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Expanded Galaxy Demo

Keep in mind this is still a demo / early access for a project that is insanely oversized and may never be fully completed, so probably best for most users to avoid this project / mod for the time being until I have cleared things up a bit more. But feel free to check it out if you wish.


The goal of the Expanded Galaxy Project is to provide as much additional content for both games as possible.

NOTE : The current included readme is outdated, so the installation instructions are included below.


Installation steps for the project.

#0 Install KotOR2.

#1 Install Official 1.0b Patch ( Steam users don't need this )

#2 Install TSLRCM 2022

#3 Install M478EP 1.5

#4 Install Coruscant Jedi Temple

#5 Install Expanded Galaxy 1.1.0  ( Download included on this page )

#6 Install patch 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 ( Download included on this page )

This is all required for the project to work properly.


Also make sure to download and install the latest patches, I will upload everything in a single package eventually.


Thanks to everybody that made this project possible, I will update the read-me and many more things in time.


Discord : - For Testing & Story Discussion as well as the latest patches.


There is also a video that shows the installation process.

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