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Sith master armor mod from Kotor 2 to kotor 1.

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Hello everyone!  I am being inspired by modifications JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 and Dark Jedi Wear Robes decided that, why not bring the wonderful armor of the Sith masters from Kotor 2:



 to Kotor 1, where it could, how to replace the original  the armor of the Sith Masters (in-game name - sith apprentice) and Darth Bandon.

I would like to borrow the textures of the Darth Bandon armor and pictures with the permission of the author @Shem.
At the same time, I would also like to create two uti files that would allow Revan and Jolie Bindo (or only Revan), it depends on the characteristics of the armor itself, let's say the requirements for pumping the light armor skill)) wear the armor of the master (original texture N_DarkJHiM) and Darth Bandon.

However, as we know, it is not possible to add new lines of clothing or armor in the game, but only to change the existing ones.  This option is no good.  So I decided that I could just make the armor skin of the new characters in the new "appearance" lines, plus make changes to the "heads" file.

The head / mask for the first armor is made up of in-game files from kotor 2: n_dkjh02.mdl and n_dkjh02.mdx, as well as the texture N_DkJ2H01.
For the second Darth Bandon armor, I would like to borrow the head files of a Dark Jedi in a Sith Lord mask from the Dark Jedi Wear Robes modification (because the texture itself is very black on the armor and the head will fit perfectly), the author of @DarthParametric (if he allows (Honestly, I was waiting for him to do something similar from what I propose now, taking into account that he also loves such an embodiment of the Sith)). 

In addition to the fact that this armor would have a gender restriction (only for male characters), there could be another restriction that would work after donning a Sith mask, the model and textures of which could be borrowed from Flammenwerfer: The Sith Mask (and converted to replace  original Sith mask).  But this, I think, is impossible, and even with this option, no other headdress could be worn.

The armor itself could be obtained in two places - the first version can be removed from the body of Uthar Wynn, because it is completely dishonest that from it, from the values, you can only take loans, and there is no lightsaber or any Sith clothing.  In addition, @JCarter426 has already created the prerequisites for this and dressed the master of the academy in the armor of the Sith, which is very compatible with my proposal.
The second option (darker) could appear in Darth Bandon's equipment and we could put on his new armor, but technically it is still a skin of the model and textures of dark armor and models and textures of the head of a Dark Jedi from the DarthParametric modification.

In addition, @DarthParametric also made a very correct decision, in its modification, putting on armor on the Sith master on Manaan, as was implemented by the developers on Taris.
Alternatively, the Sith masters on Taris and Manaan could be assigned a new number for the proposed npc in the "appearance" file, thanks to which they technically changed to new npc.  This can be done with many of the Sith Masters in the game.

But as I think it is best to replace the Sith Masters in:
1) the first location, because it is nameless and does not carry any semantic load in order to bare its face, moreover, such a beginning can warm up our interest in getting this armor as soon as possible - such an expectation will add interest in the game;
2) the location of the dark lands on Kashyyyk, where Darth Bandon travels with the Sith masters near the lift (I don't remember exactly, because my Darth Bandon appeared in Manaan to replace @DarthParametric in his modification. Perhaps he did so);
3) other places (although, as for me, the rest of the Sith are important and we enter into a dialogue with them).

It would seem that there were no problems with porting and the model and textures feel comfortable in kotor 1 (thanks a lot @JCarter426 for the supermodel!), However, it seemed to me that the fact that I did not change any words and symbols in the mdl file when  using the mdledit_v1.0.3 program, affected the fact that the new files of the Sith master do not work correctly: he cannot activate the energy shield, and he also puts on the nerve protection bandage, which is in the inventory of the Sith governor on Taris (for example, this NPC):

It seems that the option with the shield was initially absent, because I do not remember that they used it in kotor 2, or maybe there are compatibility problems.
Most likely there are other problems of this kind that require resolution, because it is assumed that the same operations will be performed by Revan when he puts on this armor (skin).
Does anyone know what can help in my situation?  I would be very grateful!

P.S. Technically, the part of the modification that is responsible for the introduction of two new armor will be implemented in the same way as in this modification (I put its screenshot inside for review):

Attention!  The texture of the armor of the Sith Masters and Darth Bandon are not the same as the armor itself, which is technically a skin (as in the case of the Mandalorian armor (variant B) from this modification).  These are two different things!

As a result, we will have:

1) new models and textures for the torso of Sith Masters, Darth Bandon and those who have this appearance under the influence of other modifications (Uthar Wynn, Dark Jedi Master in Manaan);

2) two new types of NPCs - Sith Masters from kotor 2, which will replace some of the Sith Masters in the original game (FOR example, at the beginning of the game on the Republic ship and in the dark lands of Kashyyyk, if we meet Darth Bandon there).

In the game itself, it is recommended to use only the first type in order to betray the uniqueness of Darth Bandon himself, no one except him has to wear his armor!  Otherwise, he will send a lightning of power towards the dissident creature!  Ahaha, and no matter how ironic, but it will be possible to pick it up only from his cold corpse.  Ahaha.
The second type of npc is useful for the second uti file;

3) the armor itself - two uti files referring to two types of NPCs and for the duration of wearing we will be them + it will be possible to wear a Sith mask from the above modification.

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Solution found! 1. In the case of displaying hats, the solution is suggested in this thread. 2. In the case of the shield, there were problems with a third-party modification that affected the original energy shield.

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@Sith Holocron, Thank you!  I would be very grateful if you do that :)

@Sith Holocron, Sorry to bother you, but please ask Shem for access to all textures in his mod.  I just got an idea.  Due to the problem of not being able to add new armor, you should be limited to the skin of a specific NPC, but I forgot that you can do separate things for Revan and his fellow Jedi, using new skins as their basis, but using the lines of the heads of Revan and the Jedi fellows.  Of course, there is a problem with the multiplicity of lines of characters that we can play, but I can make a version for many of them, as well as, upon people's request, make new lines for individual mods.  In general, even I myself am intrigued by the result.  For a long time I could not put several thoughts in my head at the same time, but now I have an accurate picture of what needs to be done here and now, the main thing is time.

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How are you able to make Brandon wear the Sith armour? Please upload the mod files. I'd love to download them

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