How does mod approval work and how long does it usually take?

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Hi all,

This may have been asked a thousand times before. Like the title says, how does mod approval work, and how long does it usually take?

I'm not talking about ambitious overhaul project, restoration projection, or massive new content mod. Just simple mod like skin changes, script changes and/or 2da changes.

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I think the record is like 3 months or something. But no doubt a moderator/admin will see this thread and the process will be magically expedited.

Usually if it takes more than 24 hours you'll want to jump into the DS Discord and rouse one of the moderators/admins from their slumber.

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On 8/3/2019 at 2:08 AM, Sith Holocron said:


One time for me it took so long for one of my old mods to get approved that by the time it was approved it didn't appear on the front download page because so many people had put their own mods after mine which all got approved at once. It was like my mod was born only to get buried in the "Download Section Graveyard of old mods".


Then there was that one mod by @ebmarwhich replaced the Tach grunts with Homer Simpson saying "Uh oh, here comes a train" for April Fools Day... mod got approved April 17th... 

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