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Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope y'all doing fine. :cheers:

I need an assistance on guessing what these are:


Are they AuroraLight or Lightmap? The area model in discussion is m26aa_14a. The problem is - I have changed every AuroraLight's Color Controllers there to my likings but they don't seem to linked with the glowy area around the yellow marks. So I guess I'm stucked and needing assistance to proceed further.

Many thanks for considering this and may the Force be with you! :cheers:

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57 minutes ago, DarthParametric said:

Any static surface colouration like that will always be baked lighting (i.e. lightmaps).

Thank you for the insight! I've never certain that that was [presumably] lightmaps because surely can't tell only by how they looks. Perhaps what needs to be explore now is finding the relevant LM and change any green tint inside to preferred color. Again, thanks! That'd really helps. :cheers:

Update: yes! Indeed they're lightmaps - particularly are m26aa_14a_lm0 & m26aa_14a_lm2 [not sure which one actually is but both had green tint on them]:


If wasn't asking I don't think I would dare to take the risk rummaging through the lightmaps section, hahah - thanks, DP!

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Troubleshooting confirmed

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