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Download:Ice Eclipse power textures

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File Name: Ice Eclipse power textures

File Submitter: Alan The Magic Goose

File Submitted: 27 Aug 2017

File Category: Skins

TSLRCM Compatible: Yes






Changes the effects for Scream, Fire, Poison, Smoke, Blaster bolts, explosions, beams and lightning. A few additional textures are included as well.


There are several iterations of major textures such as fire and lightning. Lightning has been given multiple colors for those who that matters to.


Several of the new textures are large, though nothing over 2k.


I may release an alternate version with lower image sizes for lower end PCs and Laptops. Currently none of these textures are animated, but that could change in the future.


Screens have been added for most textures.


Personal preference: Don't use my default fire. The alternate textures are eons better.

Click here to download this file:

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This looks intense! Welcome to Deadlystream btw!

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Would you mind listing what this mod actually covers? 

Updated the description. And the file page includes a majority of the actual textures in the screenshots.


If you mean actually constructing a manual list of the files that are changed, that would be rather time consuming. The textures people usually get these mods for (i.e. Conjure, Fx_Flame, Flamepl, Flamep, Fx_Lightning, Ice, etc.) All have a separate PNG Preview folder included including alternatives to Fire, Poison, Lighting, etc.


The description now points out that specifically Fire, Poison, Scream, Plasma, etc.


It's basically just a really simple FX mod. Though, as I play through more and more I'm noticing that the changes to textures like Blaster Bolts are pretty unnoticeable unless you have a free camera.

But the big power effects are readily noticeable.

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Is this compatible with Kotor 1?

I don't know how much of the textures are shared between KOTOR 1 and 2. That's more of a question for the other more experienced members.

Whatever texture files share the same name I'd suppose would be identical. But if there does happen to be TSL unique textures I'd have to check it out.

If they are not compatible I could be moved to make it so that they are though.

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