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MOD:High Quality Aliens: Master Vandar

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High Quality Aliens: Master Vandar


This is the first entry in a new modding series I have been working on. Its objective is to gradually replace the Kotor games' alien models, which have particularly poorly aged. To this end, Master Vandar is the first alien to receive a high quality makeover.

This mod replaces Master Vandar's 3D model with a new custom one, completely built from scratch using modern 3D asset creation techniques. As he appears as a hologram in the late game, his hologram model has been adapted as well, though with some constraints.

Check out this thread if you'd like to know more about the development process and to get updates on the next entries of the High Quality Aliens modding series.


Since this is a replacer mod, it simply won't be compatible with any other mod that alters Master Vandar's appearance.

@DarthParametric's Hologram mod and K1CP should be compatible. Just ensure to install my mod AFTER having installed K1CP or DP's mod first.


Due to technical constraints, some unavoidable and unpleasant artifacts will show up during the cutscenes using Vandar's hologram model.


To install, download and extract its contents somewhere convenient on your computer. Navigate to the extracted "HQA Vandar" folder and execute the TSLPatcher.exe. Let it do its magic but give it a hand if it can't find its way into your KOTOR game folder by its own.


bead-v: KOTORMAX and MDLEdit
stoffe & Fair Strides: TSLPatcher
seedhartha: KotorBlender


Anyone is allowed to re-use the assets of this mod, including those contained in the modder's resources archive (see the final section below), in any way or form they would like for their own modding objectives. I only ask to be properly credited for the assets used.
However, I explicitly forbid anyone to directly re-upload this mod or any of its contents to any other site than Deadlystream.


@Marius Fettfor their nerves of steel while helping me resolve seemingly never-ending technical issues with the hologram model.

@DarthParametric for pinging me on Discord and thus kickstarting the Vandar project.


IMPORTANT: Disregard this section if you're not interested in re-using my files to create your own mods.

I'm uploading a separate ZIP file containing modding resources and grant anyone permission to use them in any way they would like. They include the weighted .ascii file to be imported in your preferred 3D software using KOTORMAX or KotorBlender, as well as the baked mesh maps that I used to create the model's texture.

Do not hesitate to DM me on Deadlystream or on Discord should you need help using those files or if I omitted to include something that could be useful.

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I know Vandar appears as a hologram in TSL. Any chance of TSL version down the line?

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That damn autocorrect.

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11 hours ago, Sith Holocron said:

I know Vander appears as a hologram in TSL. Any chance of TSL version down the line?

Vandar also appears in the Full Jedi Council mod by Kexikus who modified Vandar's sitting animation. The problem with the original Vandar sitting animation is that, due to his size, he would sit as if he was a normal NPC which meant he didn't "fit" on any chairs so I believe Kexikus modified his animation to make him float above the ground so that it'd appear as if he was sitting in his Jedi Council seat.


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