name
- Player name
- NPC Name
- Appearance (player and party)
- Portrait (player and party)
- Attributes
- Skill Ranks
- Equipment (player and party)***
- Feats (add/remove)**
- Powers (add/remove)**
- Cheats Used flag
- Hit Points (current and max*)
- Force Points (current and max*)
- Experience Points (player and party)
- Good/Evil rating
- Credits
- Time played
- Class (see notes below)**
- Levels
- Current Party
- NPCs
- Global Booleans
- Global Numerics
- Gender
- Min1HP
- Inventory**
- Influence (TSL only)
- Chemicals (TSL only)
- Components (TSL only)
- Quests


*=Note: Max Hit Points and Max Force Points, while editable appear to be calculated
at the time the savegame is loaded. Therefore while these fields are editable, the
game will change the values back to what it calculates as correct. It is therefore
better to change your Wis/Cha and Con to affect your MFP and MHP.


** Not supported on Xbox Saves, will cause "Damaged Savegame" message.


*** See special section for detailed instructions


tk102 for originally creating the KSE.
Pazuzu156 for reporting the issue with the Cloud saves, as well as helping fix it and setting up a mirror for and creating the auto-updater. :D
Chev Chelios for much discussion of how Steam worked, as well as creating the INI-Generation tool, KPF. :D
Before Using KSE


Intro to KSE

Using KSE

Override Folder: Subdirectories NOT supported

Notes About Feats and Powers

Reminder: No Safety Net!

Notes regarding Class-changing/Adding/Removing

Notes regarding changing levels

Notes about changing equipment

Known Bugs
No saves found (You have Steam KotOR 2 and use cloud saves)
Go to your KotOR 2 folder and make a folder called "saves".
Inventory Hiccup
If an item is added to your inventory and it has the same Tag as another item, KSE
will generate an error.


Getting Stuck During Vision Sequence (KotOR1)
Symptom: After leaving the Endar Spire or Leaving Taris, you run into a sequence
where you should be seeing a "dream" cutscene but instead you're locked up in a
room with a "CutStart" object that doesn't do anything.


Cause: You have NOT placed the modified .dlg files into your override directory
and you have changed your character to a Jedi/Minion/Droid class or you have
changed your Gender to something other than Male or Female.


Fix: Download the KSE Fixed Cutscene Files (available from http://www.pcgamemods.com/8800 )
and place the .dlg files into your Override folder.


After changing appearance to look like (an NPC), the real NPC has no head!
Symptom: You change appearance to look like one of your party NPCs and all is well
until you attempt to enter a new area with that NPC. Then the NPC loses its head!


Cause: SW:KotOR doesn't like two unique characters appearing together.


Fix: From T7Nowhere's post on Holowan Labs--




Equipment Section
Due to an unknown bug, the Equipment branch might become unusable.


The only fix is to restart KSE.
Please report bugs to zxcvbnm6012@yahoo.com


11/7/13 - In addition, please report bugs to tristongoucher@gmail.com Thank you. - Fair Strides.

What's New in Version 3.3.7a (See full changelog)

  • 3.3.7a (05/09/2016) - Newer version of KPF included
  • 3.3.7a - Recompiled and fixed to be okay with Anti-virus software.
  • 3.3.7 - Added support for an INI-generation program and SHOULD have fixed the issues from 3.3.6...
  • 3.3.6 - Added support for a .ini file and KotOR 2's Steam Cloud saves.
  • 3.3.5 - Fixed bugs and added ability to edit Equipment of player and party.



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